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February 28, 2014

DramaFire should be back up to 100% health sometime next week. For now, the site will periodically go down/up.

February 21, 2014

As you may have noticed, DramaFire is experiencing server problems for the past week. We are still in the process of fixing it. Servers and server issues are complicated and expensive in general. Unlike the big drama websites, we’re very small and have very limited resources. We are doing our best to get everything up to 100% again. Until then, the site might be down every now and then. Hope you understand the tough situation we’re in. Thanks.

January 11, 2014

Thanks for you patience. Your comments, requests, praises, and complaints are all heard and noted. Dramafire is being improved. All the old completed series will eventually get faster video sources.

For new episodes, the top video source is usually the quickest one to load, so if you are using a Windows device or any device that has Adobe Flash, watch the top video. Sometimes, when an episode is just newly posted, the top video will have a delay, showing an error message, but that will go away within 5 minutes.

For those using mobile devices that don’t have Adobe Flash, watch the bottom 2 video sources.

Also, if the video doesn’t work due to an error message, most of the time, if you reload the page, it should work.

  • Dhut’z Sabile Henson

    please upload Be Arrogant (DoDoHaRa

  • Dhut’z Sabile Henson

    I am from the Philippines. Please Upload Be Arrogant (DoDoHaRa) of Yura from Gorls Day

  • Dhut’z Sabile Henson

    And Go Single Lady of Mike He, and also Love Check Charge of George Hu. Thanks so much

  • Dhut’z Sabile Henson

    You are my number 1 list on the when watching eng subbed. You are the best! Keep it up

  • Aileen

    hello DF. please upload WGM We Got Married every seasons . Thank You :)

  • Kate

    i am looking for Only My Love drama?

  • Paula Shiu

    DAebak!!Best site so far…

  • Haide Suzuki

    Hi! DF.Please upload LOVE CELLS it’s a good drama.Thank You.

  • Line Tere

    thanks so much DF. we got maried hummm so happy to see that here.

  • hahara

    Can u upload Be Arrogant (dodohara) please? Thankyou very much for your hard work :)))

  • Paula Shiu

    Thank you, dramafire.

  • alya

    cn u upload
    Mourning Grave 2014 …plzzz

  • Lifeg Hopeg Keepitg

    plz drama fire I wish you guys do the drama Dr frost when he out plz

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