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Can You Hear My Heart Episode 1

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  • Hangsangkiseu

    Thank you. Doong joo really cute. Maru act too tough even through he weak in the inside, anyway nice acting.

  • SassyShoes

    It is obvious that cold hearted bastard Choi Jin-cheol, who married Tae Hyun-sook in order to a hold of his father-in-laws company. He got Kim Shin-Ae pregnant with Ma Ru, then abandoned her years prior to his marriage. Bong Young-gyu was played for a patsy by Shin-ae and ended up raising Ma Ru as his son. Jin-cheol discourages Hyun-sook from friendship with Shin-ae, who as been out of the country for years, for fear that his poor character will be revealed by Shin-ae. Ungrateful little bastard Ma Ru (the apple does not fall far from the tree) is embarrassed to have Young-gyu, who is mentally challenged, for a father and a grand mother with a potty mouth. He is repuled by the thought of adding Mi Sook as a step-mom because she is deaf and unwilling to let Little Mi Sook call him oppa, fearing any association with these less than perfect people.

    Then we have the stars of the series. Little Mi Sook is starved for family and thirsts for an education. She has no trouble claiming Young-gyu as a father as he as been so kind to her. She wants Ma Ru for a brother also, but is fiercely rejected. Her first friend it seems is Cha Dong Joo who adores his ill grandfather, puts up with his frivolous mother, Hyuk-sook, and seems to have a very loving relationship with his step-father, Jin-Cheol. He seems sweetly incorrigible and has a kind heart.

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