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Marry Him If You Dare episode 3

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  • Alifiana Ivy

    thankyou dramafire

  • Mai Vo

    Big thanks!

  • Rowena Raymundo Tolentino

    A milion thanks to dramafire keep it up

  • farah

    thaaaaaaaaank you dramafire ♥
    i want sae joo and mi rae together please they are sooo cute i don’t like the main guy!

  • Amalfm

    Greaaat thank you :)

  • reisnel

    Thank you dramafire!!! Great story different & really new Korean drama!!!! Enjoying it a lot, I hope Marry Him if you dare get a high TV ratings in Korea. Love Joon Eun- Hye & Lee Dong-Gun :-)

  • Sammy N

    Thank you dramafire! Mi Rae and Shin are so cute together! I hope they end up as a couple!

  • farah

    thaaaaaaaaank you dramafire ♥
    i want sae joo and mi rae together please they are sooo cute i don’t like the main guy!
    i’m really confused is there kim shin from the future or its really a dream!!?

    • kravesforus

      me to omg but its always the main guy with the main girl :( yonghwa fighting <3

      • farah

        begging hard for yonghwa and eunhye to be a couple in the future i mean in the drama…I hope they end up together ^_^

        • kravesforus

          i have a feeling this is going to be a mi rae and shin vs mi rae and sae joo war >.<

          • farah

            i don’t think so!!…because sae joo loves her!!do you remember when sae joo said he found the one he loves because of water…so mi rae and Yoo Kyung switched and he loved mi rae..Anyway i think there’s hope that sae joo and mi rae end up together :)

          • sarah

            not always, in the drama Nailshop Paris ( kinda boring drama), the main girl does not end up with the main guy but the other one.

          • farah

            then were is a hope :D

    • Aaron Louise Fombuena

      same i love them both >.< . . .

  • fayeabell

    Very interesting drama….love it! Can’t wait for the next episode!!!! I like Seoul joo and mi Rae together!!! I hope they end up together in the end!!!!! Exciting!!! :) ))

  • fayeabell

    Oppps typo error I mean sae joo

  • sojume

    i have a feeling that sae joo will be the bad guy here. please nooooo… i want him and mi rae ended up together…

  • ana


  • anahrafail

    me too, wanted sae joo and mi rae together! cute couple!

  • rai-rai3

    How can I upload this episode all the rest is FINE but something is wrong with this episode and episode 4 ..!!!
    Help Plz…..!!!!!!!

  • Kimmy

    I want her to be with Park See Joo!

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