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January 4, 2015

DramaFire is now fully back up to 100% health! We experienced major unforeseen problems during the upgrade process; however, everything is fine now. We apologize for being down for the past weeks (that was definitely not anticipated). Thank you for coming back and please enjoy all the new dramas!

December 19, 2015

We will be upgrading our servers, connection speed, and beef up security for the site in the upcoming days. The site will temporarily be down off and on for a short time during this process. Please bare with the process. Gamsahabnida!

January 11, 2014

Thanks for you patience. Your comments, requests, praises, and complaints are all heard and noted. Dramafire is being improved. All the old completed series will eventually get faster video sources.

For computer/laptop users, we recommend using Google Chrome browser because it has most plugins already built-in. For other browsers, you might have to add Adobe Flash (free from

Also, if you ever get a loading error, please refresh the page first to see if that will solve the problem before reporting to us. Thank you.

  • Dhut’z Sabile Henson

    please upload Be Arrogant (DoDoHaRa

  • Dhut’z Sabile Henson

    I am from the Philippines. Please Upload Be Arrogant (DoDoHaRa) of Yura from Gorls Day

  • Dhut’z Sabile Henson

    And Go Single Lady of Mike He, and also Love Check Charge of George Hu. Thanks so much

  • Dhut’z Sabile Henson

    You are my number 1 list on the when watching eng subbed. You are the best! Keep it up

  • Aileen

    hello DF. please upload WGM We Got Married every seasons . Thank You :)

  • Kate

    i am looking for Only My Love drama?

  • Paula Shiu

    DAebak!!Best site so far…

  • Haide Suzuki

    Hi! DF.Please upload LOVE CELLS it’s a good drama.Thank You.

  • Line Tere

    thanks so much DF. we got maried hummm so happy to see that here.

  • hahara

    Can u upload Be Arrogant (dodohara) please? Thankyou very much for your hard work :)))

  • Paula Shiu

    Thank you, dramafire.

  • alya

    cn u upload
    Mourning Grave 2014 …plzzz

  • Lifeg Hopeg Keepitg

    plz drama fire I wish you guys do the drama Dr frost when he out plz

  • GAnoona

    Hello Dramafire Team, I just want to say thank you for providing such a great service and website to those who enjoy Korean Dramas (and other Countries included). Thank you for the hard work and consistent work product. Thank you for entertaining my family!!

    Wishing you all the best! :)

  • sisil

    Dear dramafire team… i really appreciate for your working hard to translate many korean drama, movies, anime, etc…. :) may i request for more uploading some new korea movies such as tazza 2? it will be great if your site is more update than the other site… thankyou

  • Eva galo

    Is this site available in all Asian countries?

  • Eva galo

    I live in a the UK, I am visiting several Asian countries next month. I don’t want to miss out on my favourite current dramas. Thanks..

  • sbsfannniiyeyo

    Can you sub Kpop star season 4 too?

  • Midza Cassie

    hello DF can u upload Tumbling… pretty pleazzzzz

  • Julia Zhang

    Thank you guys so much!
    Out of all the other sites you guys are the fastest!
    Really appreciate you hardwork!!!!!
    Thank you again!
    A show request:
    Kpop Star season 4
    PLEASE sub
    Thank you!

  • ia

    Actually i was confused due a few a weeks ago i can found roommates S2 in your site but suddenly i cannot find it anyway.

  • pepper

    can somebody please sub “the return of superman”

  • hana

    hi there! can i have mp4upload link for miss ripley drama? please… thank u!!! :)

  • Sesi

    Are you planning on Eng subbing Korea’s S.O.S. Please Save Me! with Kim Kyu Jung? Its been about 4 episodes in & I haven’t found it anywhere. I really enjoy this site so I hope so :) Thanks!

  • maye

    thank you for uploading korean dramas…i just want to know when you will be able to upload Pinocchio episode 7..thank you from Philippines

  • eve

    thank you dramafire for adding… dad where are you going and we got married, now i don’t need to look elsewhere! can you please also add… three meals a day? that will be awesome! thanks in advance!

  • Aileen yoon

    why i cant download any drama here? before this i download was really okay, no problem . now , 1 week , i try many time, also can’t download it. what’s the problem??

  • Julia Zhang

    thank you!nfor subbing kpop star 4

  • east

    I can’t access dramafire with ipad, they say mercusuar info and blabla,,,
    Please fix it, thank alot dramafire, i wisb this site Last forever

  • DF.<3

    Why i cant open DF last time…but thx admin for fixing it!!fightning!!

  • Ji Chang Wook ILU

    Dear Dramafire Team. First of all amazing job with all the fast uploads. I am just wondering when you will upload the Korean Drama Healer. I am feeling very impatient. I checked other sites but they have the raw as well. Hope you will be fastest and I will keep refreshing and checking even though I have an exam tomorrow LOL. But if you could reply and tell me at what time you will upload I would be grateful :)

  • saniPakistan

    Heyyy guys .. where is healer ???? I am anxiously waiting fot that drama

  • Faith Leyesa

    thank you so much Drama Fire I duly recommend your site to my friends who are also addicted to K -Drama. keep up your good work!

  • pichan

    Hi DF, thank you for your hard work… i really enjoy searching new drama in here :) btw could you please upload again itazura na kiss 2?, pleaseeee….arigato DF :)

  • Patricia Kalili

    Does anyone know when the next segment of The. Three Musketeers will begin?

  • Lily

    Thanks Dramafire…Love you….

  • did

    The best site to watch korean drama..daebak..thank for upload…..i want to request love & secret drama..please upload that drama….please…please…

  • AJH

    You’re Truly the best site ever DF !!! its good to see all the comments here. But I think its would be amazing if there’s delete button added to the comment section and we can attach pictures like the other sites do hehehe XXD

  • keith ben

    hi DF!! can you help me? I am a little bit lost. I want to watch the drama faith but every time I click the drama name in the category all i could see is the “No Results Found
    The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post.” post. what would i do? can you fix it or at least upload another copy? thank you for your kindest consideration for this matter dramafire. godbless you all and good luck.

    • DFFan

      I have been enjoying SBS drama on DF until today when i started getting the same error messages. I looked for my series on some other sites and couldn’t even find a tag. Checked SBS, and found where they entered copyright action on 47 of their products a week ago. DF is The Best and i hope that this can be favorably resolved very quickly. Thank you, DF.

  • saniPakistan

    Pleaseeee drama … do something… where is healer

  • Asuf

    dramafire u rockss!!! the best site ever to watch your beloved korean drama.. thanks DF..

  • ysa

    Why does the kdrama faith isn’t available? It says no results found

  • ysa

    I love this site so much!! Ever since I’ve been watching here for the first time til now, its amazing. But can you ask a question of mine? Why does the kdrama Faith isn’t available? It says no results found in it’s episodes :(

  • blackwinter

    May i requested for Empire of gold? Sorry for the inconvinent. Thanks^^

  • Tokata Garu

    Can u upload Law of the jungle show DF?

  • Vini Nur Arifin

    Sweden laundry please …

  • Ezziie

    Thank you for all your hard work. I know it takes a while to make sure everything is working correctly and stuff before you upload the episodes, so I don’t mind being patient since you guys work so hard! Anyways thanks again for opening up such a great website! Keep up the good work and take your time ;D

  • showalee

    Thank you for the great site! May I inconvenience you to have a look at the Jang Ok Jung link as the content has disappeared? I think this might be a similar issue with Faith? Thank you so much!

  • Nadmaj Espiritu

    thanks so much for coming back DF… the last 2 weeks was a pain trying to find a good alternative.. thanks again DF the best!!!

  • Goguma

    Thank you so much Dramafire! After being down there was no other site that was as good as yours. I realised that I took your site for granted. Well not anymore! Thank you for your hardwork. Everyone was lost without this site for a month but now you’re back, you’ve brought happiness again. Keep up the good work and remember that you’re the best! Dramafire saranghe! Fighting!! :) xx

  • Peter Sopel

    Welcome back, you were missed

  • Aiguebelle

    Thank you so much dramafire! You guys have truly made my day.

  • trudy

    thanks dramafire for coming back ..

  • angel gonzales

    yaaah thank you for making back your site :) , although you had a previews problem you still keep it managed .. thank you so much drama fire :) i do really appreciate it :) <3 <3 <3

  • Wayne

    Welcome back. I have missed you. Y’all are top notch in my book. Thanks.

  • Sophie

    I missed this site soooooo much! I was planning too spend all my free time in christmas watching k-dramas, but then my fav site was down T^T
    At least you’re back! Keep up the good work!!
    And is it possible to get HD for some vids? Then this site would be perfect > cus it’s glorious)
    Any recommendations?

    Thankyou Dramafiyaaaaaaa~!

    • JadeGunhuran

      You should try fated to love you

      • Sophie

        Watched it ^^
        Started watching Kill me, heal me. Seems promising

    • ugly519

      marriage without dating was a great fell good drama

  • rigby

    hi dramafire, finally, finally you are back!!!! I have been waiting for this site to be up again…now i can watch all my favourite dramas even in iPad and in my iPhone. Great you guys are here again, you are the best drama site for me and I guess for everybody…
    Thank you thank you once again!!!

  • anoxer

    OH Thank you for coming back DF…have really missed you

  • Sandip

    Yesssssssss …..first of all thank you dramafire for the comeback…
    I was just being crazy waiting for you………
    I searched more than 20 websites to watch kdramas but…i don’t think anyone will ever
    Be able to be the best like this website…
    All those sites were worst…thank you so much for comebackkk….
    This is the best website I have ever watched…….keep on growingg

    • Thess Calamba

      I agree with you!this is the best website in the world!thanks DF team.good health to u all!

  • DhaNyeLa F

    love you Dramafire !

  • Liz

    OMG, are back, I was loosing hope of having this great site back…Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!

  • SimpleJenn

    Welcome back dramafire, i miss you so much.. now i can watch my koreanovela.. thankyou and and thank you, i love you po :)

  • akaNeo

    Woaaah! You are back!?!? I was beginning to accepting that I will never get a chance to access this great site ever again. Visiting this site has become a routine for me. So, welcome back. It’s great to have you back :)

  • amy

    First and foremost, thanks in abundance for coming back drama fire missed you so much.
    Well then I have a request. Can you please upload “family is coming ” drama .
    I tried searching everywhere but english-subbed videos are not available anywhere.I’ll be really grateful if you do! Thanks again.

  • Seema Sherwal

    I am so glad that you are back again… were dearly missed during your down time….you guys are awesome doing tremendously great job. Although you people already made your place in our heart but still wish you to grow much more….Thanks alot…

  • Rukia

    So glad to see you up and running again!!!
    Thank you for being the best!!
    When will the older series that have gone missing come back? I’m in the middle of King of Dramas…
    Thank you, thank you, thank you again!
    Also, have you dropped Dr Frost?

  • Cassie

    Did you also dropped NARUTO?? i mean all of the past episodes of NARUTO were all gone.. i hope you bring back NARUTO :(

  • JadeGunhuran

    i miss this site.. ^_____^ happy 2015 kdrama lovers

  • Haide Suzuki

    YES! Thank You For Coming Back DRAMAFIRE! I Miss You So Much i love you …….

  • ciamoi

    Big Mahalo’s ( thank you) to team DF for their hardwork, and we are glad to finally have you back.. Happy New Years DF!!! Kamsamnida!

  • kdramasghost

    hi!! DF,,


  • Deepthi Jayaratne

    Thank you everybody behind this site. Keep up the good work

  • Sichouirou

    Thank you for comming back DF
    We all love this site from the bottom of our hearts <3

  • IslandEmpiress

    WELCOME BACK!!! Pegushpo :*(

  • Julia Zhang

    Thanks for coming back!!!!!!
    Show requests:
    KBS2’s SPY
    MBC’s Kill Me Heal me

    Thank You!

  • Moo

    First of all thanks to all the people behind this site, its awesome !!! Loveee it very much xD
    but I want to ask you if you could upload Apgujeong Midnight Sun plssss???
    i´m searching for a long time but it is not available anywhere i´m looking :(((
    Keep up the good work !!!! Stay healthy and goodluck guys !!!!

    Thanks a lot ;)

  • Knook

    You’re back, YAY! Thanks so much for your hard work. I really like this website, by far the best of the lot.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Joanne Tan

    Deadly and wishing so much that DM upload the ‘Real Man’ for both men and women episodes. Awaiting your great news. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!

  • mong ji

    can i ask ? did you delete the anime part in your website ?

  • mong ji

    can i ask you to reupload the link for paradise ranch ? i go to the page and it said nothing found T_T all link disappear .. thanks :)

  • miko

    Hi there DF, I can finally resume my drama’s thanks to you guys here. Just a quick Q, the first video type has been showing up as Please use full Embed code since erm yesterday to me now. I know I have adobe flash since I was able to load all 4 episodes of The King’s Face on it before in one go. Is not that I can’t watch the other two, just that the top video is the fastest in loading. Is that something that you guys are fixing or should I be looking at my end? Thanks again DF.

  • Rainchaser

    I feel the same warm, massive appreciation and support for you as I see other people express here. Thank you for your work which opens up worlds.

  • Grace Toni Simi


  • whatsmyname

    hi dramafire! pretty please sub abnormal summit :) :) :) its a good show for people to learn about other culture. and its been a few months since the last subbed episode. so again, pretty please sub the show. :) :)

  • Haide Suzuki

    DramaFire Please Download Heart to Heart new drama it’s pretty good .I look forward.

  • tanooza

    i don’t find anime option

  • Apryl

    DramaFire..pls update heart to heart drama pls..

  • Ahmed AK Hassan

    This the best free website to watch korean dramas, thanks DF, and btw I watched and liked
    – good doctor
    – doctor stranger
    – pinocchio
    – city hunter
    – you who came from another stars
    – the bridal mask
    and many more but basically those were the best.Would be glad if you
    can recommend any exciting dramas like them.

  • daffie

    Hi DF!! Just found this site through a friend, and its awesome!!!!! She also mentioned that you also have anime’s in here? But it’s nowhere to be found? Did you remove them already?

  • Psyrli

    Pls . update the Faith I have done watching angel eyes and I have a great experience watching ur videos.

  • Bea

    Why are some old dramas missing? Like Lie To Me.

  • Evelyne x

    thanks a lot………..YOU ARE MY EVERYDAY COMPANION

  • Haide Suzuki

    Hi! DF Please upload ..Meteor Shower And Boss and Me Taiwanese Hongkong Drama also the best drama please .I’m looking forward Fithing……..

  • maliynaa

    hi. can u update Faith korean drama please..

  • rami

    yup the last month was miserable…thank you for coming back.:)
    I have a request for Taiwanese drama “I Do?”. there are only first 6 episodes available with eng subs on different sites. can you please upload it.

  • Haide Suzuki

    Please “The Queen Of SOP Drama Taiwanese so manny episodes had no english sub This drama is really good to watch .

  • Jocelyn Romanillos Canlas

    thank u very much Drama fire i really enjoy watching drama here,More power…

  • Yansen

    Dramafire i would like to suggest you to upload west series too :D

  • lee jung suk

    once again df thank you so much…
    please stay healthy always…
    stay heathy this site and to those people behind df..

  • lapsy

    got7 dream knight pls~~~!

    • Nurul Hidayati

      i want it too

  • lau jung

    I love this site… please include jung yong hwas hologram in here.,,, thanks

  • nuriyah nura

    DF, why not uploading anime version again?

  • arin

    you dont sub animes anymore?

  • Haide Suzuki

    Dramafire Please Download new drama BLOOD is a korean drama please i’m looking forward thank you.

  • Chiquette De La Cruz

    Can u Pls upload also Jumong, I would like to watch how great it is. Thanks a lot do.

  • Yansen

    can we have west series please….

  • jz

    Please upload the Taiwan drama the new world or Xin Shi Jie
    Thanks for all the subs

    Please keep subbing roommate season 2

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