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Take Five
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Keizoku 2: SPEC
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Koishite Akuma
Kumo no Kaidan
Last Cinderella
Last Friends
Legal High
Liar Game 2
Long Vacation
Love Shuffle
Lucky Seven
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Ouran High School Host Club
Proposal Daisakusen
RH Plus
Rich Man, Poor Woman
Risou no Musuko
Saba Doru
Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata
Samurai High School
Security Police
Seigi no Mikata
Sennyu Tantei Tokage
Shima no Sensei
Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou
Soratobu Kouhoushitsu
Stand Up
Sunao Ni Narenakute
Tantei Gakuen Q
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
The Thousandth Man
Tokujo Kabachi
Tokyo Airport
  • anonymous

    can you please upload itazure na kiss in tokyo.. thanks much dramafire.

    • mimi

      its on dramafever, you can watch it for free.

      • PopAsianFan

        When I did that, I was only allowed to watch up to episode 5, wouldn’t let me watch episode 6 onwards.

        • allison burger

          come man

          • InfiniteHort

            I was about to post the same thing……

      • Allison Burger

        Oh Yeah?

        • Takumi Usui

          They might have it on Viki.

    • Red

      There have mischievous kiss in Tokyo on viki ( itazura NA kiss in Tokyo) and on viki the special episode has been posted for season two

      • melc

        try to watch the taiwan version,the 2nd series finished a year ago.but me i prepare d japanese version.

  • Shino

    Can you please upload ATARU, TIA..

  • nenita

    can you please upload
    Somato Kabushiki Gaisha

  • jj

    Upload more romantic comedy please

  • Lane Ide

    Keep on growing, DramaFire! ! !
    Am glad to find this website.


  • Mai Vo

    Please upload pin to kona. It’s a fantastic drama with Yuta Tamamori as the male lead. I love watching dramas on your site! Simply the best! <3

  • kay

    which of these is a must watch???

    • jasmineHyuuga

      I recommend Ouran High School Host Club and Gokusen.

      • kay

        thank you

  • jiaaa

    can you please upload kyou no hi wa sayonara/farewell for today ? pretty please ! <3

  • diandrahime

    can you upload please nii ni no koto wasurenaide and kyo no hi wa sayonara? pleeeaaaasssseeee~~~~~

  • Hikaru Yukimasu

    Hanazakari no Kimitachi e is actualy remake(2011) one but profile picture shows original one. pls fix it and add original hana kimi

  • Ranny

    Hello. I love your site. Thank you for uploading beautiful dramas. May I please request that you upload BOSS? Thank you and good luck to all your undertakings.

  • Angela Webb

    I would like to put in a request for a drama call Summer Snow. I managed to see all but the last hour back last year and unfortunately the last episode was scrambled. It is a great drama that I am sure many will enjoy. Please consider it. Thanks.

  • noemib

    how about a ranking system? like you can see which ones are the most watched or something… ? it would make it easier to chose what to watch…

    • momo chan


      • angela miles

        i second the motion

        • Voltair

          I third the motion :D

          • Mirea

            i fourth the motion

          • franzeszoe

            and i fifth the motion ^^’

          • wakkomaniac

            6th it!

          • ranking system needed

            7th it!

          • Meow

            8th it!

          • Genjiiz


    • afi


      • Yanny


    • 내 한국 이름은 태양입니다

      I was about to comment the same thing… or at least give a comment portion in every series page so at least people would know if movie/drama is worth watching

  • Ubikayu

    I’ve been looking for Kare Naru Spy everywhere. Can you please upload the drama? Thank you

    • me

      Theres in good drama. Com

  • Vlwh

    DoctorX 2, please…

  • Shun

    Please upload/update new episodes. Thanks admin

  • nb

    If I could ask please upload Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York special. Your site is awesome better than other stie. Enjoy and Luv it!!! Thank you so very very very much :0)

  • bella

    please2 upload miss pilot, new drama series.

  • Wan wan

    Love generation..upload plzz

  • mask


  • Joe

    please upload Japanese drama – Yamada Taro Monogatari

  • jjlt

    pin to kona??

  • psrini edi

    Hi can anyone suggest japanese drama to watch..?

    • RLst

      Detarame Hero!!! :D ぜったいにだよ!

  • anonymous

    could you upload Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata please

  • cleon2

    where 49 fourty nine

  • Anonymous

    Switch girl please

  • battle doll

    where i can find ‘deka wanko’

  • bran

    can u upload

    “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de “

  • Dororo62

    Can you plz upload sugarless and crow zero plz plz
    Thanks and love this site :)

  • kun

    able to upload the drama “49”?

  • bunny blonde

    guys you have to watch koizora!!!

  • Myrkul

    It would be nice to have a sort by popularity o: Or is there one already? Can’t find it.
    I’m mostly not looking for a specific drama ~

  • atenGyuGyu

    hello, im newbie in watching japanese drama. before this, i just watched korean drama only. i only have watch hana yori dango based on what my friend suggestion. can you please suggest me the best romantic comedy japanese movie/drama ? thank you

    • amaaa

      High school debut club, gokusen, kimi no todoke, attention please, rurouni kenshin, kimi wa petto, ottomen, alot

      • Therese gomez

        thanks,for posting all the tittles of this romantic comedy also just started watching japanese tv series too.

  • allison burger

    naruto leh? come on

  • Yenny

    49 japanese drama please…

  • mvip20

    Would you, please, upload High School Teacher. Would really appreciate it. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Sue

    Can u please upload nankyoku tairiku (Japanese series) by takuya kimura?with Chinese or English sub pls

  • Allison Burger


  • JoannaJaneJaja

    Best ever!!!

  • Brattinella

    please upload 49

  • Ray

    Yubikoi ~Kimini Okuru Message~” please

  • M3talAlch3mist1

    except there are a lot of commercials

  • gaurav

    plz upload a little princess drama…

  • bonax

    Gud day to all.. i would like to ask if u can uplaod also the “Tokyo Bandwagon”? Thank you so much.. more power to all..9

  • Ria Feat Riana

    please add in Naka nai to Kimeta Hi…it was among the best story i’ve ever watched…thnx dramafire^^

  • muhammad mehdi

    I have a request can you please upload bleezing teens(teenz) please

  • emma

    It’d be great if you could upload Zenkai Girl :D

  • RLst

    Detarame Hero is awesome! Watch it!

  • as.

    can u upload ikemen desu ne?? japanese version of you’re beautiful..pliss.thank you

  • Ika

    I”m a fan of Takuya Kimura..
    How about..One of his new drama..Ando Lloyd A.I. aka Knows Love..pleaseee!
    tanx b4

  • dhoiskie

    can you please upload JUMONG please thanks much

  • merantau

    please add a genre button , im not much into romance or love but i like historical

  • sanchooo

    pls upload boku no ita jikan…..

  • soju

    pls upload boku no ita jikan….btw i love this site<3

  • nico

    Ive been trying to watch Gokusen but its not letting me play it. I tried other dramas without the mp4 upload mirror but they just dont work. Any solutions?

    • jasmine

      try to will work.

  • beryl

    can you upload manga also plz and great work dramafire this is the best web site for Korean and Japanese drama -movies keep on going

  • wasabee

    why japanese drama not update compared to korean drama. this is sad!!

  • shima

    i wish 2 watch WITH LOVE…but failed 2 find…so sad

  • Jolidahn

    Any recommend? I don’t usually watch japan drama so I don’t know which one of them is good

  • daiki

    Dramafire, can you upload Boku no Ita Jikan? thanks so much!

  • Ellyhell

    First of all, thank you a lot for your great work! I just wanted to ask if you guys could continue to sub “Shitsuren Chocolatier” !!!

    And, if you could upload “You taught me all the precious things (Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta)! That would be so great!!! *__*

  • UshijimaFan

    Does anyone know where I can watch Ushijima the loan shark first season?

  • byeolicious

    please upload the “S – Saigo no Keikan”

  • nurboice

    hallo, can u add a new japaness drama BORDER, please :)
    it’s interesting

  • killian23

    can you please upload sprout…..thanks…

  • zHa14

    Next episode of Shitsuren Chocolatier please…. Could u upload new series Border and Bitter Blood….??
    Thanks in advance

  • fuuchan

    Warmest thanks for your hard work dramafire.. :3
    Waitin’ another jdorama series..(esp kimura takuya dorama series ;)
    Ganbatte ne!!

  • reefannie

    more period dramas please!

  • Lydia

    Hello. I am desperate for comedy..that are not super romantic like My boss my hero. I am sick of romance, any recommendations.

  • Hanna SN

    Boku no ita jikan please2 ;)

  • Zak

    can you upload yankee-kun to megane-chan? Thanks ^^

    • jimeous

      That was a pretty good one too :)

  • belle

    The Tragedy of W please

  • Ritsujun

    no longer upload jdramas?

  • nucupid

    Upload Yukan Club,, please

  • Rebekah Yaoming

    Could you upload the 2002 drama, “Golden Bowl “aka” ゴールデンボウル”, plz? ありがとう! :)

  • jimeous

    Doctor X-2 has been out for some time, doramax264 has a few dramas that can be downloaded too although subs aren’t always available

  • QT765

    Is the special episode of Nodame Cantabile going to be uploaded?

  • Sasi anime

    Can you plz upload canation. It’s my favourite

  • Nisa

    What about Team Medical Dragon? Where can I get good resolution?

  • zυlғadнlι

    DramaFire, can you please sub Tokubou?

  • overzealous

    So, most old dramas cannot be downloaded? :'(

  • Jamaica Knauer

    Please upload “Early Autumn” with Koji Yakusho! Would love to see it!

  • fai

    there’s something wrong with FORBIDDEN LOVE (Majo no Jouken) – there’s no DL for the videos…

    I hope someone can do something about it.

  • no name

    tengoku no kiss please

  • anna

    is there anyway to upload FORBIDDEN LOVE (Majo no Jouken) – every videos doesnt work :(

  • Li En

    dear admin. can you upload drama ‘With Love’? thanks

  • Charara

    i always want to watch Kodomo Keisatsu (with Sexy Zone’s Marius Yo in it) but untill now i don’t find any that subbed it. i hope you can make the sub ^^ thanks :)

  • Dam Max

    Jin 2 Please

  • freeloops

    i have never watch jap drama for few years since bloody monday and kurosagi. Anyone can recommend something to watch?

  • Dam Max

    Jin 2 Please

  • Guest

    please upload one litre of tears drama series and the movie
    thank you in advance

  • kimutakuist

    ando lloyd, pleaseeee…

  • Lin

    Thanks for your hard work. Il really enjoy watching drama in one part. Also, can you upload Itazura na kiss love in Tokyo? I love this japanese drama :)

  • Ritsujun

    Could you please continue uploading Jdramas?

  • i care

    pls from which site can i download philipino drama impostora? Any suggestions pls?

  • anna

    Please fix:
    Risou no Musuko

  • ahpro999

    can you please upload Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge…

  • Sazie Morii Leotero

    Nobunaga no Chef please.

  • anna

    some of the series are not downloadable and not loading…

    Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou

    Risou no Musuko



    is there a way that the admin can fix this? i hope there’s a way so that we can enjoy it. i have asked our local store here – but apparently some of the titles here are not available with subs… hope that you guys can see this request and fix the videos…

    thank you so much…

  • tjr

    will you be showing strategist kanbe/

  • haruma

    Itazura na Kiss – playful kiss/ it started with a kiss jap version, reeeaaalllyyy good! And
    Last Cinderella – rom/com, more mature

  • angela hawthorne

    is there a chance can you upload Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge pleeeeaaaasssseeee?!!!!

  • mayu laksani

    upload more akb48’s drama please!

  • clau

    Your site is the best compared to others..keep it up and thank you

  • miyoshiayaka

    Please upload AMACHAN! :)

  • silhoutte

    Hi DF, I am looking for this great drama with such a interesting plot, Platonic, where a dying man wants to donate his heart to the daughter of a single man, who then falls in love with him…….thus far I have yet to find the subs for for the episodes. Hope you can extend the J drama here to include this highly recommended drama! Thanks.

  • guest-nim

    thankyouuu very muchhhh DF :)

    anw, it would be nice if you do categorize them by genre :D

  • hathuylinh

    Can I request on going drama HIRUGAO?

  • Guest

    please add

    Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo N :)

  • killer B

    please add

    Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo N

  • mihaelsichico

    how about the genres?

  • Kacak

    Where is majisuka Gakuen season 1?

  • Sarah V

    Thank you for bringing us the best dramas, DF!! I love korean but I also love JDoramas, would it be possible for you guys to update the list of Jdoramas available to inlcude Itazura No Kiss Love in Tokyo? This will have its season 2 soon! Thanks heaps!

  • The Chocolate Priestess

    Ability to search by actor or director name would be great, too.

  • Jamie Hung

    I hope more dramas will be added to this list soon, so I can comfortably watch full episodes of Japanese dramas — sometimes, I like to take a break from Korean and Taiwanese ;D Depends on the mood xD Thanks! ^^

  • dongsaaaeng

    I wish you can add Itazura na kiss 2 love in okinawa and itazura na kiss 2 love in tokyo in your list of dramas here. I’m looking forward for that. Thanks DF!

    • Aiza Razz

      i have been looking for that movie too… :)
      i watched until ep 6,,,then… my chinggu got my harddisk corrupted :(

  • Red

    Can you add picture/icon to the film names that way we would know whether or not we want to watch it XD

  • MrsButterfly

    Can you guys perhaps upload for itazura na kiss love in okinawa??? And also itazura na kiss Vers2 about to release soon ;)

  • Abi

    xxxHolic please?

  • SarahV

    hey guys, are you able to upload Hero Season 2 please…it will be much appreciated.. :)

  • Kate 키테♛ ™

    mischievous kiss please? and also seaason two :3 <3 gomawo!

  • mag

    I reccomend Hana yori dango!!! its so cute and good!

  • Dram-man

    Requesting for the Liar Game Drama series

  • Dram-man

    Update the Gokusen series links please.

  • azim family

    Ingatlah bahawa sesungguhya kamu akan menemui Tuhan kamu dan Dia pasti membuat perhitungan di atas segala amalan kamu. Allah telah mengharamkan riba, oleh itu, segala urusan yang melibatkan riba dibatalkan mulai sekarang.

  • Mirea

    hell there’s no comedy ugh

  • Zagyta

    itazura na kiss love in tokyo season 2 please

  • Josh

    Platonic, Hirugao and continue uploading Seijo please.

  • Aryani Fitri

    you can try to watch long vacation.

  • anna

    where’s the rest of the video of SEIJO?

  • Valam

    can u add kamen riders and super sentai power rangers?
    i m biggggggg fan of then and also garo Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abdjalil9149

    are there japanese drama Hero Season 2-Kimura Takuya?

  • Fubuki

    Kindaichi Case Files, scrap teacher… onegaishimasu… :)

  • Cynthia

    do you know jigoku sensei nube is now airing from 11st october 2014 ?

  • Meika

    Please upload Yamato Nadeshiko. It’s a really good series. Thank you so much dramafire. You can encourage people through posting videos like this. God bless you :)

  • artsy8

    Hi, Amazing Dramafire! Hope you can grant my request. How about uploading Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu? Please! Thank you and you’re the best!!!

  • Artsy8

    Please upload Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu. You’re the best Dramafire! Keep it up!

  • Anna Vida

    hello :) ive been requesting this for a while now – that these following JAPANESE DRAMA have a video problems. Cannot reload and cannot be download… I hope dramafire can fix this…

    1) Q10

    2) Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou

    3) Risou no Musuko

    4) LIAR GAME Season 1

    Please can you just please check every Japanese titles… I hope you dont just focus into KOREAN but also JAPANESE… AND I hope you could add: ITAZURA no KISS: TOKYO LOVE Season 2…

  • dramalover

    Liar Game season 1 please???

  • Jamie Hung

    Why is the thousandth man in Japanese dramas when it’s actually Korean? Lol

  • jojo

    can you please upload itazura na kiss 2 love in tokyo??

  • daphne

    plz tell me which one are school romance shows or smth like L DK and SAY I LOVE YOU

  • Mary Rose Masaredo

    please upload michievous kiss 2 love in tokyo :)

  • zabrina faalua

    10th ! haha



      • Lex


        • Juds


          • fairiesandstuff


          • Selena


  • kheyroon

    anyone know where to watch itazura na kiss season 2?? am dying

  • miey darus

    please upload japanese drama kyou wa kaisha yasumimasu.. im addicted to it.. cant find ep6 and above at other channel hope u can upload it.. tq much love

  • Raymond

    can u please upload miss pilot or any drama of Maki Horikita..

    please please.. :(

  • hdangel

    can DF upload itazura na kiss: Love in Tokyo season 2? Pleaseeeee!!! Thank you :D

  • Jane

    Please sub Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo…it’s on-going now

  • tonya

    admins, would you please upload Tamaki Hiroshi’s drama Kyo wa Kamisha Yasumimasu? Arigatou gozaimasu~! >///<

  • Anonymous

    What about Liar Game(the first season)?

  • Jamie Hung

    I went through all of these Japanese dramas already T^T #thestrugglesoflife

  • Guest

    what is best drama..??

  • lazyXD

    which drama is the best..

  • Tia Afifah

    where is it itazura na kiss? I’ve just watched love intokyo episode one one hour ago, and then suddenly it removed :””(

    • Jane

      yeah I wonder why it’s removed… :(

      • jessa zabala

        i haven’t even seen one yet and its already removed?

        • Jane

          I managed to download the first two episodes…but I want to see the later episodes :(

  • Jane

    why Itazura Na Kiss season 2: Love in Tokyo is gone??? It’s no longer here… :(

  • nana

    Why do you erase itazura na kiss love in tokyo season 2? :(

  • Sandra Dusabe


  • Jane

    Bring Back Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo pleaseeeeee

  • ayusshi

    can you upload Hanazakarino Kimitachi e 2007? the one you have is the 2011 remake. thanks in advance.

  • erickk

    DF please uplod itazura na kiss in tokyo season 2 next….
    Im wait DF..
    Thanks before DF^•^

  • jessa zabala

    why don’t you have ita zura na kiss love in tokyo 1 and 2? love in tokyo 2 just started airing in japan but i’m so dying to see it! like please……

  • Angela_De

    How about itazura na kiss?

  • Storm Diaboli

    I have started to watch Ouran High School Host Club. This looks to be a very funny and cute drama. :) Thanks so much

  • Ms_Yang

    admin, thanks for your hardworking, but can I request??
    can you add itazura na kiss love in tokyo season 2??
    even in Viki upload it, but I can’t download it in there..

  • Syaza HR

    Any thoughts on uploading Iryu 4 yet?

    Hee =)

  • lol

    i cant find your beautiful any help?

  • zha

    Itasura Na Kiss: Love In Tokyo…. pleaseee

  • fan


  • zha

    Ouroboros, please…

  • bundi

    awesome work guys,…keep it up. Best site ever!

  • Tie

    Is there a Season 2 for Mei-chan no shitsuji???? Someone or Dramafire please let me know!

  • silverdelight

    the hours of my life (boku no ita jikan) is a really great drama and I hope you can upload it! :)

  • tanooza

    i don’t find anime option :'(

  • rebelgirl

    can you plz upload the new japanses drama second love
    with kame from kat-tun thank you:)

  • yuna

    Where’s NOBUNAGA CONCERTO? What happened in that drama ? The last post was until episode 9 only….

  • nishah

    which is the best to watch here guys? recommend please ^_^

  • pipah

    could you upload shinigami kun? if you can thanks alot!!

  • BS

    someone please tell me where can i watch Line Romance???????

  • Bambang Robert

    adds second love 2015 plssss

  • Anikka Lim

    assasination classroom please

  • Guest


  • Jinju

    17th it! :)

  • Krista

    can you please upload itazura na kiss 2?? thank you dramafire!!!

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