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Empress Ki episode 9

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  • CrownHeiress

    very much appreciated! :-)

  • CrownHeiress

    I started watching this because of Ha Ji-won and Joo Jin Mo…. but heck, I’m loving Ji Chang-wook. He eats up the screen. I sometimes find myself just staring at him, mesmerized, and forgetting about the drama so I had to watch each episode all over again. LOL
    Ji Chang-woon, you should do more period movies… You’re awesome!

    • chan mendoza

      same here…

  • Parajanta

    Martial Arts & Historical are my fav. genres when it comes to movies in general and K-dramas in particular. XD

    I love Empress Ki!! Ha JiWon is one of my fav. actresses!! KKK! LOVED her in King 2 Hearts!! She was dope as hell!!! Loved her chemistry with LSG too!! (He’s one of my fav. actors)! I kinda wish she was the lead female role in Gu Family Book, because her Martial Arts skills are far superior to Suzy’s in my opinion and would’ve made the character just more believable as a Martial Arts Master.

  • Parajanta

    Ji Chang Wook plays the babo character very well. It reminds me of how LSG played a pabo character in King 2 Hearts and then got very serious when he had to become KING. Maybe when it’s time for him to win Nyang’s love or get his revenge, he will become serious. LOL…looking fwd to how he will make that change.

  • monet15

    Thanks Drama Fire for uploading such a drama. Somehow I enjoy historical kdramas more than the modern day ones. I’m enjoying this drama immensely and of course Ha Ji won is one of my favorite actors. Keep it coming Drama Fire and for bringing these dramas in whole.

  • 16baopwc

    Can’t wait for ep 10, thank you dramafire!

  • Gie

    Thank you God bless.

  • peejeh

    where is empress ki episode 10~~~~~

  • Karina

    Episode 10?

  • Moi

    Are there problems with episode 10?

  • Hermamie Villar

    Where is the EP 10?. Oh ….

  • bern

    Im starting to like this drama, i watch this because of ha ji won and been wondering what would it be like if jang keun suk did not decline the offer to be the emperor(just read it somewhere that he was offered but declined due to pretty man). Nonetheless, everyone’s acting is awesome! :)

    • Jade

      I’m glad he didn’t play the role, Ji chang wook is perfect fo it, plus JGS is too ugly, He has a laaarge forhead, uneven eyes, big head, weird shaped nostrils and he’s short..I can’t see why a lot of ppl find him handsome. and he doesn’t have that much diversity in his acting skills…it’s always the good looking, arrogant, player with a sad past.

      • thinlay

        haha i guess that’s a bit harsh on jgs. But i agree with you on the point that chang wook is perfect for the role. he is awesome.

  • Jiro Wang

    this is so great!…

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