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My Love From Another Star episode 12

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  • sophia

    Wake up…lets watch do min joon….hehe…

    • feyzah

      just done watched.. can’t wait for next ep

      • sophia

        Me too…huhu..

  • NRDA

    daebak! di Indonesia baru jam lima pagi dan episode ini sudah ada, jinjja daebak!

  • Nerissa Gercayo Gonzales

    I love this scene

  • 잰탄

    The last part.. awww (T_T) do min joon ssi!!!

  • Evelyn

    Thanks for the fast upload. Jae Kyeong looks scary with his sinister smile, good acting. Can’t wait for next week!!

  • Yuweei Xu


    • annah1618

      he loves her but he can’t really sad. feel heartache

  • kimhyunmin

    KSH is one of the best actor in Korea that I really like,his acting is genuine!

  • shanyi

    This episode is awesome。 Can’t stand with the crying part of KSH at the end! Both of the main characters’ acting skill is superb!

  • sakura

    who know what song play at minute 17.00.. please tell me

  • jony213

    Loved it, thanks for fast upload, couldn’t wait for next week episode!

  • smile^^

    Omo!! KIM SOO HYUN you’re a genius actor!!

  • janet

    best drama…. thats just perfect for anything…start from the cast..storyline…and everything…lovee it!!

  • janet

    dramafire thank for fast upload…cant wait the next episode

  • Merlin Huang

    This drama is awsome…..really great to watch n everything so perfect….thanx u dramafire….

  • Kanoo Lor

    I lovee it!

  • PuppyLove

    Thank you so much for the fast upload! Love this drama!!!

  • Jenny

    Do min joo!! Please god let them be together I can’t see them hurt! That evil guy I wanna kill him! It’s all his fault! Thank you drama fire for such a wonderful drama! I hope there is a happy ending!

    • cheryl

      Our joonyi will be together at last…i pray for that..

  • geell

    Oh!! he’s another great actor in Korea.. The drama is really great & exciting…I can’t wait for next week…It seems really long…:(

  • Sica


  • Birddy Buddy

    This ep is abit sad

  • Vvongianni

    Do Min joons ending part was really something. Kim so hyuns acting is really impressive. thumbs up for Gianna and So hyuns acting!

  • marsha

    can’t wait for the next episode ^^

  • TabiOppAlittleprincess

    Akh, this reminds me to Rooftop Prince.
    How could this end?
    Really Wonder,,,

    • turtle_24

      exactly!! just cant predict what will happen in the end.

  • beth

    Wonderful story..joonyi couple so amazing…i can feel how misery he is..coz unable to show his true feeling..

  • WhitE HackeR

    The moment when Kim Soo Hyun is crying :””'()

  • Sanggre

    Daebak! I Love Kim Soo Hyun!

  • katemm

    KSH is a good actor. Love this drama, can’t wait for next episode.

  • jimmycute

    wow its so
    nice..i feel awesome when i watch this,,i realy realy exiting for the next..keep it up:-}

  • alison

    That epilogue tho… that crying scene.. 우리 도민준 ;n;
    Kim SooHyun’s acting just gets better and better. Respect.

    • Sica_Narisya

      Yeah !

  • CrownHeiress

    If you’ve been watching this drama, Prime Minister and I and Miss Korea seem to be very boring… They pale in comparison to the riveting spin of this drama. I just love it!

    • Korean lover

      Ikr‼ I thought I was the only one who found prime minister and iI a bit boring after i watched this drama :- …… I ♥this drama…the two main actors are just perfect‼

  • turtle_24

    oh god i knew right after i heard the title of this drama, its gonna be a really really sad one. i barely survived watching rooftop prince bcs it was sooo sad..idk if i could handle this ugh the heartache

  • Kamsinah

    It would be nice if they are together

  • Hannie

    DoMinJoon-shi aaaa!


    I wish his dream will come TRUE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samyy12

    Can’t wait for the next episode love it love it

  • ps

    True friend is hard to find because most of them like to wear mask!

  • Ingrid


  • ps

    Traitor is far worst than murderer!

  • z

    dramafire! you’re awesome! All korean drama you have. I’m in love with this drama. btw, can I know when you will upload next episode. Anyone? I’m new here. <3

    • q

      Just wait for tomorrow.

  • rur

    When is the next ep?

  • Loes

    I’ve NEVER seen someone cry like that in a drama or in a movie or in anything. I’m SO amazed…

    • Loes

      and now I never wanna see him cry again!

  • Sica_Narisya

    Reaaly Touching and Excited .. Can’t wait the Ending !

  • Nassar Agwam

    Come on ! T-T
    This Drama is really Good

  • ladolzemyra

    His crying scene at the end really makes me cry like mad :(( KSH is such a great actor, love love love him!

  • dewdrop

    hong bok ja is sorta like me, drooling over the the handsome guys in kdrama/k pop :))))

  • airvent

    it’s bothering me why can’t the lead man cant kill the source of this fucking shit…anyway he has less than 2 months left..if it not his doing..he must make an action just to save other people he cared and innocent one. wheew bothersome although it’s just episode 12..wheeeew

  • angelica dawn

    Oh! My heart. :'( i feel really sad for the both of them (song yi and min joon) :(

  • Jasmine

    Blessed bitch. hahahhaha LAUGHING OUT LOUD.
    I find her high school friend very funny.

  • Jikko Aiko Mizuhara

    I like this romantic drama with a little bit comedy so much. . I always watch everyday here in Philippine television since it is new Korean drama here in the Philippines and it is much trending here in television and in facebook.

    • sophia

      It is the best drama…i cant get enough of it. I hope it would never end…yi song acting is wonderful. I lough evertime she speaks an english word…so funny

      • Jikko Aiko Mizuhara

        Yaah realy great drama. . It is like “My girlfriend is a gumiho” which are this two Korean drama I realy love it. . :)

  • J. S.

    just let joonyi be tpgether like argh

  • ashley pauline

    i love u DMJ ❤️❤️❤️

  • Maia Elaine Lanquino

    This is totaly fun!
    Drama Fire is the best

  • Maia Elaine Lanquino

    i like Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi

  • Raffie Diaz

    i love this <3

  • Macarons & Sakura Tea

    Hahahahaha. Love it when Bok Ja is around. So funny!

  • hatsue

    OMIGEE!!!.. I like how KSH did the crying part…soooo very sad :’-(

  • Signe

    The end when he cries! Omo, he’s a good actor! Like seriously! :o

  • shalbaghli

    25: 40 through their whole conversation I was not worrying about the phone I was just wondering why the hell he was not wear a waste towe land then gave up and just thought to myself ” He has a sexy neck” and there is something about guys with wet hair that is just so hot.

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