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Empress Ki episode 6

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  • loly

    killing her father this way is so cruel and heartbreaking

  • nora

    very nice drama… tnx dramafire

  • Empress ki fanatic

    Ohmy im dying for the next episode

  • Princess Guinayen

    Interesting drama..thanks dramafire

  • Konno

    My goodness, finally an awesome female protagonist *_*

  • Guest

    It’s unfortunate that she ended up marrying the Emperor because he doesn’t deserve her love. Wang Yu does.

    • Nursha

      Yes he dont really hate his characterrrrrrrrrr in this drama

  • Lujain

    Am I the only one who’s actually happy that she married the emperor ? I know he’s a coward and childish but that’s what makes him cute, appealing and so not typical in my humble opinion. Plus, he’s funny and the handsomest guy in this series (according to my standards). He also has so much room for character development, I can’t wait to see him mature and become braver and stronger as the story goes on.

    Wang Yu is just your typical historical/period drama hero…I can’t see that much room for character development as well. that’s not necessarily bad, I respect the dude, It’s just he seems a little boring and predictable to me (no offense).

    Too bad that even though she married the emperor, her heart is still bound to Wang yu as it was hinted in the 1st episode.

    • thinlay

      EXACTLY MY POINT! I am actually really relieved that she married the emperor because if she hadn’t then it would have been pretty boring.

  • antoinette

    I am also happy she married the emperor. She was completely in love with him. She felt bad for WangYu. She hurt for him because they went through a lot, having and losing a child, but as for being in love with WangYu, it was over. The emperor became and emperor and a man, a brave man. A man she could be proud of.

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