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Sly and Single Again episode 14

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  • dita meiloveina

    I keep refreshing this page until its here..yeaaay!!! Thanx dramafire

  • kdrma101

    idk but this is only drama I watched that i don’t have a feeling of word”excitement”very common plot,i skipped some part,I can hint what the ending of this drama!don’t bash me,we have a freedom of expression,so if you have anything to say about my comment,just keep it to yourself,because i don’t mind also your’s!

    • leann

      still you’ve watch up to episode 14 and it’s 16 episodes, what does that make you? your comment is very senseless. pabo

    • Guest

      Then stop watching!!!!!!

    • ABC

      And here I’m wondering why are you watching it? Don’t like then don’t watch. So simple.

    • Denny

      “we have a freedom of expression,so if you have anything to say about my comment,just keep it to yourself” Isn’t that an irony?
      You’re clearly stating that we have freedom of expression, yet you’re refraining someone from saying something about your comment. Great job.

    • halzy 할치 :))

      looool I didnt like it and stopped at episode 2 but i come and read the comments coz somehow i still wna know the ending!! Just coz i wasn’t into it doesn’t mean its boring, from the comments everyone seems to love it which is why im having second thoughts and may begin to watch it again!! And yes I don’t mind the spoiler comments, is the only way I knw what kinda drama it is so keep em coming :))).. Next time read what you write, no offence but maybe dont comment if you dont want some1 replying!

    • rememberme

      I believe other peoples comments are also their way of expression, so there is no way you can tell them u have a right that they shouldn’t exercise.

    • Do Manager

      So funny that you don’t wanna be bashed because you have the freedom of expression. But you want others to keep their comments to themselves? Isn’t that suppressing someone’s freedom to express their thoughts? That’s sooo lame of you darling!

    • K-Drama 101

      Anyone here knows that Disqus, is public forum and people have the right to post their opinions. I dislike people, when people get sensitive or angry, when a replies are not in their favor.

      • Do Manager

        Well people got on their nerves because you have entitled opinion only to yourself. People got pissed with you not because your comments are not in their favor, its because you have INSENSITIVELY expressed it. You only cared about how you feel, without thinking that other people has feelings and OPINIONS as well. They are not sensitive, you are just INSENSITIVE.

    • Style-P

      What a twat!!!! Get lost then!!!!!

    • Vicky

      No one cares.

      • didi


    • didi

      Omo, are you serious? If you don’t want ppl commenting on your comment, then why comment at all. I’m not trying to be mean but your comment was stupid, pointless, senseless, weird…smh.

    • que sera

      you will comment like that and you don’t want to be bash? wow huh’

  • Ting Ah

    Thank you dramafire for uploading this. I am always excited to watch this even if the plot seems conventional. I feel its light and so heartwarming to watch. Daebak dramafire for the fast upload.

  • sey0510

    I really love this drama more than EC :-)

    • Guest

      I love dis drama 2!!!!!!!

    • Vic


    • guest

      Yes at first i find it abit boring but now it’s getting so nice!!
      why is it always ending when i find a drama being nice :(

  • ⇨★♔DRAMA★SENSEI♔★⇦

    Jeong Woo & Ae Ra fighting!! FIGHTING!! (^_^).

  • Sen

    Stupid family ! Father, daughter, son all selfish psychos …ewwwww….
    Ae Ra & Cha – Fightin !
    Tq Dramafire

  • rose alejano

    Now cjw know why day divorced! Can’t wait for next week.

  • Jenny

    Thanks to you DF for your fast uploading!!!This drama is too good!!!!!!

  • Sv

    I’m anxious for the last two episodes! I don’t like the Guk siblings at all they have cruel intentions in the end just because they can’t get what they want. Of course love and happiness is what we all want, but if it’s not meant to be you can’t force it to make it come to reality. Na Ae Ra better stick to CEO Cha’s side and forget about Seoun whatever his name is. I really can’t stand him his face is too pale white, eyes are always red, & especially the way he puckers his lips!!! OH MY GOSH SERIOUSLY! I can’t stand his face whenever he’s on the screen.

    • seunghyunSUCKS

      So true his eyes are always red :S and i hate that duck face he makes, some1 must’ve lied to him that its cute but its not cute at all. He is not attractive to me at all.

      • Vicky

        Your comment had me rolling and what makes it even funnier is the fact that its true. Somebody must have really lied to him that he looks cute with a duck face so now he does it all the time.

      • didi

        I understand that you don’t like Seoun Guk guy’s role/character in the drama, but keep in mind that you’re insulting the looks and personality of a normal guy who isn’t actually evil in real life…

    • Vicky

      I don’t like the siblings and their father either. It’s really ironic that they
      tried so much to not be like him but ended up being exactly like him.

      • Rebekah Yaoming

        nature beats nurture every time.

    • ⇨★♔DRAMA★SENSEI♔★⇦

      I share your sentiments!

    • noalibi

      Right…….his eyes are bloodshot like he’s been on drugs………keeps poking out his lips……reminds me of goat wen he does dat tbh………….. looks weird when he’s on screen………creepy

    • gp

      Isn’t he also doing that reality show . His schedule is probably so full that he is not getting enough sleep . That’s why his eyes are red , I think

    • guest

      You don’t like him becauwe of her role. Okay, let’s just say that he is main actor, would you love him too?? Stop, insulting him. What if you’re him, and he is you. Would you like someone insulting you. Honestly, I like him. He’s cute. And it’s true.

  • jane

    is it jus me or is Seung Hyeon hot in the suit and his new hairdo !? :o <3

    • aly

      Not if he’s a psycho seeking revenge and stealing his homie’s girl lol

  • Guest Two

    The whole family is psychotic! They live in an alternate reality where “No, I don’t want to be with you” means “I’m madly in love with you; let’s go ahead and set the wedding date”. Crazy! I almost want the company to go under so they can detach from the Guk Psychos! However, I must say I was somewhat frustrated with this episode because the story really didn’t progress much further from what we’ve already seen. We already knew the Guk’s were crazy; Seung was going to attempt a takeover; Daddy Guk is using his support in an attempt to force CEO Cha to marry his one legged daughter; and that guy in the marketing department is extremely noisy with a loud mouth to boot. Yes, I cried during the lost baby reveal but most of the rest of this episode seemed…redundant. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this drama but because we have to wait so long for each new episode, I guess I’m greedy for more substantive content and speedier story progression. But, guess we can’t have it all…or should I go Guk!

    • Tita-Lola

      I’m for CEO Cha :-) peace!

  • Lmj & jsw shipper

    I absolutely loved this epi..there was so much ‘feel’ in it…the bathroom scene wr the 2 came together in their grief was awesome amazing!
    Best rom com ever n the OTP rocks..I can look at both their gorgeous faces all day n never ever tire of looking at both.Fighting!!!!

  • Vicky

    Ou weeee i was totally immersed in this episode. That guk family are crazy psychopaths!!!!!! So because CJW said no to his begging and bribery, their father threatens him? That is a no-no. I’m happy CJW stood his ground.

  • Tita-Lola

    Funny, light, more relax, but exciting … love this it! JOO SANG WOOK CAN PLAY ANY ROLE … LEE MIN JUNG IS PRETTY AND VERSATILE, AS WELL! I just LOVE THIS DRAMA… CAN’T WAIT FOR WEEKLY NEW EPISODES :-) Heard last two more episodes :-( sad… but, I enjoyed it!

  • harshu

    though cjw stood his ground ths ep i m afraid tht ae ra ll waver!!
    she m8 give up!! ohhh ths ep got me hanging!!

  • Kassandra Mae Pineda

    why i cant watch it?

    • K-Drama 101

      Have you try to downloaded first. The second video source gives you and option to download the drama. :)

      • Kassandra Mae Pineda

        oh, i already watched during this morning in our country :) i figured that maybe last night when i visitted this site, dramafire was fixing their *disqus* portion or smtng XD so that’s why i cant open it, but its back to normal this morning. but yeah thank you for your time! really appreciated it :)

        • K-Drama 101

          You’re quite welcome.

  • Samyy12

    The whole Guk family is nuts they can’t take no for an answer WTH !!!! You can’t force someone to love you it doesn’t work that way and you can’t buy people with money that’s just wrong !!!!

    • sey0510

      Like father like children…:-( so bad

      • Samyy12

        as the saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!!

    • Nickie_RT

      What a scary and pathetic family!!!! I really dun know which of them is worse!!!!!

    • aly

      And that is why their mother left (escaped) them… or their father at least. Can’t tolerate families like that. Settling every problem with money because that’s all they have. What makes it more annoying is that they keep going even after telling them “No”. I didn’t mind yeojin at first, but after Mr Hyde started showing, ain’t no girl in their right mind will give up their man to this crazy bitch. Ae Ra, keep your man as far away from her as possible.

  • sey0510

    Money can’t buy real happiness and love:-) for sure na ae ra will not accept cha jeong woo again bcoz of the situation even he give up everything for her..but still hoping that it will not happen:-)

    • Samyy12

      it’s obvious she will leave him thinking that it will e for his sake but that’s not the way !!! she should stick with him till the end and face together all the obstacles she shouldn’t make the same mistake twice :(

      • sey0510

        Yah she should stay with him whether rich or become poor again..he give up everything for her

  • K-Drama 101

    This is a well written drama. Emergency Couple, was great but I prefer this one.
    I just can’t help laughing when the CEO, does his cute things to win Ae Ra’s heart back.
    This CEO, has great charms, unlike other kdrama CEOs, who are arrogant and snobs from the start. I am disappointed in Director Guk’s behavior right now. I thought she was to classy of a woman to act that way. She is the one that is actually sly.

  • Nickie_RT

    The guks are very scary!!!!!! :(

  • keziah miles

    as for me,wether the drama is to my liking or not I still watch it because I believe that there is still a lesson in life I can learn from it…the bad actions I should avoid and remember the good actions or decisions that may be helpful to me in the future if I may encounter the same situation…peace everyone….:-)

  • Kay

    The Guk family are nuts and selfish they think they can buy someone love with money$$$$ poor thing Ae Ra I hope she will be together again with CEO Cha the ex-husband.

  • kiki

    Na Ae Ra and CEO Cha.. FIGHTING!!!!!!!….what is the name of the song that played at the background when Ae Ra was talking to her friend in the bathroom

  • Nabiluv

    Ah . Fact the Gun family is a bunch of loonies and should not be amongst others.. I can’t believe them ..their behavior is just ridiculous.. The sister is throwing a tantrum.. The brother is backstabbing and their father OMO..You can’t force someone to love you or an other person.. Its just not right..No wonder the mother is not there she’s Gone.. Haha.. That Family needs serious psychological therapy..ㅋㅋㅋ네 ! 아 …tsk tsk

    I love the fact that Ae Ra don’t take crap from no one..cause she aren’t no body push over!!
    Also I like how CEO Cha is standing his ground.. Cool cool..

  • jenjennn

    FAVORITE drama right now!!!! CEO cha is Sooooo freaking ADORABLE! I just wanna hug him &have his children lol..kidding……. but really.

  • Rebekah Yaoming

    The Guk siblings are wicked just like their father…especially the son…he is no kind of friend.

  • als

    Where’s Ep15?

  • Gerry

    Im still waiting for ep 15. Huhu

  • sysy

    wher is episode 15 ???? :O

  • sey0510

    Why the next ep is still not yet out?supposed to be today, if I’m not mistaken:-)

  • disappointed

    When is the next episode coming?

  • jjang

    [Update] – Due to the severity of the tragic ship incident, the two episodes planned were canceled again. (allkpop)

    • Cunningsinglelady

      really sad for the tragic that happen :( then when will they air it? :((

  • Guest Two

    I was all set to write how anxious I was because the final episodes of this drama remain unavailable until I watched the news. My heart goes out to all of the families of those who have both lost someone or who eagerly await news of their loved ones whereabouts. This ferry accident is so tragic, especially because it seems everyone could have been saved. I am so sorry for your loss €-{

  • RJDK-drama

    Is cunning single lady airing this week? I’m waiting for the end of this drama~

  • Salim Sabbir

    When will the next episode be showing

  • K

    Brother and sister is pain in the ASS.

  • Nabiluv

    We will have to wait until next week for final episodes..Because of the Sewol ferry that sank off the coast of South Korea, leaving over 300 people missing or feared dead. They canceled this weeks final 2 episodes..➡➡ Plz pray for the victims and their families its a sad heartbreaking time for them..

  • Anymous

    When is going toair the last 2episodes :((((

  • sey0510

    Where is the next ep? Why still not yet:-(

  • aglivia

    I’m waiting for new episod..

  • Hida Mi nam

    Omo!! I’m all tears :(( !! thnks dramafire

  • zhuncrus

    where that episode 15? please upload it again…

  • gp

    This drama brings stalking to a whole you level

  • anne

    when will episode 15 be uploaded?
    can’t wait..can’t wait..can’t wait..

  • dita meiloveina

    Its so tragic that sewol tragedy happened. My heart goes to the family of the lost. Hope you all save people so we can hang around watching drama and disqus it (weather it pro or con) its just nice to share

  • HAHA

    Seung hyeon should stop his deeds, okay, he looks cute but his attitude in this episode is ruining his looks. -_- The Guk siblings are really something. Ae Ra and CEO Cha Fighting! >w<

  • Muyang

    Guk siblings is really annoying they both selfish ….

  • Lupe

    Seung Hyeon <3

  • angeldessy

    This is the most unprofessional and chaotic company I have ever seen.

  • Stalker Chick

    Guk family seriously have major issues.

  • bloody-eyes

    Q: If you must choose, Na Ae Ra or Me?
    Cha: sigh.. I hope that would not happen..
    Guk: I’ll choose you na aera-shi.


  • gracielleannep

    I don’t get why you guys hate Kangjun’s character so much. I see where you guys are coming from but aren’t all second leads like that? Either they’re so pitiful or so annoying. But in the end, they always give up and move forward. Lol don’t linger on it. I miss Secretary Gil. He’s been missing lately in that past few episodes. I wish they’d explore his character a little. I wanna see how did Jungwoo and Secretary meet.

  • nikki

    omg now the real drama starts woahhh love this drama, it’s the first kdrama that isn’t boring and dragged

    Also why the fuck do you guys hate Kang Joons characters, I think his character is cute and honest, he seems real and there shouldn’t be respect for an older person (CEO) when it comes to love, I’m rooting for him, it would be too cool if he ended up with na ae ra
    But I gotta admit that I’m just as much rooting for the CEO because he’s acting too adorable and cute

  • Xinee

    Yeo Jin is such a hypocrite. She loathes her father for forcing his love on her mom when she’s doing the same to Jeong Woo and unsurprisingly Seung Hyun is not all that different. Aigoo, they really are a family of desperate people. I can understand that when we love it’s “normal” to desire that person to reciprocate our feelings but allowing it come to a point where we’d already force ourselves on them is just really wrong no matter how genuine the feeling is. If we really love a person, we must know when to fight for them and when to let go. This greatly applies to both of the siblings and even to that father of theirs. They can fight for what they feel as long as they don’t end up hurting the ones they love. But I guess in this game, being hurt is inevitable. I just really hope that both of them will snap out of their delusions and start facing reality.

  • Air

    Both father and daughter are begging him to marry her, how pathetic ..

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