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March 20, 2015

Hello drama fans!

We want to keep you up to date on a few big changes that are coming to DramaFire.

First, as you have noticed, the Disqus commenting section is no longer up. This is most likely not a permanent thing and Disqus will most likely return to DramaFire after we work out some technical difficulties that we are experiencing with their system currently. So for the time being, please just use the very basic comment system so that at least you can express your thoughts about the drama episode you’ve seen.

Secondly, you may or may not notice that DramaFire is a little slower now (we actually never claimed to be fast–fans just told us so) when it comes time to update new episodes or put up new series. This is because we are busy working on many changes and projects for DramaFire. Once this transition period finishes, you can expect much, much more content and lightning speed updates. All old series (old series we don’t currently have will get added too) will be fixed and A LOT of new series will be added so you can expect to have A LOT to watch soon!

We currently have 3 video sources per page. The reason for this is that sometimes, if one source is down or is too slow, you still have 2 others to use; furthermore, the computer/phone/tablet you use might not all be compatible with a single source, hence, we have 3. We are working to transition to a single powerful source (one video player) per page that will be compatible with 99% of all devices you use. Most importantly, it will come from servers from many different cities in the world so your loading time will be faster.

ALSO, we are considering putting up a forum on the site. Please let us know (Contact Us) if this is a good idea or if no one will use it. Will you use it? There are many benefits a forum can provide that a comment section cannot, but there are drawbacks too like if no one uses it then it’s a waste.

And please feel free to Contact Us if you have any suggestions to help improve DramaFire. We get a lot of messages, and currently very busy, but we will find time to read and consider all your thoughts.

We think these are major improvements that will give you a better experience watching dramas with DramaFire! Expect a better DramaFire very soon and until then, thank you for your continued patience.

The DramaFire Team

January 4, 2015

DramaFire is now fully back up to 100% health! We experienced major unforeseen problems during the upgrade process; however, everything is fine now. We apologize for being down for the past weeks (that was definitely not anticipated). Thank you for coming back and please enjoy all the new dramas!

December 19, 2015

We will be upgrading our servers, connection speed, and beef up security for the site in the upcoming days. The site will temporarily be down off and on for a short time during this process. Please bare with the process. Gamsahabnida!

January 11, 2014

Thanks for you patience. Your comments, requests, praises, and complaints are all heard and noted. Dramafire is being improved. All the old completed series will eventually get faster video sources.

For computer/laptop users, we recommend using Google Chrome browser because it has most plugins already built-in. For other browsers, you might have to add Adobe Flash (free from

Also, if you ever get a loading error, please refresh the page first to see if that will solve the problem before reporting to us. Thank you.

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    may i know the application name of this site in android? Thank you.

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    I hope that you can fix the problem soon… I can’t watch because of this problem… Thank you.

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    • DramaFire

      Thanks for you word of encouragement. We will work hard on this site for everyone to enjoy.

      • SF123

        Hello, DF!
        First of all, many many thanks for uploading eng-subbed videos real soon!
        It’s really awesome!

        I have a request. Can you please upload “Grandpas Over Flowers- Spain” ?
        I tried searching everywhere but english-subbed videos are not available anywhere.

        I’ll be really grateful if you do! Thank you :)

        • glup

          can we have innocent man

  • isabel

    I hope DramaFire will also available for Samsung phone user.

    • DramaFire

      It does work. Samsung phones such as the Galaxy S4 runs on Android. Use the browser on your phone to watch dramas on

  • Dee

    Can you not have the English subtitle covering the Chinese subtitle? Thanks.

  • DramaFire

    Everything is running smooth in general. Lets us know if you discover any major problems.

    • [email protected]

      most of the old drama are not working. also some drama lost the series during the upgrade in December 2014

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    I accidentally discovered your site. It will also be good if you could have it for Windows too! The disadvantage is that there is no downloading allowed. It will be great if you could provide downloading instead of watching only online. Keep it up!!

    • DramaFire will work 100% with Windows, all browsers (all 3 videos per episode page)

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      We appreciate your words of encouragement, thanks!

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    Hope you can upload My Daughter Flower and Royal Family… please.

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    • DramaFire

      The Heirs will be updated basically ASAP on

      • ann

        Thanks dramafire, i’ve watched the episode 1 and 2. More power! God bless!

      • Syiera azmi

        Please update ep17 ep18 ep19 n ep20 for the heirs asap . Pleaseeeee … Hehe thankyou to all ur efforts . Keep it up and i always support you ;)

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    • ⇨★♔DRAMA★SENSEI♔★⇦

      ~Full House. (Season 1 w/ Bi-Rain & Song Hye Kyo.)
      ~Fated To Love You. (Taiwanese Ver.)
      ~It Started With A Kiss. (Season 1. Taiwanese drama.)
      ~Autumn In My Heart. (AKA Autumn’s Tale.)
      ~Hotaru No Hikari. (Season 1. Japanese drama- very, very, hilarious.)
      ~Couple or Trouble. (AKA Fantasy Couple.)
      ~Chuno. (AKA Slave Hunters).
      ~A Tree With Deep Roots. (AKA Deep Rooted Tree.)
      ~Shining Inheritance. (AKA Brilliant Legacy. My guess is that you’ve probably already seen this, tho’. Haha. XD)

      Just to name a few. Hope you enjoy!

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      -marriage without date (i just started it tonight and its fun)
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      -Sly and single again (comedy)
      -King to Hearts (action and comedy)
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    I missed this site soooooo much! I was planning too spend all my free time in christmas watching k-dramas, but then my fav site was down T^T
    At least you’re back! Keep up the good work!!
    And is it possible to get HD for some vids? Then this site would be perfect > cus it’s glorious)
    Any recommendations?

    Thankyou Dramafiyaaaaaaa~!

    • JadeGunhuran

      You should try fated to love you

      • Sophie

        Watched it ^^
        Started watching Kill me, heal me. Seems promising

    • ugly519

      marriage without dating was a great fell good drama

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    hi dramafire, finally, finally you are back!!!! I have been waiting for this site to be up again…now i can watch all my favourite dramas even in iPad and in my iPhone. Great you guys are here again, you are the best drama site for me and I guess for everybody…
    Thank you thank you once again!!!

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    I was just being crazy waiting for you………
    I searched more than 20 websites to watch kdramas but…i don’t think anyone will ever
    Be able to be the best like this website…
    All those sites were worst…thank you so much for comebackkk….
    This is the best website I have ever watched…….keep on growingg

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      I agree with you!this is the best website in the world!thanks DF team.good health to u all!

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    love you Dramafire !

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    First and foremost, thanks in abundance for coming back drama fire missed you so much.
    Well then I have a request. Can you please upload “family is coming ” drama .
    I tried searching everywhere but english-subbed videos are not available anywhere.I’ll be really grateful if you do! Thanks again.

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    I am so glad that you are back again… were dearly missed during your down time….you guys are awesome doing tremendously great job. Although you people already made your place in our heart but still wish you to grow much more….Thanks alot…

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    So glad to see you up and running again!!!
    Thank you for being the best!!
    When will the older series that have gone missing come back? I’m in the middle of King of Dramas…
    Thank you, thank you, thank you again!
    Also, have you dropped Dr Frost?

  • Cassie

    Did you also dropped NARUTO?? i mean all of the past episodes of NARUTO were all gone.. i hope you bring back NARUTO :(

  • JadeGunhuran

    i miss this site.. ^_____^ happy 2015 kdrama lovers

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    YES! Thank You For Coming Back DRAMAFIRE! I Miss You So Much i love you …….

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    We all love this site from the bottom of our hearts <3

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    Show requests:
    KBS2’s SPY
    MBC’s Kill Me Heal me

    Thank You!

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    First of all thanks to all the people behind this site, its awesome !!! Loveee it very much xD
    but I want to ask you if you could upload Apgujeong Midnight Sun plssss???
    i´m searching for a long time but it is not available anywhere i´m looking :(((
    Keep up the good work !!!! Stay healthy and goodluck guys !!!!

    Thanks a lot ;)

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    Keep up the good work!

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  • mong ji

    can i ask you to reupload the link for paradise ranch ? i go to the page and it said nothing found T_T all link disappear .. thanks :)

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    Hi there DF, I can finally resume my drama’s thanks to you guys here. Just a quick Q, the first video type has been showing up as Please use full Embed code since erm yesterday to me now. I know I have adobe flash since I was able to load all 4 episodes of The King’s Face on it before in one go. Is not that I can’t watch the other two, just that the top video is the fastest in loading. Is that something that you guys are fixing or should I be looking at my end? Thanks again DF.

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    I feel the same warm, massive appreciation and support for you as I see other people express here. Thank you for your work which opens up worlds.

  • Grace Toni Simi


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    DramaFire Please Download Heart to Heart new drama it’s pretty good .I look forward.

  • tanooza

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    – good doctor
    – doctor stranger
    – pinocchio
    – city hunter
    – you who came from another stars
    – the bridal mask
    and many more but basically those were the best.Would be glad if you
    can recommend any exciting dramas like them.

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    Hi DF!! Just found this site through a friend, and its awesome!!!!! She also mentioned that you also have anime’s in here? But it’s nowhere to be found? Did you remove them already?

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  • Evelyne x

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  • rami

    yup the last month was miserable…thank you for coming back.:)
    I have a request for Taiwanese drama “I Do?”. there are only first 6 episodes available with eng subs on different sites. can you please upload it.

  • Haide Suzuki

    Please “The Queen Of SOP Drama Taiwanese so manny episodes had no english sub This drama is really good to watch .

  • Sa’adatun Ni’mas S

    i am have to download videos in the site here
    keep open the site
    so thanks

    and please upload running man a new episode at 6 in the morning

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    Dramafire i would like to suggest you to upload west series too :D

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    please stay healthy always…
    stay heathy this site and to those people behind df..

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    • Nurul Hidayati

      i want it too

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    Thanks for all the subs

    Please keep subbing roommate season 2

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    I would have a request for the dramas Empire of Gold and The Chaser, I heard they are very, very good, since they come from the same guy who wrote the script for Punch, which is the best drama ever!

  • Key Fermase

    Hello Dramafire! Will you please upload the Bluebird’s House, a KBS2
    drama which replaced What Happens To My Family? I’m an avid viewer of
    this site for over a year and a half. Thank you DF for making us enjoy
    kdramas. :) We are hoping for your positive and fast uploads. :D More

  • Cherry Lynn Espino

    Drama fire pls upload love scar..

  • emembaun

    I just wanna say thank you for uploading videos with english sub title. And its really awesome. I support this site. Keep it up.

  • SkyFairies

    i cant watch doctor strangers here. why?????

  • DraMarathoner

    Kim Soo-hyeon-I, Park Yoo-chun, Yoo Ah-in and Lee Seung-gi to join army this year

  • DKD

    are you going to upload chinese drama’s too?

  • Amazingscarlet

    I just found out this site 2 days ago while searching for a fast video to watched drama. And I find it amazing. Why didn’t you put a chatroom here so that more people come and chat while watching drama. Thank you and more power. Godbless you all!

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    Thank you so much for the effort you all are making for this site. It is great to be able to watch so many dramas.
    There are so many to watch and even if occasionally I don’t find one I’m looking for there are still so many others I became interested in.

  • BabydoeXclusiv

    Expecting Angry mom!!! It’s suppose to be here already,,, pls make it fast ✌️

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    i just hope you can add (korea)Jumong delightful girl choon hyang then (taiwan)my mvp valentines, frog prince and the amazing twins(just dont know if its a taiwan series. ).i think the amazing twins has two versions
    so ill request for its latest version. you know wherein both leads were handsome. :-) you can search it on youtube and you will find “tagalog dubbed” videos though they were just clips. i hope it can help.

  • Jos

    Thank you for all the hardwork you are putting in for our sakes!! Thank you so much!!
    Just wanted to suggest something… Please try to make the videos downloadable if you are going to reduce the video player to one. Few of us have internet connections which arent all that great and we usually watch the dramas after downloading it because watching it online aint feasible. So please please please make it downloadable!! Usually the third video player has a download option, so if possible please do not remove it!!
    Thank you again for all your efforts!!
    God bless you!!

  • Ji-yongJong-sukJong-hyunKeun-suk

    hello DF.. thank you so much for always keeping as K-lovers updated…

    please update marry stayed out all night, lie to me, temptation and down with love

    DramaFire Jjang!!!

  • akaNeo

    Proud and happy user here~ Seeing this amazing site makes efforts to become more amazing. If introduced and managed properly, a forum could be an engaging and bonding element for this site. It will become a community that will accommodate us to share our similar interests. It’s hard to accomplish… but do able :)
    A single powerful source (one video player)? Neat!!! Just make sure to make it compatible to every device and it is downloadable.
    Totally appreciate and support for everything you do. You’ve been great and surely will welcome a better version of you. Cheers^^

  • halzy 할치 :))

    yaaay so glad we can comment again :))) Thanks Dramafire <3

  • Nov Novie

    I want say big thanks for those admin drama fire… I really appreciate… A few time ago i watch ‘SPY’ but for source 2 always keeping scrool so it makes suddenly stop at a certain… I hope you can fix it… Thank u for your hardwork….^^ i love df.. Xo

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    gumawooo I love you….^^ ps: is it possible to upload ojakgyo to mp4upload?

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    hey add Chinese drama n you site…in that way your site will be more effective and more popular. thnk

  • jj

    please add chinese drama in your site, would love to watch all the asian dramas. This site is a great help for many people to watch all kinds of drama of different asian countries all thanksto the english sub. thanks to the dramafire theme, keep up the good work. Wil be more greatful if you can add like i said chinese drama. Thank you. Can you Please upload Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower and Let’s Watch The Meteor Shower Again.
    will be looking forward for positive steps from your end.
    Cheers to the drama Fire theme. thank you.

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  • moi

    Thanks DramaFire. You are my source of entertainment. You speed with good with me. :)

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    thanks dramafire, love your site! can you please upload the… grandpas over flower in greece with the english sub? really looking forward to seeing this show! thanks in advance!

  • Ellaine

    Thank you Dramafire for the fast eng sub of my favorite Asian dramas.
    Hope you can expand by also uploading Thai movies/dramas.
    But anyway, more power to this site!! Fighting!!

    Ps: Can you upload Missing Noir M.? Thank you.. <3

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    Pls, add up real men girls special esp on amber… Tnx

  • Bluee Redii

    I have been watching here for a long time.. Keep it up!!!

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