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Emergency Couple episode 9

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  • dddif

    I cannot watch it :( Video not found?

    • Renu

      me too

    • Muna Almasri 모나

      try the 3rd one

    • nyitnitz

      me too T,T

    • ڤوتري اشيکين

      try the 2nd one ^^

    • CrownHeiress @dramafire
      DramaFire is STILL experiencing server/network problems. We’re working non-stop to find a permanent solution. Hope you understand. Thanks.

  • lopi

    thank you dramafire !!!!

  • rose

    Thanks dramafire,i’ve been waiting for this’re the best site ever!!

  • ER13

    video not working,huhu

  • Vish

    Why was the CPR scene so short? On some of the other sites it was quite long. That part’s funny.

    • iana

      because other sites are repeated 2x

    • Hwon

      Because it was just a review of what happened last week.

  • Gilda S. Ticzon

    thank you!

  • miles0612

    thank you :D

  • Helena

    video not working!

  • Hwon

    Weeeh! Been waiting for this. Had to pause The Return of Superman for this! Thank you! :)

  • great7

    it says video not found :/

    • Muna Almasri 모나

      try the 3rd one its work with me

  • ameywaty

    Thanks 감사합니다. Dramafire ♥♥♥♥♥

  • halzy

    Thank youu :) )))))) ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW <3

  • Louie Peralta

    Finally working. Thanks dramafire…love you guyz

  • jchaerin

    now i want that wake up alarm tone :)

  • gafilo

    Finally…..!!!!! After I refreshed this page thousand times today. Thank youuu :D

  • peggy

    Daeback!!! :) I cant wait for next week…. hehehhe I will love to see what crazy thing is oh chang min’s going to do next episod!! And chang min being cute? Week go a bit faster, would you? Hehehe

  • peggy

    Daeback!!! :) I cant wait for next week…. hehehhe I will love to see what crazy thing is oh chang min’s mom going to do next episode!! And chang min being cute? Week go a bit faster, would you? Hehehe

    • joane

      yeaaa!!! the part where he sulked..omg so damn cute!!! xD

  • sisil

    oohhh my goddd… can’t wait to see next episode…. but thankyouu anyway… ^^

  • Girl

    THIS EPISODE IS THE BEST EPISODE OUT OF ALL !!! mannn~ I love Emergency Couple too much!! <3 <3

  • ~xiaomei~

    THE PREVIEW ESP!!!!!!!! ^~^

  • Dana Panaguiton

    is there anyone here knows the title of that alarm ringtone? please reply hahaha.

    • hyunnie

      I know!i found it on youtube.u just have to type “LG G2 wake up call” and it will come out!someone called “polaris cat” posted it!gonna make it my alarm tone!hehe!omg cant wait for the next ep!xD

      • Dana Panaguiton

        I know it’s a bit late and I found it already, but thank you for replying!:)

  • Hwon

    And I thought episode 7 was great… This episode is DAEBAK! And another exciting episode next week! Kyaaaah!!!

  • Gilda S. Ticzon

    Guess the Dr. Gook and Dr Ji-Hye had baby…

    • itsjroo

      What how? :o

      • K-Drama 101

        Unbelievable, when did Dr Ji-Hye, have the the baby

        • itsjroo

          Is it because of that phone call she had after she went out the car with her mother about “her child”? I’m assuming? And it’s maybe likely since they had a past before and she asked to start again? Ahh this is making me crazy!! I wish next Friday come already!!

          • K-Drama 101

            Good reasoning, I didn’t think that far. This what I miss when I don’t pay attention. I assume that her child is in the states because she was speaking English on the phone. Friday is a long wait…. I am just dying from the anticipation for the next episode.

          • Gilda S. Ticzon

            You’re right! happened 4yrs ago…during their intern days…but can’t wait Dr Ji Hye and Chan Ming “jealous moments” now the Dr Gook and Jin Hee are getting closer as friends…

          • itsjroo

            I’m gonna get so angry if it turns out they had a secret child and she’s hiding it from him because that is so random. -_-

    • Aly.

      But they don’t look like they dated before… o:

  • Rm

    Keep getting a resource unavailable message. I couldn’t get any video to play. Are videos not available for streaming on mobile devices, like iPads and other tablets?

    • K-Drama 101

      Yes, DF, is having problems with their servers. This why lately they are off line and people are unable to access the site.Click on the DF, Facebook Tab, and you will get more info on this issue.

    • Aly.

      Try the second video. I’ve been using iPad all this while to watch from Dramafire and the second streaming video always works the best. If the second video doesn’t works, try refreshing a few times and if it still doesn’t works, try the third one. Sometimes, the videos goes crazy and just doesn’t play no matter what you did but the next day it works just fine. So, don’t worry much!

  • ڤوتري اشيکين

    the last scene was daebakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :D

  • Geovanna

    this episode was really emotional!!!

  • halzy

    omoo omoo that face he made when she asked him are you sick awwww so cuteee I cannot wait for next week :) )))))
    p.s. i was totally pissed last week coz they only showed one episode but to see how good it is now i forgive them :) )))))

  • dhel

    hey i`m dying to know the alarm tone pls…..i really love this drama…thanks dramafire…

  • honeybee

    does the second one work??

  • Melanie

    OMG, this episode is daebakkk and the feels, man. The feels.

  • tearliner

    Oh yeah, next week we will finally find out more about their past! Looks like we are going to learn how they met.

  • K-Drama 101

    The actress that plays Dr Ji-Hye, wasn’t she a Miss Korea, in the past?

    • itsjroo

      Nope! I found out she won in Dancing With The Stars before. No wonder she danced so prettily.~

      • K-Drama 101

        Thanks, she looks like a woman that was a Miss Korea, back several years ago.
        I need to find out who I am confusing her with.

  • Oh

    Loved this episode! Cant wait for the next one!

  • vicky

    Omooo how am I suppose to wait for the next episode!!! Those previous were killer! :$

  • xxleviathan

    He’s finally realizing his feelings!! XD Can’t wait for next week!!

  • K-Drama 101

    Poor baby, it looks like they could have anesthetize the baby before doing the lumbar puncture procedure. That looks awful painful. I wouldn’t want to be stuck with that long needle into my spinal cord.
    I like it when they have a funny scene, they replay the same scene couple times to make you laugh twice.

    • itsjroo

      Ooo my ship feels for Chief and OJH too it’s the second male lead syndrome ugh! Too bad it’s gonna sink and they’re gonna get back together. ;___; oh well.~

      • K-Drama 101

        I feel the same way, the ship will sink for Chief and OJH too. As you say, “oh well”
        I hope it doesn’t. I would really like the ship between those two. OCM, doesn’t deserve OJH, anymore, even he is falling back in love with her. He shouldn’t have abused her when they were married,

        • itsjroo

          I think they’re both at faults with their marriage thus their divorce. I really despised how he often tells her not to do this or that especially the ending when it’s her love life ugh just let her like Chief and OCM move on!~

          • K-Drama 101

            Correct, OCM, needs to move on. Let her have her own life. OCM had more faults. He was calling her stupid ,idiot and dumb. He was dishing out psychological abuse towards OJH. Besides OCM, family did not like her except her fatther-in-law that help her become a doctor. She can be too stupid, becuz now she is doctor.



          • K-Drama 101

            I absolutely agree with you Chief Gook Supporter. You know we are in the minority supporting for Chief Gook.

  • Kristine Go

    Waaaaah!!! Its really getting exciting!!! Bwahaha,Chang-min can’t hold back anymore! That’s the spirit Chang-min, be a man!!! Thank you dramafire!!!

  • kimhyunmin

    hahaha!i love this episode!

  • Tephinnie Chhoeurm

    Oh my god Dr.Gook is interested in Ji Hye

  • ladybug

    i hope the 3rd video works also at android were can i download episodes

  • Lol

    Why can’t I watch it

  • Faith

    I LOOOOVE THIS SHOW! Can’t wait til episode 10!

  • Cymara

    Hahaha….what a twist…. Funny !!!!!

  • laarni

    Haha love these last 2 episodes— secrets starting to slowly unwind …..

  • fem

    lov this drama..cant wait for next week ep..I bet it gonna b interesting least for now..:p..pity the baby but he’s so adorable..!

  • Patricia

    Chief Gook is interested in Jin Hae XD DAEBAAK!!!!

    • @tune


  • Yunita Dian Fakih

    i cant wait for next episode, im so curious about that aaahhhh…

  • nor

    we like this drama.. tnx dramafire!

  • joane

    OMG the bed scene was damn funny, especially the part where all three of them screamed simultaneously HAHAHA and last scene was really impactful can really feel oh chang min’s possessiveness of oh jin hee xD cant wait for ep 10 cause of the preview!! hope that kiss really comes true ^__^

    • K-Drama 101

      She must really moved around on that bed to leave her sock on his face, and also the gum on his butt part of his uniform. Her gum was in hair, I wonder how the gum got to that location on his pants.

  • mo_linda

    Now the real romance finally begins!!!!

  • df-fan

    great episode!

  • HaNa


  • Alexi Mae

    I really can’t wait for the next episodeeeeeee! Thank you Dramafire :)

  • Yasmin

    He’s getting jealous, daebaakkkk

  • SW

    going crazy with emergency couple ^^/

  • Janet Abergas Sebastian

    Boom boom paw oh chang min!!!

  • Joy Faye

    No matter what, a mother’s (and grandmother’s! :D ) love is always the sweetest :3

  • Joy Faye


    • Suzie

      You weren’t the only one!!

  • princess

    Cant even load

  • ahshunx

    I tried numerous time but the clip just can’t load :(

  • Poop

    i’ll still hope that Jin Hee will get together with Chief and NOT Chang Min.

  • m salah

    cannot play

  • Glory Ann Morandante

    can’t watch it :( can someoneo help me pls

  • Glory Ann Morandante

    can’t watch it :( can someone help me pls

  • claudeekim

    Video could not be played? Why?

  • Hermie Ann Quinagutan

    Help me it cant be play. :(

  • Bunny07

    Can’t seem to load the video.. Anyone else have the same issue?

  • Mary Jane Bayota

    The sleeping together of jin hee and chief took is totally hilarious!

  • @tune

    i am still having difficulties to watch the video…:(

    both 1 & 2…

    please helpppp

  • TheLegendOfKrysten

    Can’t believe I just found out about this drama, I love it!!!!!!

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