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100 Day With Mr. Arrogant 2004
71 Into the Fire 2010
90 Minutes 2012
A Frozen Flower 2008 part 1
A Frozen Flower 2008 part 2
A Millionaire on the Run 2012
A Moment to Remember 2004
A Werewolf Boy (2012)
All About My Wife 2012
Always (2011)
An Emperor’s Mistress 2012
Arang Movie (2006)
As One 2012
Bad Movie (1997)
Chilling Romance aka Spellbound 2011
Company Man (2012)
Confession of Murder (2012)
Confession (Good Friends) 2014
Dancing Cat (2011)
Dasepo Naughty Girls (2006)
Deranged (2012)
Eungyo (2012)
Ghost Sweepers (2012)
Gone with the Wind (2012)
Good Friends (Confession) 2014
He Was Cool (2004) Part 1
He Was Cool (2004) Part 2
Hello Ghost (2010)
Helpless (2012)
I Am (2012)
I Am King (2012)
I Like It Hot aka Hellcats (2008)
Jeong Seung Pil Mystery (2009) Part 1
Jeong Seung Pil Mystery (2009) Part 2
Killer Toon (2013)
Love 911 (2012)
Love and Cash aka Penny Pinchers (2011)
Love, So Divine part 1
Love, So Divine part 2
Masquerade (2012)
Miss Conspirator (2012)
Mr. XXX Kisser (2012)
My Girlfriend is an Agent (2009)
My Little Bride (2004)
My PS Partner (2012)
My Sassy Girl (2001)
My Tutor Friend part 1
My Tutor Friend part 2
National Security (2012)
Neighborhood aka The Neighbors (2012)
Pieta (2012)
Pink (2011)
Play (2011)
Plump Revolution (2012)
R2b: Return 2 Base (2012)
Ride Away (2008)
Running Man (2013)
Runway Cop (2012)
Saving My Hubby (2002)
Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006) Part 1
Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006) Part 2
Spy (2012)
South Bound (2013)
The Jakal is Coming (2012)
The Neighbors (2012)
The Scent (2012)
The Taste of Money (2012)
The Thieves (2012)
Traffikers (2012)
Two Moons (2012)
Two Weddings and a Funeral (2012)
Unbowed (2012)
Very Ordinary Couple (2013)
Whispering Princess (2003)
Who’s That Knocking at My Door? (2007)
Yeosu (2010)
You’re My Pet (2011)

  • Ninton

    A werewolf boy movie is awesome,You should totally watch it! :D

    • mongol

      Thanks for suggesting the movie. just watched it and feel great

    • Sous

      We already watched it twice!!! I think my sister is gonna watch it for the third time soon

      • Ninton

        I watched it like 4 or more times,I love that movie. <3 <3

    • Yujin Maximative

      OMG? Never a fan of Korean movies but… this gives me away. Honestly, I love this movie. I even googled for the song that she played. Thanks! Will definitely recommend this movie to anyone!

      • Ninton

        You should watch more of Song Joong Ki(The Werewolf boy)!His dramas and movies are awesome!! :D D

      • Ninton

        You should watch more of Song Joong Ki(The Werewolf boy)!His dramas and movies are awesome!! :D D

    • Yujin Maximative

      OMG? Never a fan of Korean movies but… this gives me away. Honestly, I love this movie. I even googled for the song that she played. Thanks! Will definitely recommend this movie to anyone!

    • RossaE

      Thank you for suggesting this movie. I love it so much, I cried when Cheol Su said ‘ Kajima’ it’s break my heart

  • siaiaikoh

    spellbound <3

  • Mongol

    just finished watching A Werewolf Boy.. Loved it really much. Thanks guys

  • Moon Hee Jun

    Where’s 200 pound beauty?

  • Hanaa

    guys ,, please respect ,, the creator of this site ,, did not put all the movie and all the dramas because they are busy ,, uploading ,, and there is many dramas that they subtitled it ,, so be patient

    • sa

      You’re right. We should all be thankful and respect the creator of this site. It’s free. Be patience viewers……..

    • Aira Lauc

      I totally agree with you… Some people here are really too much, as if the developers of this site have no lives other than uploading and subbing. Can anyone be contented with what the site can offer? It’s a free site anyways, we have no right to demand at all!!! Thank you so much Dramafire for being kind enough to share your uploads to drama addicts like me :)

      • Guest

        If people have so much time complaining when are they going to upload this and that, try using that time to learn the language so you don’t need damn subs anymore, freaking fan kids.

      • just_saying

        As far as I can read, there’s no disrespect intended to the Df team. Viewers are just requesting movies that they would like to see, which means they TRUST the Df team to deliver. And Df team has proven that they can REALLY deliver. So, Df team, pat yourself on the back because you have definitely done a good job.

        • Aira Lauc

          Well I think you didn’t read that far yet… Coz I haven’t used the word “disrespect” in my comment. I also used the word “some people” because I was not pertaining to everyone. And my opinion still stands that some people are really too much… I that I totally agree with Hanaa.

          • Aira Lauc

            And please….refrain from mentioning the titles of dramas/ movies on this page? This site is barely new here, and we don’t want it shut down and get in trouble because of some people here right? Again, the site just opened recently so enough with the requests and wait for their next upload/ update. Since we are watching drama streams here for free, stop being lazy, be smart and be resourceful enough to look for the dramas/ movies that are not here. You can easily find the dramas elsewhere in just a click. Just saying…

          • just_saying

            Funny… The last sentence ‘just saying…’ Again, I still stands (though I’m sitting down while typing this) on my opinion that people are requesting for movies/dramas because they don’t have other sites to go to. Most of the sites are not ‘open’ in their region. They are so happy that they finally found this site and they know that DF can fulfill their request.

          • Aira Lauc

            Exactly, we don’t have other sites to go to, so just be patient and be contented with what DF can upload at their own time and pace. It’s not the question if they can deliver or not. It’s how making this site stay for a long time for us to enjoy. One drama site has been shutdown just recently, and its sad because they can upload dramas with subs just hours after it has been aired. And whether standing up or sitting down, our opinions on this won’t matter anymore if this site will be shut down.

          • anonymous

            You guys are so petty especially with your emotions. The Df team posted a lot movies/series (or whatever you call theses koreanovelas) for us to enjoy. It is already provided free so how come its still an argument. As for those who are suggesting I don’t think you’re disrespecting the Df team unless you can’t wait for those movies to be posted and you started nagging everyone in this feed. These suggestions (movies) are very important because it would help the Df team to wider the set of films they could share to the rest of the world.

          • Parajanta

            I agree with you 100%.

      • Kenneth Hill

        What can you expect from people whom watch dramas? This is how you become over time because this is what you are putting into your mind. You are what you eat. If you watch trash all the time then you will be like it, dramatic.

      • funkbeat

        very well said..

    • Leehj

      If people have the time to keep asking for uploads, you guys should instead use those time on learning the language, so you don’t need damn subtitles anymore!

    • Aligths

      correct :)

  • Chanyeol-Exo-Kikwang-B2ST

    You should add Secretly and Greatly
    I already watched it here in Korea but I wouldn’t mind watching it again but I’m not going back to the cinema to watch it

    • RossaE

      Thank you for mentioning this movie I was not aware of. It’s a great movie and heart wrenching too. I like Park Ki Woo playful character which is refreshing to look at despite an intense scene towards the end. It was a great watch. I never thought so much about Kim Soo-hyun acting skill until I read a comments for his latest drama, my love from another star, then I remembered watching him in Dream High. He has gone so far from that day. I think I will watch The moon embrace the sun just to get the feel of it. Thanks again for the suggestion

      • Gorjuz

        my gosh! I am so crazy watching Park ki Woo new drama my love from the stars!

    • Chansiie Pineda

      Hopefully they can upload it im so curios on this drama..
      I guess its bcos kim soo hyun ..

  • AÜstero JeFf

    Please include
    Architecture 101 in korean movies.. :3

  • suzan

    wat abt finding mr. destiny???

  • DramaFire

    All your requests have been noted, but we’re so busy updating everything else right now. But don’t worry, all those movies will be added in time.

    • Aaron Louise Fombuena

      thanks for ur hard work! keep it up! . . .

    • iamciell

      thank you for having this site..

    • shams_mimimimi

      keep it up drama fire your doing a great job

    • west

      Please uploads the berlin file

      • mhay

        i saw it in good drama but the comments say’s the sub titlle is not good :) ) i hope dramafire will upload berlin file here asap :) )

    • Cyrus

      Admin plsssss upload again your beautiful with park shin,,,we are waiting for that but we cannot watch it,,,no berating,secretly gently movie also,,,plssssss,,,we are recommending this site to our friends telling how good this site is,,,,plssssss give our request pls,,, tnx

    • mayangelica

      thank you sooo much DFire… keep up the good work. stay healthy too !!! :)

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      thank you…. keep up the good work!!

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      thank you so much your the best!

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      The Commitment pls?? Thank you ! :) )

    • Donna from The Philippines

      Thank you for all the efforts. You are making us happy with all those hard work you guys are doing. God bless!

    • Selena

      Thank you for all your hard work DF! Please upload Cyrano Agency starring Lee Min Jung and Park Shin Hye. I will be very grateful :)

    • madi

      thanks dramafire for all the hardwork… :) this site is the BEST!!!!

    • bbnoona

      Thank you… for your hard work… drama fire fighting!

    • Elisa Legarte

      We’re willing to wait. Thanks for your hardwork. Keep up the good work. Fighting!!! ^_^

    • xoxotics

      You guys did a great job. Keep up the good work ^^

    • manda

      can u try ro translate ‘the tower’? 2012 movie. couldn’t find it anywhere TT_TT

  • Xangcolins

    A werewolf boy! It was the best! I really love it.. Even if it was so sad..

  • L

    These movies haven’t been released yet but it will soon. Can I request ‘No Breathing’ with Seo In-Gook and Lee Jong-Seok and ‘The Face Reader’ Thanks!

  • angela012883

    Please upload hearty paws 2 … Pls… Pls… Pls…

  • angela012883

    Please upload hearty paws 2 … Pls… Pls… Pls…

  • mhamed

    please put more horror movies this is the best web side

  • JI EUN 0505

    Could you pls. Sub the movie “The Huntresses” thats Ha Ji Won’s latest movie pls. Sub it I’ll wait for it to be subbed :) :)

  • JI EUN 0505

    “The Huntresses” pls. I’ll wait for it to be subbed:):):)

    • mhay

      Huntresses Ha Ji won Plsss Drama fire :) )

    • EllieS

      The Huntresses please :’(

  • KumbangJahat

    Rough Cut- i hope that dramafire can upload this movie. im big fan of ji sub

  • rh

    Can we have Cold Eyes (2013) up pleaseeeee :)

  • Arjun Arjuna

    thank you dramafire :) i hope dramafire can upload more korean movie in 2013 like Cold Eyes,My Paparotti,The Flu,The Teror Live,Hide and Seek,Running Man and others.

  • Joy

    Secretly, greatly please ;) i really love this site.. Thank you :)

  • achill

    im addicted watching korean drama/movie’s.only here the best site ever dramafire!!

  • Daebak

    I know you are busy subbing other Movies or Dramas, but can you please upload/sub the “Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. PLEASE. *.* :)

  • izzah

    Would you upload Sad Movie? (starring Cha Tae Hyun and Shin Min Ah, in case the title sounds too general) Thank you :)

  • choi sulli

    medical top team nmn pho pleeaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,,,,,,,

  • asyhsd

    Please add secretly greatly pleaseee

  • DramaFire

    Three new movies added: Killer Toon, Running Man, and South Bound. Enjoy, we will continually work on your requests.

  • Ayzad

    Don’t forget to upload ” No Breathing ” when the film release it ^_^

  • Dylyn Depositario

    Good day to all admins,thank you so much for creating the i can watch nonstop,as i am so addicted to korean dramas and movies..pls can you upload “Alone in love”of Sin Ye Jin?she’s one of my favorite korean actress..looking forward to it admins…again thank you so much for the effort everyday…keep up the good work and more power,godbless!!!

  • Summy

    Dear dramafire, heeyyy! Basically I love you guys for uploading episodes really quick, I would just love it if you uploaded movies as fast as dramas lol. I’m eagerly waitin for rough play to be here after it’s release this week :D

  • Sandy

    Great fan of Korean movies…
    Please add movie Hide & Seek…..

  • Jess

    - Hide and Seek
    - A Werewolf Boy

    (To those who want to watch Secretly Greatly, you can find it on YouTube with english subs)

    • Jess

      oops never mind I just saw A Werewolf Boy, hehe my mistake

  • yana

    Sunny please . i can’t find it anywhere . i really want to watch it

  • indra ristya

    It will be more fun with something new,,, thanks for dramafire make my free time be more fun,,,

  • Ang

    Please Upload Park bo young’s film,,,, like speedy scandal and the horror movie she’s playing at…..

  • Lina ♥

    Hi I really wanted to suggest and remind that yesterday on the 24th of October the movie “Rough Play” or also known as “An Actor is an Actor” was released!!! (starring Lee Joon from MBLAQ) I really hope you guys can upload this movie cause I am anxious on watching it!! By the way thankyou for all the hardwork you guys put on translating dramas and movies, I ve really enjoyed this website A LOOOOT!

  • yousuke

    yo Dramafire creator thank for your hard work…. and keep the work…

  • peepingthoughts

    I just want to say that you guys are doing a great job. I will surely recommend your streaming site to all my friends. Thanks for putting up with us, drama addicts! <3

  • manu

    the movies are in great quality, just one small problem : some movies have double subtitles. so pls try to improve that. and over all this site is the best. i have been looking so for such site since so long where i can watch in single link. thank you so much for this website!!!

  • Lan

    Hi, thanks for uploading all these movies. im a malaysian, but i love korean movies or dramas.

  • lyn

    i’d be very thankful if you’d sub cold eyes! it’s a great movie. thank you

  • Nathania

    Can you add architecture 101 please? Thanks :)

  • Ayzad

    Can you pls upload No Breathing , thanks :)

  • giraffe97

    Thank you so much for having these! I give you respect for taking the time to put all these up. :D

  • annisa mawar

    Don’t forget 2 upload movie ” an actor is an actor” or “rough play” . Thank you .. i’m waiting ….

  • abby

    The Art of Seduction PLEASE.. Thank you.

  • Jihyun

    please sub and upload secretly greatly~ its an awesome movie

  • Mazyjohn64

    thank you for all your hard work on this site. I know how busy you all are. if and when you get time I would love to see innocent steps(Korean movie).Once again keep up the good work. We would be lost without you.

  • KKLanee

    If you guys ever have the time, could you upload the movie Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Our Heaven) with Lee Hong Ki, please!! Thanks for all of your guys’ hard work! The site is great!! :)

  • Nyx

    Please upload “The Flu” ! Thanks !

  • weini

    hi, can i request few movies to be subbed in english? the stolen years and rhythm of the rain (both are Taiwan movies) thanks alot :)

  • Nurul Fatin

    200 pounds beauty please! thankyouuu :D

  • Amor C. Aporador

    can you upload pls the messenger…. thx :)

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    this was a good site.. thanks to the creator of this site..

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    Can you please add in “Mother” .. ?~

  • Tess Ysip

    I’d like to commend the creators of this site for putting up so much hard work in the spirit of sharing. Please keep up the good work and thank you so much! I know how hard it is to keep up and I do hope that we, drama enthusiasts, can do something for your guys. Thanks again and God bless you all.

  • ely

    thank you for subbing. really appreciate it

  • nerizzah

    hi. can you have the extended version of a werewolf boy? i can’t find it anywhere. but i hope you can have it on your site.


    I agree with the minority of the guys in this community… I just recently discovered this site and I am forever thankful that the creator, along with the others, who put this magnificent site for us ALL to enjoy, exert a lot of effort, patience and endurance, to make it ALL possible to satisfy our cravings for these Korean Dramas & Movies, as well as, the other foreign ones. It’s not an easy tasks to do everything they have done to present us ALL a very decent dramas and movies in different languages, and not to forget, ALL of us get to view/watch them ALL for ‘FREE’. So, for those of you who know nothing better to do than complain/whine, the proper thing to do, is say, “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” And another thing, Patience will be greatly rewarded to those who wait, so if you want a show uploaded, you have to be patient and watch another show until such time your request has been processed. If you don’t have the Patience, and you have the Money, why not submit your request with your CASH or CHEQUE donations to help-out with their expenses and this in turn will be your way of acknowledging their talents for a job well done.

  • yogi

    Hello Admin, Thanks for the movie,..but could you please upload “The Recipe” from Jang Hye-Jin . Thanks

  • Secretly Greatly

    thanks for the great website!!:D
    really appreciate it^^
    and..if you have time,please upload “secretly greatly”<once again thank you!!xD

  • iznie

    miracle in cell no.7….. please….thank you

  • kiichan

    please upload the movie”alumini”:)

  • yamaia

    thank you Df.. finally i can watch “the heirs and mhiyd ” on my ipad !!! God bless you!! you are indeed a “Godsend” for a simple person like me.. today is really my luckiest day ever for being able to discover your site!! thank YOU very very very much!!!!

  • Sanryuu

    arigatou gozaimasu ^_^

  • merry


  • atenGyuGyu

    my request movie to viewers – a confession of murder (park si hoo), a werewolf boy + penny pinchers (song jongki), youre my pet (jang keun suk), this movie is really daebakk! do yo have watch song ji hyo movie (but it kinda for 18+)?

  • Tata Arong

    can you upload no breathing please…. its a movie of Lee Jong-Suk….. thank you ^_^

  • Oomiak

    A huge thank-you for the herculean effort the creators of this site have put in to making it beautifully designed, useful, and full of wonderful content…. and growing….

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    Can you upload movie ‘No Breathing’ i reaaly want to watch it.. Tq..

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    Thank u , the best site ever , this site really fire :) )

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    uploading new korean movie, please….

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    Can you upload movie ‘No Breathing’ ??? Please??. Tq..

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    I’m so Thankfull about the people who behind all of this website :D
    i’m appreciate what they do,Good Job for all people who had translated all this movie or drama series ^^
    But do not risk your self , because you’re about to translate all this movie that become you in any trouble’s Guys.You should think about yourself okey ^^
    once again,chongmal Gamsahamnida. -Donni / Kim Don Dong- ( from Indonesia )

  • nia

    dear Df-admin can you please add Hoya (Eighteen and Nineteen) to the soon-to-be-uploaded movies list? i’ve been here and there looking for this one but no luck.. thx a bunch!! this is awesome site btw :)

  • Anisa

    Hi.. Could you add le grand chef 1 and 2? Thankyou..

  • prince

    i love dis site … thanx developers .. u ppl r jst so awesome ,,, thanx alot

  • Dramafire Avid Fan

    Dear DramaFire,

    First of all, I want to thank you for uploading these videos, which I may say, has really really good quality. Also, thank you for uploading them as a whole and not by parts, making it less hassle for us viewers.

    Masquerade was such an epic movie, by the way. Thank you for having it here. :)

    P.S. Do you have a copy of the movie, “The Face Reader”? If you do, please do have it added here. Kamsahamnida, chongmal!

  • Rizkia Assani


    Please Upload “a good lawyers wife”

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    Just saying…i am so freaking addicted to this site…omg…thanks to all responsible,

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    Can you upload movie No Breathing please

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    Tht s all i can say….but am really glad about this site and your contribution to dramas and movies…..
    I am an Indian….but i love watching korean dramas and movies…..
    Thanks a lot for ur uninterrupted episodes…..
    LUV DRAMAFIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Please upload Our Heaven’s movie ! I really want to watch that movie. Please !!

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    DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!! i just love this site so much xx

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    please upload the classic ….

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    can u please upload THE FACE READER?…thanks

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    i hope for – miracle in cell no 7 (parkshinhye)

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    please uploads , THE BERLIN FILE

  • nana

    please upload hide and seek with eng subs asap. i’ve been dying to see that movie.

  • Gwapo

    Can i request for NO BREATHING MOVIE by Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk.. Thanks Dramafire, hope my request will be granted so soon.. More power and thanks for ur hardwork.. Godbless..

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    hai… i just wondering if u guy have a Hwayi : A Monster boy with eng sub??? i just found this movie without sub and it really good movie… hope u guy hve it…tq…^^

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    the commitment please…

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    hello! please download the newest korean movie COLD EYES! thank you! :) ))

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    where’s Baby n Me?? pls add DF, waiting,,

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    dramafire??? can you upload film ‘Death Bell’ with cast Lee Bum Soo??? you know the film???

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    do you have April Snow??

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    hi!can u please upload ROCKIN’ ON HEAVENS DOOR…lee hong-ki 0f ft island is the lead star.thanks

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    Pls your beautiful with park shin,,,secretly gently,,no breathing,,,,plssssss admin,,,love it so muchhh

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    try upload this one ( speedy scandal )..not sure if many have been watch this though (for who might not know).. just a suggestion.. not a request :)

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    is this a new site? i love the content, details and everything in place. i don’t like too much pop-up adv like any other site and the quality of the drama also clear and i love it. thanks Drama Fire. will suggest to my friends and family :)

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    marriage blue please :)

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    hey guys am really an avid fan of korean movies…thanks for making this site…Hope you can upload Shadows of love thank you i really love kwon sang woo…Thank you guys…

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    I just want to say to who all made this site and who’s keeping it going: THANK YOU ;)
    I finally got a good place to watch my movies and dramas… keep up the good work!!

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    Can you upload ‘acoustic’ please …ty

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    Please can you guys ssub Hwayi: A Monster Boy and The Attorney? Thanks muchos!

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    Please upload the movie secretly greatly, white night, stateless thing going south…please..thank you

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    I would like to request for “The Commitment” . I heard that it’s a really good movie .
    I really like this site and thank you for updating !!

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    Please add Secretly, Greatly! Thanks Dramafire…

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    can u upload a movie called ‘The Flu’? tq :)

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    architecture 101 please

    go suzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    fighting dramafire

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    hye DF.. Can I request “hot young bloods” movie ? it’s a new korean movie cast by park bo young.. These movies was released on january 23, 2014 and maybe it’s still in cinema. Btw tq DF for always upload new movies and dramas everyday..

  • CJ

    Secretly,Greatly please! Thanks dramafire!

  • Mai Mai LuLu

    I wish dramafire could upload Gong Yoo’s movie entitled SILENCED…please please please, thanks!

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    hello Ghost! my number 1 movie!!! Don’t say anything until you watched it until the end!

  • ik

    This is a great site, thank you dramafire team!

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    can you upload Boy’s Choir please?

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    It would be great if u can upload ‘Boiling Youth’(2014) and ‘Friend 2′ (2013) ^-^ . Dramafire Hwaiting all the way!~ :D

    • bambi

      Movies that are still in theaters and just getting out of theaters here in Korea. So youve got a long wait, especially for a movie thats 2014 e.e

  • Ann

    I would appreciate if anyone can recommend some great korean movies. So far my favorites are: My Sassy girl, A Moment to Remember, Windstruck, Hello Ghost, Thieves, Seducing Mr. Perfect, 200 pounds Beauty, Innocent Steps, My Little Bride, Speedy Scandal, Secretly Greatly.

    • Parajanta

      You mentioned some that are my favs too…haha. Here are some more of mine that i would recommend:

      ~Marrying A Millionaire.
      ~Love 911.
      ~A Company Man. (The story line is really weird but So Ji Sub’s acting is great in it. I would say that this movie is an acquired taste).
      ~100 Days With Mr. Arrogant.
      ~Hello, Schoolgirl.
      ~The Crucible.
      ~Volcano High.
      ~My Girlfriend is an Agent.
      ~The Man From Nowhere.
      ~You Are My Pet.
      ~Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War.

      Enjoy! (^_^)

  • Parajanta

    Pls can you guys sub Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013) & The Attorney (2014). Kamshamnidah!!

    • bambi

      Movies that are still in theaters and just out here in Korea -.-

      • Parajanta

        What’s your point? Many people have already uploaded the movie online, it’s just not subbed yet. And I am requesting a sub, which is none of your business…why do you even care?

  • Butterfly

    Can someone please tell me why my request are being deleted???

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    can i request architecture 101? thanks guys! :)

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    Thank U DRAMAFIRE! More power… Please add Song Seung Heon’s dramas “Message” & also “Law firm”…I’ll be waiting for it!. Thanks!

  • Lind

    please upload Hot Young Bloods..

    • Devon98

      Me too, me too, Hot Young Blood

  • bambi

    I’m not understanding why people are requesting movies that are still in the cinemas. I know for sure because I live in Korea and go to the movies a lot. Its only feb and people are requesting movies from 2014. It’d be better to wait some months or learn Korean because movies stay in theaters here for a long time. :/ js

    • Parajanta

      Or you can stfu and let people request what they want. It’s none of your business and it is not up to you what they choose to request! Tch. -_-

      • Adrian

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    beautiful ending .-My love from another star :) and now, I’m watching Bride of the Century & Emergency Couple :) iLove them both ;) ))))))


    SECRETLY, GREATLY ( Kim Soo Hyu) please

  • Nerit

    Recommendations?? I had watched A werewolf boy. it’s nice.. anything else?? :D

    • Parajanta

      ~Love 911.
      ~A Moment To Remember.
      ~Wind Struck.
      ~My Sassy Girl.
      ~ A Company Man (If you are a huge So Ji Sub fan because the movie doesn’t really make sense but his acting was superb.)
      ~Man From Nowhere,
      ~My Girlfriend Is A Secret Agent aka My Girlfriend Is An Agent. (Remake of Mr & Mrs. Smith.)
      ~A Frozen Flower.
      ~Taegukgi: A Brotherhood of War.
      ~R2B: Return To Base.
      ~You Are My Pet. (If you like cute movies).
      ~My Little Bride.
      ~Hello, Schoolgirl.
      ~Seducing Mr. Perfect.
      ~A Millionaire’s First Love.
      ~100 Days With Mr. Arrogant.
      ~200 Pounds Beauty.
      ~The Crucible aka Silenced.
      ~Volcano High.
      ~Baby & Me.

      Those are all great K-movies. But if you also want K-drama recommendations, just let me know.


    secretly, greatly…pleaseeee

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    I will wait for it..

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    i die hard want 2 watch it!! (>_<)/

  • Fan-ssi

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    am die hard wanted to watch it

  • Hockerbee

    Try to watch The Thieves 2012. Cleverly written and awesome action scenes! Chincha Daebak!!
    DramaFire Fighting!!

  • Hockerbee

    Here are some of my favorite movies by far:

    -A Werewolf Boy ( Indeed, ONE GREAT LOVE)
    -A Moment To Remember (Selfless Love)
    -A Millionaire’s First Love
    -Koizora (Though Japanese but really good)
    -The Thieves (Great action scenes and brilliantly written)
    -Secretly Greatly (KIM SOO HYUN Oppa)
    -Miracle in Cell no 7 (Starring the Queen of Tears, Park Shin Hye Unnie, MUST WATCH MOVIE I SWEAR!!!!!!)
    -Running Man ( Clever, good action scenes too!)
    -100 Days with Mr Arrogant
    -Spellbound ( Chincha Daebak!!)

    Enjoy folks! DFire Fighting!!!

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    Movie request: Miss Granny. I watched it in theatres and I adore it! It is a comedy for all ages and believe me, everyone in the audience was cracking up until the very last scene of the movie. I would love to watch it again, and my mother wants to watch it, too – but we cannot find it in stores or online :) Just a suggestion for other Korean movie lovers out there, too.

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    The title is ‘Commitment’. starring BigBang’s TOP. That realeased on 2013-11-06.
    Thank you so much if you want to upload it. You all already work really hard for this website!
    Thanks DramaFire ;) ))

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    Miss Granny
    The Host
    The Face Reader
    The Attorney
    Miracle In Cell No. 7

    and.. thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard works ^_^

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    And oh‚ some more horror movies‚ please! XD

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    • Parajanta

      The following are highly recommended:

      ~My Sassy Girl is a good Rom + Com movie.
      ~Always (aka Only You) is Romance + Drama, no Comedy. Still A+ tho’!
      ~Windstruck is Rom + Com + Tragedy…i know, weird combo…o.O…it’s really good but gets very sad (have your tissues ready).
      ~My Girlfriend Is An Agent is Action + Rom + Com.
      ~200 Pounds Beauty is also Rom + Com.
      ~Hello School Girl is sooo interesting! Really sweet love story. It’s Rom + Com…more romance than comedy, tho’.
      ~R2B: Return To Base. It’s Action + Romance + a little comedy. It’s a really cute movie.
      ~100 Days With Mr. Arrogant. Rom + Com.
      ~Seducing Mr. Perfect. Rom + Com.
      ~You’re My Pet. Rom + Com.
      ~A Moment To Remember. Romance + Drama.
      ~Daisy. Romance + Action + Drama.
      ~Love 911. Romance + Drama.
      ~My Little Bride. Rom + Com.
      ~A Frozen Flower. Historical + Romance + Drama (With some graphic homosexual themes/scenes. If you don’t mind that, it’s a really good movie! o.o…lol.)
      ~A Werewolf Boy. Fantasy + Action + Melodrama. The romance is a bit lukewarm although it is heavily hinted.
      ~A Millionaire’s First Love. Romance + Comedy + Drama.
      ~Masquerade. Historical + Drama.
      ~The Man From Nowhere. Action + Suspense.

      Enjoy! (~_~).

      • Michelle Kok

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        • Parajanta

          Lol…you’re welcome.

        • cloud9

          You can also try Miss Granny. Rom+Com. 2014 Korea’s highest grossing film :)

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    anyway ur subtitles are very awesome..
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    It’s not subtitled anywhere and I don’t want to see the RAW.

    Thanks, I really appreciate your work.

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    • nemo

      100 days with mr.arrogant
      you r my pet
      200 pounds beauty
      a moment to remember
      my little bride(must watch)
      spell bound romance(horror+comedy
      my tutor frnd
      sedducing mr.perfect
      a millionaires first love

  • Estee Koontz

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    I would ask them to translate the korean movie One Night Only,if they can. Already very grateful! Hugs and fighting!

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    • 헤일리 ♥♥♥

      runway cop is perf!

    • nemo

      seducing mr perfect
      100 days with an arrogant
      my tutor friend
      my sassy friend
      my mighty princess
      you r my pet

    • ← oh Zeng Baquiran

      try to watch the following:

      I am king
      The thieves
      100 days with Mr. Arrogant..

      x) enjoy watching !! :)

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    i saw the trailer, i really really looking forward to watch it.
    thank you.

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  • Inori

    Can you please add the movie Rockin on Heaven’s Door?

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  • cnrsdrn

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