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Empress Ki episode 45

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  • Lim Qianyi

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! He finally said it out!



  • Jiwon

    Awww,,OMG i wonder what will happen to maha in next eps..

  • charlotte

    she will let maha be the next emperor bwuahaha goryeo blood in the yuan dynasty hahahaha evil laugh…

  • Remy

    One of the best episode! Why love brings so much pain? Thank you, Drama Fire.

  • blametheloserinme

    Bang crying scenes really annoy the hell out of me

  • kikay

    finally! been waiting for this ep :D

  • K-Drama 101

    Shoot, I was hoping for the Dowager, to find out Maha’s true identity. I guess this will happen in the next episode.

    • YanYan

      I told you. Hehe

      • K-Drama 101

        Yes, you did post that in the last episode, and I forgot it. Well 6 more episodes left. I just hope the writers hurry up and reveal Maha’s true identity to all of them. :)

        • YanYan

          I dont think they will reveal it to others because possibly if the Emperor will know Maha will die.

          • K-Drama 101

            I know the Emperor has gone crazy lately but he hasn’t gone crazy enough to kill Lady Ki’s son. If he does kill Maha,. that would cause retrieval harm to their relationship.I will be so sad if this happens. :)

          • YanYan

            Let’s just see the next episodes

          • K-Drama 101

            You probably know about the next episode right? :)

          • estelle09

            Yeap it will be about me snatching paeha away from those evil monsters.

          • K-Drama 101

            If this happens in epi. 46, as you posted…it will be worth watching.

          • estelle09

            Yeah i think Maha was poisoned or being shot by an arrow and dowager was telling ta hwan about how bad nyang is.

          • K-Drama 101

            OMG, Maha, didn’t die? Well I am glad this is only a fictional historical account of Empress GI. :)

          • estelle09

            Nope he won’t die, and I saw a clip where bayan and nyang was making some sort of deal.

          • K-Drama 101

            Good thanks, I do want him to live because he his Wang Yu’s and Lady Gi’s child. Besides I want him to know who his real mother is. :)

          • estelle09

            But I won’t guarantee that he will survive though, I’m not too sure what really happened to Maha in the novel or the history.

          • K-Drama 101

            Hi, In true history, there was never a Wang Yu or Maha. Those two characters are the writer’s dramatization of this kdrama. I wish one day the kdrama, writers, will depict a true and factual historical drama…and accurate account of Korean, history.

            I have seen so many historical kdramas, but always the writers always added dramatize characters that was fake. I haven’t yet ever seen an accurate biographical true historical kdramas. But still I love all K dramas including all other Asian dramas. :) , xD

          • estelle09

            Omgggggg bi soo died :////

          • estelle09

            Ok I might have lied to you about that, I’m sorry ;(

  • Phannah

    This episode is so sad — above all other episodes. Tears ran down my eyes as Lady Ki finds out Maha is her STAR from Bang…:((( Keep up the great work and thank you, Dramafire!!!

  • pot

    i got teary-eyed at the last part. seems like Lady Ki’s plans are going to be rerouted upon finding out that Maha is Byul. aigooo my heart aches for Maha, Wang Yu and Nyang, and all the people from Koryo…

    i also feel sad about Yon Feisu and Wang Yu. ugh cant wait for the next episode. thanks DF!

  • chan mendoza

    i’m emperor huizong loyal subject to the end no matter how evil they make him… jumping ship just because he’s gone crazy i won’t probably do it… love ta whan from the beginning to end…

  • glory

    teary eyes…and heart rumbling. cant wait for the next episodes..bundle of thanks dramafire….

  • newcomer

    thank you so much, dramafire teams for uploading episode 45…yippiee

  • estelle09

    I saw the preview of ep 46, Maha will get hurt, dowager try to blame it on nyang, bayan decided not to care about nyang, honestly, it’s not even that shocking for dowager and bayan do things that like, because they’ve been doing that ever since el temur die.

  • tmmth8

    Awww Tal Tal you really do care for Ki and YU

  • abc

    Liege is really an annoying useless guy. His look and acting makes it worse. Why cant he be shot dead?

  • CrownHeiress

    Well… if you want to know the ending, watch the first episode… hehe

    • pot

      we’re not even sure yet if that’s the exact thing that’s going to happen on the final episode. there might be a twist in the end.

      • CrownHeiress

        Ki becoming an Empress? hoping that’s all in a dream? hmmm… could be… could be…
        let’s see how much they’ll twist whatever’s in history books.
        But then… the drama’s title is Empress Ki.

        • estelle09

          Well she’s definitely going to become an empress, we can’t argue about that. It’s what really happened in the novel as well as the real history of empress ki., but the novel told a different ending than the history, so I’m not too sure which ending the writers are trying to go for. Maybe that’s why there will be one extra episode.

  • firow

    its crying episode!!! taltal with ki….ki and other guy while shes drinking…bang and ki in last part…its a heart pinching moment!!! i just dont know y some dont like bang..but i really like him…and thanks to the director coz they gave good part to those supporting cast to showcase their acting!!! excellent drama…hows my day again when this will finish just like secret garden…gussssh!!!

  • Warrior Angel

    I wish TalTal will fall in love with Feisu… :)
    They look great at all…

    • estelle09

      It’s a bit too late for that :/

  • Norlina

    Love it that Bang revealed the truth…Waiting anxiously for the next episode. Thank You!!!!

  • newcomer

    hi dramfire team…when will the new episode upload…can’t hardly wait for upcoming episode…:)

  • estelle09

    Saw the raw version of ep 46, prepare some tissue or whatever that you can use to wipe your tears. There will be sad and good scenes. But overall I know you girls will bawling your eyes out watching ep 46.

  • Eun eun

    Bayan Hudu is the worse than Tanashiri.. I don’t like her so much

  • lemonrose

    I admire the child star in this episode (Maha), he acted really well. For the first time also I felt really sad for Yon Hwa and Yeom as they too have dream to be free and live happily together, they represent servants who have nothing to dream for themselves. I still love emperor and nyang though, it can’t be helped even though I knew how great Wang Yu love is for her, sorry Wang Yu .

  • Rosendo Syting Camarin

    I hate the way bangs cry salivas running on his mouth makes me feel vomit!

  • joana

    The only time that i cried so far throughout this drama is when Yom cried because his beloved Lady Yon died. I really burst into tears when i saw him cry :'(

  • Ed

    I hate much the emperor for Nyang. The Emperor was obsessed for Nyang not for love.

  • Ed

    That is right.

  • Ed

    Hahaha Feisu loves The King Of Goeryo, Wang YU.

  • Samyy12

    I love that even though he’s mad at his nyang he can’t bear to listen to anyone badmouthing her that’s true Love !!

  • fdy

    i don’t know why bang cries in every episode..i mean sympathy is ok but its toomuch overacting

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