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Bokura Ga Ita Kohen (2012)

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  • Manilyn Pacto


  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    can you upload “Bokura ga ita Zenpen” ??? thanks for your effort!. . . more power!.

    • Anon

      bokura ga ita zenpen is easy to find. just look up watch bokura ga ita zenpen online free and you will find it. trust me. it is easier to find than kouhen.

      • Aaron Louise Fombuena

        i try it so many times but theres no “zenpen” even “kohen” is hard to find!

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    can you upload “Bokura ga ita Zenpen” ??? thanks for your effort!. . . more power!.

  • Ai Ling

    Why why file cannot open

    • sarah

      wait till it finishes loading, or try refreshing the page

      • njhu

        check ur pop up blocker.. make sure its off

  • dddad

    If u trying to watch the videoand its not working keep trying it will work.. N make sure ur POp up blocker is off..

  • time

    Now i can rest in peace , i finally watched then end ive been waiting to see for 7 years LOL

  • dramaholic girl

    Dramafire, please do upload Bokura Ga Ita Zenpen. I like how you guys upload it in one whole video and not by parts. Watching a movie by parts is very tasking. Looking forward to it! thank you and more power!

  • Miamia

    “File could not be played” :( ((

  • Vanz

    huhu it doesn’t work… :( what should i do? whwere can i findthat pop-up thing?

    • nina fernandes

      it works now :)

  • tomapilovers

    I try it many times but it cannot be played.please dramafire, can you fix it? i want to see ikuta toma so badly .thank kyou drama fire.i appreciate for your work.good job!!! Ganbatte: ))))

  • Dyne

    Icant watch it, im dyiing!! Pls dramafire pls fix it, i want to see this badly, thank you..

  • Betty Chen

    the movie didn’t really followed the manga but it was still ver good i liked it alot but i didn’t really like the ending of this i was hoping for something more dramatic

  • geneva

    can you give me link for bokura ga ita season 2..

  • mabmaldz

    same feedback here.can’t play it =(

  • Krystal Faith Hanover

    It’s not working :(

  • typical fangirl

    this movie is very touching, i was crying when i’m watching this movie

  • hellocam

    Finally got my ending. Glad I never gave up on this anime / manga.

  • nina fernandes

    the girl is pretty plain

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