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Emergency Couple episode 1

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  • mayangelica

    song ji hyo!!!!! <3

  • amey

    Thanks so much

  • ananlea

    Thanks Dramafire, love these two leads, hopefully they have good chemistry together

  • Guestwhat?

    I’ve been waiting for this drama and finally! Thanks Dramafire for the fast subs! Love Song Ji Hyuk couple! :)

  • ⇨★♔DRAMA★SENSEI♔★⇦

    “The problem is, just because of one person’s ignorance and lack of discipline…why do i have to live a tiring life until i die?” HAHAHAHA!!!!

  • sassygal

    I cant wait for the next episode.
    Mong ji daebak!!

  • Jenny

    They are soooo cute together! Can’t wait for next episode!

  • SeoSone029

    Oh yeah !! I’ve Been Waiting !! Excited :DD

  • aherrrr

    mongji super cute

  • BaoziCactus

    I’ve been waiting for this one! Thanks for the upload.

  • Cindy Lucelo Daguman

    Thank you dramafire!!! Yahoooooo!!! Mong ji Hyo mong Ji Hyo!!! Saranghae!!

  • Justina Auželytė

    Ohhh…Hi Krystal! What’s up?! :DDDDD I died :DD

  • 내 한국 이름은 태양입니다

    looool I would divorce him too if he cut my expensive bag…

  • T

    i’ve been waiting for this one since i saw the article, i was expecting dramafire to upload it and i was not wrong :) thank you!!!

  • Vicky

    Thank u dramafire!!!
    Does somebody know how many episodes are going out per week? Cause some dramas aired two episodes in one week..

    • OA

      its air 2 episodes per week.. Friday and saturday.

  • K-Drama 101

    I am finally here after watching an old drama.(18 vs 29) made in 2005. It was good, but I wouldn’t to watch a second time. I hope this one is also good.

  • Ivory

    how to watch this in hd or maybe a clearer view?

    • mar

      just waith for the first video but it may take up to 5 minitus maybe….

      • mar

        i mean the 2nd

  • Yasmin

    I LOVE THIS FIRST EPISODE ALREADY. Its so gooood to watch this!!

  • Badrul afif imran

    thank you Dramafire for upload this drama

  • joyz

    i miss do min joon :(

  • dreamcatcher

    Hahah I love choi jin hyuk, but why its blurd ,

  • myungie

    Darn it! This drama is soooo good!!! Why am I watching this just now?? I should have watched when it started. But anyway, Emergency couple is so exciting and funny I I bet I can watch at least 6 episodes straight today.. Thanks dramafire!

  • myungie

    This is a MUST-WATCH if you enjoyed watching: ” I Hear you Voice”, “Master’s Sun”, and “Who you came from the Stars”,. Dramafire DAEBAKKKKK!!!~

  • s

    how to download this drama?

  • disqus_1zsx5uM899

    Daebak ! Awesome drama ! I Love it ! But The Heirs still the best ! :D

  • skama

    how to download?

  • Stephany

    Oh Hi Krystal ! Wassup ? HAHAHAHA


    loving this drama. but my internet speed is really slow!!!!! arghhhh….

  • mar

    just waith for the first video but it may take up to 5 minitus maybe….@disqus_ePsTzbbFrc:disqus

    • mar

      i mean the second

      • mar

        no no the first or the third

  • Miyokoi ilah


  • miles datuharon

    start nanaman sa bagong kabanata ng emergency couple

  • Rawrrr

    I’m Here to support Blank Ji Unnie!!!

  • Husna Hasan

    great to see jihyo as a doctor :)

  • Marie

    How to download this?

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