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Master’s Sun episode 10

This is the Korean drama Master’s Sun ep 10 with complete English subtitles.

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  • Leek2007

    I love this episode…..can’t wait the next epi…..

    • DramaFire

      Gotta admit, Master’s Sun is a really good Korean drama!

  • disguised_as_me

    Thanks drama fire…jjang!

  • Ncjdjch

    WOOOOOOOOP GO DRama fire! Looked for full lenghts and found you x

  • farah

    thank you dramafire..i’m looking forward to the next episode :D

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    i don’t know why . . . but i feel like watching movie with a 17 episode, cause each episode they solving a case then after solving the problem ended up with one another case then next episode is coming with a different case lol. . . any way

  • Ayzad

    Good dama !

  • Ayzad

    Daebakk !

  • Tari Wang

    thank u very much dramafire.i can watching my favorit movie everyday in here :) :) :) ^_^^_^^_^

  • Tɘehɘe

    i luv this drama :D

  • K-Drama 101

    i just hate that CEO…he is so rude and full of arrogance, especially to the lead actress..

  • Guest

    2nd time watching and I love it so much and stil excites me like the first time JSJ I love youuuuuuuu <3 <3

  • halzy

    2nd time watching and I love it so much and stil excites me like the first time SJS I love youuuuuuuu oppa <3 <3

  • Cathy

    Thank you,I love it !!

  • drama713

    thanks dramafire

  • meme

    I think I’m coming around in regards to my feeling towards the uncle. Glad to see he is in favor of their feelings towards each other. :D SAdly, he is stuck with the old aunt.

  • jen

    i love drama fire.

  • Guest

    I know why I have a sudden dislike for this drama. It seems predictable. Every episodes are with different cases, making my interest gradually decrease. Anyway, gotta watch it until the end, my best friend seems persistent that im yet to watch the climax.

    • Naruto Uzumaki

      i agree in da start it was quite fun but now its dragging -__- but since i read ur comment abt climax so i’ll watch -_-

  • Ƴυɾi ƬTαɳ ゆり

    I just love secretary kim xD he just wants to protect joong won and I like how he tries to get him close with gong sil xD I love thia drama <33 It combines everything i love, horror and romance.

  • Hannie

    Ahhhhhh, i want Kang Woo ^^

  • existentialiste832

    Weeeee! Loving the ending! It was exactly 1:43 when JW told Tae Yang ‘I think I love you. :) :) :)

  • hanyan sigya

    i love this even if it’s already a year old … love you, joo jong won and sunny te

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