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My Love From Another Star episode 7

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  • oga tatsumi

    yay yay yay!!! im just soooo happy. no empress ki, no miss korea this week. luckily my love from another star is not postponed due to the awards show. how i miss my soo hyun n jihyun unni. :D

  • Judy Park

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally! I’ve been waiting for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!><

  • kimhyunmin

    i like kim soo hyun character here,unrealistic but interesting

  • Tsukirae


  • Dhelz Salcedo

    I’m patiently and happily waiting for every episode of this drama, the story is great so with the characters… I just simply love the show! muah! muah! muah!

  • Judy Park

    OMG! I think there’s another one tomorrow… And the day after tomorrow….
    I wonder if it comes out on wednesday,thursday and friday…

    • pork beans

      lol. just twice a week darling :)

      • Judy Park

        But… there were 3 each week

        • pork beans


          Prime Minister and I (8-9) (KBS)
          Empress Ki (19-20) (MBC)
          A Warm Word (9-10) (SBS)
          Could We Love (1-2) (JTBC)

          Pretty Man 15-16 (KBS)
          Miss Korea 7-8 (MBC)
          You From Another Star 7-8

          King’s Family 39-40 (KBS)
          Would You Give Love Away 31-32 (MBC)
          Gold Rainbow 21-22 (MBC)
          Passionate Love 31-32 (SBS)
          Thrice Married Woman 19-20 (SBS)
          Firstborn 35-36 (JTBC)

          as much as I want it to be everyday.. it’s just twice a week :(

        • ._.

          There’s only 2 each week dummy

          • Judy Park

            okay, im not a dummy idiot

  • ⇨★♔DRAMA★SENSEI♔★⇦

    I jumped up screaming “DAEBAK, DAEBAK, DAEBAAAAAKKKKK!!!” when he stopped that car like a BAWSE! My Mum actualy started shouting, “What’s wrong?” from the parlor cuz she heard me screaming in my room!!! LMAO! Do Min Joon is so badass!!! I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!! (^_^)

  • leila

    hehhehe.. nice ep 7 finally showed up… hope it comes out from monday til friday.. T_T

  • ارمه ايج تي

    it’s getting better in every episodes!!!!

  • Celine

    Best drama this year !! DAebak !! All the viewers wish new episode coming out everyday ~ do min joon is too awesome ~

  • Alanoudalii

    i love this drama i hope they would win an award or something!i really can’t wait for the next episode!!!
    thank you DF :D

  • Tata Arong

    daebak!!!!! cant wait for the next episode,,,, it gives me chill haha

  • Lim Qianyi

    omg!!! nxt episode is going to be CRAZY!

  • leila

    This is getting more and more interesting, can’t wait for the next episode.
    And also it feels like the same thing is happening like in the joseon time.

  • CrownHeiress

    I regret watching this while it’s ongoing… now, i’ll be a tethered to it every week and hanging by a thread! arggghhh
    I love the storyline and direction. I super love the set design! wow!

  • Sara

    Ep 8 he actuall kiss her while she is doing some pose …he kiss her ahhh so romantic

    • Cheese

      Where you watched the episode 8?
      Who kissed her and who is he?

      • Sara

        The actress. Who lived next to him (do min joon and choi song yi)

  • Cheese

    I really don’t like the Yoo Se Mi character!

  • Cheese

    I hate that best friend!
    She was a traitor!

  • Nur Mie

    _> Waaaaaaaah! ! I’m dying! can’t wait for the next episode..please Df pali! I love this drama!!

  • Sica

    I hate Se Mi. Compared to her other roles in her dramas, I HATE her role here. *sigh*

  • rin99

    i like it so cuteeee……..when she calls him everytime she hungry i love it

  • mjy

    I actually like Min Joo and Lee Hwa’s love line in Joseon Era better than the 400 years later love line, eventhough it’s Lee Hwa that is reincarnated but still… eventhough Lee Hwa at that time is a lot younger than minjoo but still… eventhough it was tragic but STILL…

    • Rhonah R. Al-Sabban

      But still? You made no point just said “But still”. LoL. I think both are good. Her goal was for him to see her grown up and beautiful, and she liked him. It took 400 years but he’s finally seeing her as she wanted him to. It’s a great story either way. XD

  • LULU

    do you know how i could download this drama?

  • HelloSydney23

    I don’t know what’s wrong with everyone here, in all the comments I read you all keep saying Hui kyung isn’t hot or good looking unlike his villain brother, haven’t you seen how good he treats Song Yi and how much he loves even though she doesn’t love him or look at him as a man, he’s very loyal to her and ready to die to save her and protect her, Hui Kyung is a real man here, he’s very good looking and he has a kind caring and loving personality that every woman would die for, and if he wasn’t in this drama it wouldn’t be so attracting, so please stop talking bad about him and don’t compare him to his evil brother who’s by the way very ugly and satan-looking, ewww!

    • DreamingKoreanBallad

      I completely agree with you – I could never understand why anyone thought the evil brother was even remotely good-looking – he is really ugly – Hui Kyung on the other hand is really really good-looking ;)

    • Signe

      Agree! :) I really like he’s look! He reminds me a little bit of the actor Lee Min-Ho, when he plays Kim Tan in ‘The Heirs.’ Also how he follows her around like Kim Tan does with Cha Eun-Sang (The actor, Park Shin-Hye)
      If u haven’t watch ‘The heirs’, u should totally watch it! It’s my fav! :D

  • Macarons & Sakura Tea

    Very interesting episode—Se Mi shedding her snake skin and the witnessing by Song Yi of our dandy resident alien’s superhuman nature. I wasn’t expecting these revelatory scenes so soon!

    There were many cute scenes too—Manager Beom missing some good spanking from Song Yi; Min Joon catching up to BFF Jang to make it up to him; and those sexy sighs out of frustration that he keeps on making due to Song Yi’s food whims. ;p

  • someone

    i want a man like LHK :”(



  • KpopFan26

    that was pretty badass!

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