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My Love From Another Star episode 11

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  • Kanoo Lor


  • Parajanta

    “It’s only because i’m an actress that i survived. With my inspired acting ability.” Lmao!

  • sophia

    Wooooo….tak sabar nak tengok…

  • Evelyn

    Thanks. It was funny to see Song Yi acting love sick…and wonder what happens to Min Joo??

  • Angie

    OMG this episode was so funny/awkward when Song Yi acts love sick I couldnt stop smiling xD

  • Pu3

    Why I can’t download episode drama ? Not working

    • vereina17

      same here fella! mp4upload didn’t work :’(

  • pork beans

    Than you for for not being greedy drama fire.THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jnet

    Omg!!!!!! I cant wait for the next episode,!!!!!

  • redazka

    cheon song yi is freaking funny! she is so hilirious haha. damn i wish this drama is about airing everyday

  • eany

    dominjoo that kiss!!!cheon song yi didnt know!!how come keke

  • maria

    Cudn help tears at the end… how he stopped time and kissed her… so sad…

  • Lalala

    The ending song.. What song is it?

    • caridee8

      hello by hyorin :)

    • amy

      hello by hyorin :)

    • Doha

      Hyorin -hello .

  • Lalala

    Tell me the name of the song that played in the end.. When do min jon kissed song yi

    • amy

      hello by hyorin

    • Doha

      Hyorin – hello

  • Vicky Liew

    wow~ love tis drama…nxt pls~

  • Yuweei Xu

    This drama is killing me…

  • sakura

    this drama make me crazy…. cnt wait for another ep <3 <3

  • Ему Яа

    hahaha make me crazy

  • hershey

    It was the kiss that made him weak. His friend niticed it and that’s why his abilities depreciated and was hit by the the car.. that very kiss..:(

  • nique

    I understand the feeling so well.

  • Birddy Buddy


  • Jools

    You’re the best dramafire. This is by far my favourite episode. It was so so funny. And the kiss at the end was so sweet. The most adoring kiss I’ve seen on a korean drama series! I use to be obsessed with LMH but I think my new fav hallyu star is KSH.

    • halzy

      I fell in love with him in The moon that embraces the sun or something but now i think i’m obsessed he’s AMAZINGGG

      • loes

        right? I’m IN LOVE with this drama as well! :D

  • Joy Fajardo

    I cried a lot during the “stay away from me ” something…

  • sirly

    The closing song is Hello, goodbye by Hyorin :) annyeong :)

  • sey punzalan

    Its really daebak

  • Suzy

    “I want to grow old together with her” – Do Min Joo

    Shit I’m creyinggg

  • Hater

    Evil Yoo Se Mi!
    She was just pretend to be good in front of others!!!

  • mandymandy

    This drama is so hilarious.. i can’t stop laughing.. bravo to cheon song yi,she is a great actress,indeed.. hahahaha

  • ammarkus

    i can ensure you every crew of this drama laughed hard when song yi act that love sick part. so talented she is. love this drama to the max!

    • halzy

      She’s so funnnnnnny OMG i died from laughter they better win so many awards!!

  • Pokwang Silao Bantillo

    Hahaha! Laughed at “Jesus” part, epic reaction

  • K

    aaaaaaaaah, that is too much :OO this last scene ….. *o* and the scene before !!!!! oooo, I’m going nuts ! this was so cute ♥♥♥♥♥

  • gab

    the most epic episode ever!!!! cheon song yi is really really goood!!!!!! laughed so hard! so far the best episode ive ever watched..

  • lol

    WTF hahaahahaahaha

  • Sam

    I’m sorry but am I the only one who is obsessed with Cheon Song Yi’s brother!?! I mean have you people not seen him…. Ahhhhhh he is perfect!

    • existentialiste832

      He plays a detective in You’re All Surrounded. You gotta be watching it. :)

  • lee-na

    All of the episodes are amazing, i´m in love with this series. I laughed so hard

  • hithu

    i made same mistake when i broke up.. now i feel like laughing at myself how crazy i was ^_^ lol :P looks like i am not the only one doing such crazy stuffs thats makes me feel better :D

  • MEi

    i’m a starting to like Do Min Joo

  • Becky Rainea

    Due to his time limit, after the ending kiss do min joo had to run away like a crazed fan girl to get into position xD

  • Liyahalexa Chuu

    the “i want to grow old together with her” line, had me bawling!!!!!! :’(



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