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Empress Ki episode 39

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  • Estelle Huynh

    Tal tal, where are thou? I think nyang need your help.

    • K-Drama 101

      He is coming to the rescue. I am very sure of that.

      • maona

        Soon i do feel that Tal-Tal will help Lady Ki and make her an empress. Tal-Tal will soon stop Bayan from getting more power oriented as he has requested Tal-Tal before he finally decided to put Lady Ki as one of the concubines.

        • K-Drama 101

          Tal-Tal, will be a great help to Lady Gi, as she becomes the Empress of Yaun.. This is what history states

  • Amir Patasaha Gomez

    I hope sunyang will fine the treasure ,so that she will become an empress ,i hope tail tal ,will help him once again .coz the new empress is more devil than tangisi daughter …..

  • Evelyn

    Revenge will never end with blood shed instead a vicious cycle will continue until one party forgives the other person but it is hard as everyone thinks he or she is right and wants justice served. I think Tal Tal will help Nyang. History says Nyang is a cruel person but I think circumstances might have made Nyang to be cruel to protect her son and herself as the Emperor cannot protect her due to Palace politics. Hard to survive in the Palace if you can not strong.

    • K-Drama 101

      I don’t think Lady Gi wasn’t a cruel person as history say. She became more fierce and wise to the Palace politics to protect her self and her sons;………as she stated, “she will fight for Koryo and myself”, She has strong loyalty to Koryo. and the Emperor. Bayan’s niece is no better than Tansiri.

      • hassnaa

        i think so too she is no better than tanasiri and bayan too he is turning to be like the regent i didn’t expect him to be like that so fast

        • K-Drama 101

          Once you have power one wants more and more. It’s the same for money. It is difficult to control the inherent greed in the human genes.

      • YanYan

        Tanasiri is prettier than Bayan Hudu.. Agree?

        • K-Drama 101

          Yes, as a male I totally agree. If I were to date one of the two, it would be Tanasiri. Bayan Hudu, is two faced and I wouldn’t date a two faced a woman.

    • sophia

      watever the reason for her cruelity am glaad she is loyal to koryo…yuan has done alot of damage to her starting wit killing her mother, then the touture they gave her dad…i wish for her to reign wit wang yu….and conquer yuan

  • Estelle Huynh

    I love it when tal tal gave the new empress a warning. Good she deserve it, I wonder how’s nyang gunna take her down, most likely nyang is gunna outsmart the new empress. Sure I haven’t seen much of the new girl, but I already really dislike her. It’s ridiculous how she announced that nyang stole her emperor, I’m like girl are you crazy? You came out of nowhere and thinking that the emperor is all yours? You might need a reality check.

  • ashley

    I like wangu and Tal Tal the most. They ACTUALLY think before they act more than everybody else in the palace. Poor wangu he has to fight alongside with someone he loves and will never be with so she can be with someone else.

  • K-Drama 101

    That Dowager Queen is becoming another lunatic, like the former Empress.

    • Sandra Jinki

      The current empress is worse, she is a total Psycho

  • Sineflare0815

    I get that they had to follow the historical storyline, but I’m still annoyed that they made Bayan a villain… Empress Dowager I had a feeling from the start she’d turn evil… El Temur should have just killed her honestly. And those province governors are just stupid greedy little traitors that only sided with the emperor when they realized, oh sh__ he is stronger than El Temur. Then they think they deserve promotions when they honestly haven’t done crap to help the emperor. Only Bayan stood with the emperor and stayed loyal to him, and he gets a position that can be checked by other positions that the governors hold. He was mad, which is reasonable but Empress Dowager made it worse by twisting him with lies and now he’s against nyang… Hope Tal Tal stops him.

    • hassnaa

      i hope tal tal stops him too

  • K-Drama 101

    OMG…that new Empress is such a two face wench.

  • pot

    i feel for Wang Yu tbh. he loves Nyang so much he cant even express it to her now. his selfless and undying love will always be with Nyang until the end. it’s sad knowing that they have to face such situation. bloodbath never stops in the palace because everyone has their own amount of greed. right now im already looking forward to Regent Bayan and Queen Dowager’s death. they’re traitors, ungrateful and power hoarders, the kind of people i dont want to deal with in real life. lol

    i’ve always loved Wang Yu & Nyang. i hope they can just live together and rule Koryo peacefully, but sad to say in order to regain Koryo’s reign, they must sacrifice their love for each other and that’s what Wang Yu is doing. if only Nyang reliased that. Emperor is too obsessed w/ Nyang, he doesnt want to let her go. tho i have to give him the credit for waiting patiently for Nyang to open her heart to him. we see how Lady Ki becomes the Empress in episode 1 and that’s the reason why we are following this drama, for we are curious how the eff did that happen. 11 more episodes to go and a lot of things are still going to happen, so hard to predict. may it be a happy ending for everyone. i want Wang Yu’s happiness to be 10xxx fold than all his sufferings combined.

    • hassnaa

      i wish wang yu to have his happiness and lady ki too they deserve to be happy after all that sufferings they had even if they won’t be together as their love wasn’t meant from the first place but i can’t wait to see the moment they discover about their son

  • pot

    Yun Feisu tho. i wonder what’s going to be her fate in the end. she’s fallen for Wang Yu, obviously. seems like she hates Lady Ki as well…im confused whether she’s going to be a friend or a foe. same feelings i have for Taltal…hmmmm

  • charlotte

    Why is this drama so…, unpredictable? Makes me ignorant… but after the lessons I’ve learned here…. its still cool anyway….I dont like bayan… the empress now… two faces… my gosh! It kills me watching this drama its so amazing… fighting empress ki! And to all of the staff!

  • hassnaa

    the ending always makes me crazy why it’s too hard to predict what’s going to happen next

  • sophia

    woooah that bayan hudu she looks like pure monster …..i want to see the game…bring it on bitch

  • west

    more interesting, after the death el temur has a new opponent

  • girl lover

    I am glad I`m one of you poeple who get to watch an amazing drama like this one. Check out sly and single again!

  • Nerissa Gercayo Gonzales

    Tal tal nyang need your help wer r u

  • k lover x

    i find it hillarious that the dowanger is going on about how the throne shouldn’t go to some koryo ‘half-breed’ when right under her nose there’s pure bred koryo blood. I kinda want her to die, or be banished to some temple

  • tmmth8

    Somebody tell me if i’m wrong but the little boy is that not ki and yu baby she lost on the cliff?

    • cess

      Maha is ki and wang yu’s baby..

      • tmmth8

        Does wang yu side kick know thats the baby?

        • Anah

          Yes the side kick knows

  • tmmth8

    I LOVE TAL TAL! WANG YU your my number 2 guy now

  • Marilag

    Can you please speed the download of Empress Ki episodes? Am so hooked on this historical drama of Korea. When can Lady Ki know that Maha is her very own child? Her love child with King Wang Yu.

  • Mama Ki

    Omo!!! That Bayan Hudu is SO bitchy than Tanashiri!! And Queen Dowager and Bayan are so in my hate list..Tal Tal is totally the awesome character now…!and hoping he does help Nyang soon..very very soon!!after defeating the late regent,Nyang now looks more vicious(with a bit of cruelty)…im saying in a good way tho…anywayz…im always on Nyang’s side…just cant wait for the upcoming episodes!!!

  • cess

    Please tal tal stay with lady ki…

  • Jesskwon

    I hate that bayan empress!!! I wanna see her fall fast! Hate her hate her! Lady ki fighting!

  • Remy

    Lady Ki is so lucky to have love (s) like Wang Yu and the Emperor. However, treating Wang Yu and his son-maha without care, is just too much to bear. Her greediness for power is starting to show. So, sad for Wang Yu. His love is now being use as a stepping stone for Empress Ki’s ambition, as an empress.

  • Jiwon

    I really curious about how ending this drama,everything is so complicated..
    Owh,what a disgusting new empress..i think nyang is being greedy;)

  • AdeNike

    Is that traces of jealousy I see from Lady Ki?? lol!!! And that warning from Tal Tal to Bayan’s niece was just GOOOD!!! I’m loving Tal Tal in this episode!!!

  • Estelle Huynh

    So guys, I heard that there will be a total of 51 episodes instead of 50, and a sad ending according to an article. Death of bayan, empress dowager, wangyoo and even ta hwan are unavoidable. So I think I’m just gunna stop watching it here so I don’t have to be in pain later on knowing ta hwan will probably die as well as those bastards.

  • Tosinbolz

    I detest that Empress Bayan even more than Tanasiri, at least Tanasiri revealed how evil she was from the onset not like Empress Bayan who is a wolf in sheep clothing. if u wanna be good, be good, if u wanna be bad be bad, why cover up your viciousness with an outward cool and collected personality while u are all evil inside? Cant even imagined that she was the one that attepted to poison Prince Ayu. cant wait for her downfall. I also disagree with people who said Nyang is using Wang Yu to meet her ambitions, I think they are both helping each other out to help protect their source which is Koryeo. its only sad she cant reciprocate his love cos she already belong to the Empereor. General Bayan and Queen Dowager cant wait for your waterloo cos u used Nyand and turned against her.

  • Jennifer

    Funny how they use El Temur’s background music & tweaked it a little to make it as Bayan’s background music for evil now. And the flashback scene of Nyang & Emperor w/ the baby did not make sense b/c that was the first night he married/made Bayan as Empress & the same day Nyang moved to Xingde..but flashback had them talking in that new Xingde room. Thats impossible T_T LOL

  • Samyy12

    At least Tanashiri was mean and she showed it this one is far worse she hides under the mask of a kind person

  • Marilyn Panabang Lazo

    Thanks tal support lady ki and the emperor from that new lady who wants also to be empress.

  • Mrs. Ji Chang Wook <3

    To Butterfly By Ji Chang Wook! (The ending song) I love that song!! <3

  • Maina Edward

    Sigh!! I think I am in love with Jin Lee-Han now… very attractive personality.

  • Rosendo Syting Camarin

    I bet at the end it will be wang yu and nyang.

  • Ishtar

    Well, well, well. The new empress seems to be a lot more creepier than the former empress and el temur. Decent and calm but yet ruthless and dangerous beyond.

  • Paganini

    Wow, I feel sorry for you those that do not understand Korean. This sub is the worst kind I ever saw. Only 50 % of the lines are translated and that is not even correct. Sorry, you are missing a lot of important stuff.

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