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My Love From Another Star episode 1

Also known as “You Came From the Stars

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  • Alanoudalii

    OMG already subbed !!
    Thank you <33

  • MiaChayang Kamu Ajalah

    Thanks so much

  • DramaFire

    This Korean drama is also known as You Came From the Stars, btw.

    • Alicia Fisher

      It has so many names:

      You Who Came From The Stars
      You Came From The Stars
      My Lover From The Stars
      You From Another Star
      My Lover From Another Star
      Man From The Stars (Literal translation)

      It is like The Heirs all over again

    • Aliza


  • kimhyunmin

    while watching this,i remembered one drama similar with this,Queen In Hyun Man were a man travel from old times to present time,the difference is He is from another planet

    • Alicia Fisher

      And that one starred Yoo In Na.. too bad she is only a secondary character here. But I really like Jun Ji Hyun as the lead!

    • sey punzalan

      Yah you’re right..speaking of queen in hyun’s man..yoo in na is here

  • Dramafan

    I miss the heirs so much! T.T

    • sey punzalan

      Me too..I missed all the characters in the heirs..inshallah there’s season 2

      • Manje Roslin

        Yah me also. I thought there’s only me who miss the heirs. I really hope there’s season 2 with the same actor and actress :)

        • sey punzalan

          I’m not satisfied in the ending..there is more question what happen to the other character?:-)

          • COol gurl

            Omg someone tell the director that we loved wactching and to make season 2 !

          • ɷ yeonhee minoz ɷ

            That would be amazing :’D

          • sey punzalan

            Yah you’re right..:-)

      • miyeol

        the roles were good, but the storyline and settings were too … boring sometimes and old fashioned. im sorry to say this, but this is the truth .

        • seniorita H

          I totally agree.. . I love Lee Min Ho and Shin Hye to bits but I think the storyline isn’t as thrilling and exciting. .what brought the drama together was the cast, the plot needs more substance.

    • sey punzalan

      Me too..I missed all the characters in the heirs..inshallah there is season 2:-)

    • ɷ yeonhee minoz ɷ

      Me too T.T
      Kim Tan, Eun Sang, Young Do, Chan Young, Bo Na, Myung Soo, Won, mothers… >.<
      There will not be a second season, because Min Ho's next project is a 1970 noir movie called "Gangnam Blues," while Park Shin Hye will play a role in a historical movie with Yoo Yeon Suk T-T
      I love those two and I REALLY hope for another project for them together! They're perfect for each other!

      • kc

        Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho, arent that good as a couple. They don’t have a chemistry together. I don’t know, but there’s something lacking between the two of them.

        • Sorrey

          Totally agree. Unlike Jun Jihyun and Kim Soohyun, urgh!!
          Immediate OTPS!! can i ask why is your name kc?

          • miyeol

            100000% agreed.

          • dorothy

            I second the motion..even in the thrives they really had that spark!!! Day back!

      • Koala

        I feel that Park Soo Ha and Attorney Jang is the best! From drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’. They make a really sweet couple.

        • kumarucci


      • kiki

        they may have a 2nd season for it later ……for example Boys Over flowers..the second season is coming in 2015 …….if The Heirs is going to have a 2nd season , i want there to be a Wedding Ceremony !

  • dffan

    the main lead woman is a total drama queen :|

  • Niw Re Dah

    ha ha ha…wat a gud start…can’t wait for the next episode…alhamdunila!

    • sey punzalan

      Alhamdullilah piz:-)

  • Heirs

    I can already see it, this is going to be one of my favourite dramas.
    Kim soo hyun <3<3<3<3 My favourite Actor.
    The main actress Cheon song yi was in 2012 she was in a movie called Thieves with Kim soo hyun and in the film kim soo hyun liked her. Now they in a drama together :D I love it!!

  • artya

    i want see it…

  • ami

    alrdy waiting this drama..jeon ji hyun’s comeback


    thanks for MLFAS to help me move on from my heirs withdrawal syndrome kkk I <3 KSH and JJH!!

  • dianne

    what is the title of the ending song? you are my destiny.

  • Leila

    love the cast, intro, story telling, acting and new techniques that they’re using in this drama… everything is perfect…. I think this will be a hit!!!! 10/10 perfect..

  • Judy Park

    I really miss the heirs, but this is kinda fun too! maybe i’ll see which one’s better! This is actually funny! LOL

  • Anonymous

    I can t watch the vid what do i do

  • TseD

    This is much better than heirs

    • larakim


    • Aliza

      no both r best :p

    • alfi

      both awesome

    • mon

      agree with you

  • puteridian

    may i know how to download this drama? :)

  • chingkig

    oh my gosh!!! kim so hyun!!! saranghae!!!

    and oh before i forgot, i miss the heirs… :( i wish that there is part 2 with that drama i am not quite satisfied with the ending.. what happened to kim tan’s brother?, how about young do?

    vote for part2 guys!!!

  • sorrey

    These two need to act together again. You who came from the stars part 2 or a different show or movie, anything!!

    Their onscreen chemistry is exceptional and they are so comfortable with each other off-screen having worked together twice.

    I need to see my new OTP interact more since they cant date in real life!!

  • Mick Wiwathan


    • lopi

      yeah it’s right, i wanna watch this drama couse running man haha xD

    • Miniee

      Me too ^^

  • lopi

    aa thanks dramafire ^^

  • iT’sM3


  • tw2812

    I think this is really nice and interesting drama, but it takes time to load this, this is so not good

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    Sooooo Kim so hyun is alien WTF hahaha . . . seems so interesting >.< . . .

  • mims

    rewatching again :D

  • Raj

    Do it with IDM(Internet Download Manager)… As soon as you start loading a ep. It will ask whether you want to download it :)

  • bryan

    this drama is much better than The Heirs

  • april

    both are nice. i like the heirs and ycfs

  • jessicasshi

    i miss them :(

  • jessicasshi

    i miss them :(

  • theanonymous

    urgghhh the BUFFERING IS SO SLOW

  • seniorita H

    Been reading then subtitles but I got distracted with Do Min Joon’s body while taking a shower. HAHA. I’m glad i didn’t watch it while it’s ongoing, it would have driven me crazy with suspense..

  • Johnathin

    Video is not working WUT?

  • sharmein(park shin hye):P

    Ya…I also think that The Heirs is awesome….Eun Sang(Park Shin Hye) looks really cute and awesome..

  • Josefene

    Best series I have seen for a long time, have watched all the episodes twice love it that much, I may not be Korean but I love all your dramas.

  • Maggie

    I’m just starting to watch this. Hope I will enjoy :)

  • lily20434

    how is this like the heirs? im barely starting the show ok

    • SugarIsDaBomb .

      they not saying this is like the Heirs but one of the scene in a later episode had a spoof scene from the Heirs

  • lee-na

    This drama is amazing, really good actors and story line.
    Don´t compare this with the heirs

  • existentialiste832

    @31:38 queen In Hyun!?! Lovely to see her here. :)

  • Kdaddict

    Rewatching for the nth times !!

    • SugarIsDaBomb .

      everytime i tried watching other dramas, i keep on coming back to watch this again. So far its my 4th time. i miss it so miss

  • halzy

    I think im gna start this again!!! I missed this drama too much <3 <3

  • My16wishes

    Why the heck isn’t it loading, man?

  • MissBeaMarie

    He is so cute like umf~ Sometimes, I just cant take this show.

  • alfi

    How i miss the heirs so bad

  • Saba Azmat

    just love fall in love with me lu tiang xi & ta lu see r the best & perfect couples

  • feather tira

    this drama is cool<3

  • yomie

    hahah cheon so yi so pretty daebakkkk!! saranghae hyunhyun coupleeee!!

  • niv

    The best couple

  • niv

    re-watching again. I think my 5 or 6 times. hehehehe!

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