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Empress Ki episode 2

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  • Littlemissyy

    Niceee :) Fast upload :)

  • Moon Shi Ne

    Excellent English translation! Some of the best subtitles to Korean dramas. Congratulations D. Bannon!!

  • waling

    Nice nice website goodah

  • Sonya

    If the pace does not change, this will be a great drama full of intelligent screenplay, superb acting, cinematography and pacing. It exceeds my expectations. Nothing about this drama insults the intelligence of its viewers. Very entertaining. How I wish all my friends r watching. Keep up, and congratulations.

    • Leek2007

      Yes indeed……I feel the same too…. I am enjoying watching this new series.

  • masit

    it was nice

  • Parajanta

    This is the first daily drama (i.e. dramas up to 60 & more episodes) to really sustain my interest. I tried watching Queen Seon Duk because my bro raved about it, but i couldn’t get past 5 episodes because i was bored to tears…T_T..

  • shaiha

    thank you dramafire! what a fantastic drama.. full of adventure and wit,, perfect cast as well. since it’s ha ji won then it’s surely going to be a good drama.

  • Lujain

    That Chinese exiled prince is very handsome ,and he has a cute personality….
    ughh!!! Why do I always fall for the 2nd male lead !?

  • krissy

    I love Ha Ji Won very good actress.

  • Lor Youa

    omfg…51?!??!! 51 looooong ass episode!?! i don’t think i can do this…but JUST for my boo boo chang wook…ill will endure this. although i know fully well that he’s going to die at the end…omfg…my heart tearing into pieces already! omfg…i don’t know if i can do this…

  • sherry

    I have seen a lot of K-dramas/movies but not one can beat this EMPRESS KI and this is only Episode 2. I totally agrees with all the positive comments. I love to watch Ha Ji Won acting. Saw most of her movies/dramas. All superb actings. No wonder an American Agency has recruited/head-hunted/scouted her. Since I dont know the rest of the actors & actresses names, can Dramafire put in the CAST please.
    Thank you Dramafire, you are the best

    • Aira Areja

      yeah. agree with you too. Ha Ji-won is really a great actress. She’s one of the best actress in South Korea because she acted all genres of drama and nailed every role she get :)

  • Saliha Cali

    thank you !!! dramafire !!! i really like this drama !!

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