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Empress Ki episode 20

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  • destati13

    Thank you so much Dramafire!!

  • Vell

    sorry for wang yu fans… but I like it.. Sungnyang finally open up her heart for The Emperor… well I hope their love will start to bloom…

    • peejeh

      i agree~~ sorry wang yu fans~~

      • Marls

        Sung yang love the king….. But she will end up marrying the emperor……

        • Mhay

          Yeah that’s why the title of this drama is Empress Ki hehehe

          • oga tatsumi

            i like the flow of the comments here…. :D

        • CrownHeiress

          Well, it’s a given. That was in the first episode. :-)

          • Wavy Jellyfish

            But what if the script writers decide to play a joke on us and Sungnyang ends up with Wang Yu? I don’t really mind cos I like both Wang Yu and Ta Hwan but it would be shattering news to Ta Hwan/Sungnyang fans.

        • Guest

          i like the flow of the comments here. :D

    • Lim Qianyi

      me too~

    • Elisa Neverida

      I love the emperor toooo!!finally he can make daring plots to gain real power.

    • nameno

      yeah, that’s where the scriptwriters made their mistake and screwed the scenario!… SNyang told the King that she would wait for him for “..A thousand, ten thousand years…”, and also, at the beginning of episode1, she CRIES while looking at WuangYu !!!!! So, it’s impossible for someone who loves THAT much, to “open” his/her heart to someone else…. SO, either we’re talking about a woman who is actually insane enough to be attracted to a worthless & pointless wannabe emperor and “man” who only knows how to possess and NOT how to love, OR we’re talking about a TVscenario that needed to exceed the 50 episodes and SO they had to “invent” the “other” love story for the sake of the viewing.
      WUANG YU <3 SNyang :)

  • LoveTalTal

    Woooo cnt wait the next episode if they kill el temur … El temur is the best he didn’t die after he take the poison woooot spoiler hehehe

    • Tosinbolz

      This Episode 20 is making me pee in my pant, so pressed i cant even stand up to use the rest room. d suspense is mind blowing, the wicked El Temure refused to die, Nyang notices d bean broth, what will happen? am scared

  • Kitomiki

    Good thing El Temur is alive, no fun without him.

  • meme

    It’ll be nice if the emperor act courages too instead of a wimp. I understand the dowger and el temur doesn’t want him to have any powers so they left him dry without any knowledge. When he’s fighting against el temur I’m happy cause it shows he can be strong but when he’s fight for sangnyang it annoys me because he thinks irrationally. Some parts are cute and some part aren’t. I feel sorry for all three. there’s going to be a bittersweet journey. I wishing for a twist but as the beginning show I doubt it. I guess at times you can’t always get what you want even if your the hero in the drama. :/

  • Kurnia Asri

    Nice drama,very interesting

  • Estyy

    Am I the only one who shouts ‘shut up psy’ Every time Yom talks XD

  • CrownHeiress

    30 more episodes to go… I hope I’m still alive by then. A piece of me is dying in anticipation every episode. Darnnnn… I just love this drama.

  • yaora

    OMG anything sunnyang do peang will still protect her 21 in raw here

  • mimi

    I’ve been on the Wang Yu+ SungNyang ship since day one. My love for them still hasn’t changed even though I also love the emperor. I’m hoping there is a twist and Wang Yu ends up with SungNyang.

  • mk

    I really don’t like the Emperor. The King of Koryeo is so much better. WY is smart (esp in the war with Turks), skillful, truly care for his people and have courage. What does the Emperor has? Nothing but his peabrain. Just because he’s the Emperor he wants SN to be with her by force? If it wasn’t for WY and SN, he would have been dead. He is the caused for SN father’s death. Moreover, he can’t even read. What an useless man.

  • ladolzemyra

    I think the emperor is starting to grow more mature and think as a man now. Now thats hoe it should beee, looking forward for future episodes!

  • nameno

    The emperor for once more, showed his pathetic nature and wannabe “macho” attitude, hahahaha LOL dream on, instead of being ashamed for everything he has done, especially after his conversation with SNyang. He saw her smiling & laughing from her heart (after a long-long-long time) while being with her compatriots and HER King, BUT not even then did he realize that he should let her go & that her happiness is where her heart is…
    I’m really curious about WHAT trick he pulled off so as to force them to SEPARATE once and for all… because on episode 1 he says to WYu, that WYu is alive thanks to SNyang, so i’m guessing that there was a deal between SNyang & the emperor in order to save WYu’s life!!!
    WHAT A JERK! i really despise & resent him! useless till the end while he stands on the bridge on episode 1 crying out that he is proud to have separated them! ppfffff!

  • Aphrodite

    There’s no opening in SNyang’s heart for the emperor, don’t lie people,
    she just feels sorry for him and she’s very happy that her KING proposed
    to her! :)
    That was the most beautiful episode so far!!!, although
    the director could have made WuangYu’s & SNyang’s first love-night
    together, more magical and romantic. Aaah, that’s ok, there’s a
    beautiful scene with them sleeping together and then WuangYu wakes up
    and he smiles at his sleeping beauty while caressing her hair!!!
    adorable! <3 The PUREst & deepest love! :)
    Also, the KING goes
    into SNyang's room, and with a tender smile showing his happiness, he
    combs gently her hair, and then while conversating, they both discover
    that they first met when they were young during the "Yuan tribute", and
    so while crying their bond becomes stronger!!

    Because they are
    MEANT FOR EACH OTHER.. they met when they were children, and no matter
    what will happen from now on, they will always belong to one another! WE LOVE YOU! <3

    • nameno

      Emperor: “Hey, it doesn’t matter if you love WY cuz’ i’ll
      never let you go anyways”(=possessiveness). What a complete useless
      moron “mama’s boy” jerk! ts, ts, ts.. He’s like: “I don’t care if
      because of me SNyang’s father was tortured to death, if so many Koryŏ
      people died & their King was deposed & went through hell
      jeopardizing his life daily at the western borders.. for I have no
      pride-no dignity-no honor-no courage-no bravery-no morality-NO
      masculinity-no sense of sacrifice & collective good, and no absolute
      belief,conviction & purpose in my pointless life..>>

      WELL DONE! you broke the Guinness World Record of “Nothingness” jajajaja

      • Aphrodite

        Now explain to me how it is possible for a woman to be attracted to this
        kind of a “not-“man? You gotta be joking me! The sight of such an idiot
        (not cute), is ANTI-SENSUAL!
        If someone so stupid was keeping me by force away from MY King, i would
        rather kill him to prevent his catastrophical ignorance, or kill myself
        than be his concubine.

        WANG YU rocks! <3 He's the real Warrior, King, Lover.

  • chan mendoza

    i go for the emperor sorry wang yu…

  • Emma Rogel Gallego

    its a good drama I want SungNyang for the emperor coz he need a strong character for his side. Wang Yu is strong and smart so he can take back his throne I hope either the two match with Nyang I wait for that thanks dramafire.

  • Lujain

    I cant’ feel any chemistry between WY and SN, even the kiss scene was just stiff and didn’t give any feeling to it, and WTH with that ‘bed scene’ ? did they even do it ?
    It just seems like it was added at the last minute.

    Anyway, acting wise, Emperor X SN have so much better chemistry and they’re so cute together.

    I’m glad she ends up with him…and I still hope that she’ll fall for him at some point.

    Team EMPEROR FOREVER ! ^_^ Aja aja Fighting !

  • Lee Eun Sub

    not be sure of the empress ki season 2…

  • Charla May Echavez

    Watching my Emperor change, makes my heart aches.. WHY???

  • antoinette

    She’s already in love with the Emperor. Why else would she be thinking of him after that lame proposal from WangYu?

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