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Fabulous Boys
Fall in Love with Me

Return of the Silver Tongue
Say I Do Again
The Pursuit of Happiness
The Way We Were


Completed Drama Series

Absolute Boyfriend (Taiwan)
Alice in Wonder City
Autumn’s Concerto
Bull Fighting
Devil Beside You
Down With Love
Drama Go Go Go
Drunken to Love You
Easy Fortune Happy Life
Fated to Love You
Fondant Garden
Hayate the Combat Butler
Hi My SweetHeart
In Between
Inborn Pair
In Time With You
Ip Man
It Started With A Kiss
Love Actually
Love Me or Leave Me
Love Recipe
Love, Now
Material Queen
Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden 2
Miss Rose
My Lucky Star
Office Girls
Reality Check
Romantic Princess
Spring Love
Summer Fever
Sunshine Angel
The Last Steep Ascent
The Queen of SOP
They Kiss Agai
Skip Beat!
Smiling Pasta
When Love Walked In
Why Why Love

Taiwanese & Hong Kong Movies

Heartbeat Love (2012)
Love In Disguise (2010)
Love Sick (2011)
Starry Starry Night (2011)
The Soul of Bread (2012)
Together (2012)
Together (2013)
Westgate Tango (2012)
When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep (2012)
You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011)
Zombie 108 (2012)

  • silhoutte

    Hi to you the dramafire team,
    Im new to your website but would like to congratulate you on this superb website where the episodes are done in full instead of parts. Some suggestions I would like to make:-
    1. there are no Chinese dramas from mainland China uploaded here (do look into this as it is missing the Chinese dramas.
    2. it would be neater and easy to reference to have the titles of the dramas under each alphabet instead of just arranging i in one long list although it is under alphabetical order
    Well, hope to see Chinese dramas uploaded here to make this site an all round favourite for drama watching!!!!

  • Nurul Fatin

    the magicians of love(drama) -taiwanese

  • Manje Mango

    Can you please upload “black and white” taiwan drama. i really wanted to watch this drama. Inside youtube the episode is not complete. Thankyouu!

  • Nrul Ezzaz NiZz

    hana kimi taiwan ??

  • Dramafanz

    Pls upload’in a good way’ thx!

  • cutie8oo

    Hi, firstly I want to protest that this is one of the best websites to watch asian dramas on (I think that its even better than ‘’ and I also wanted to say that i really appreciate the hard work that the dramafire team does. Can you guys upload the drama ‘Just You’ pleeease! Trying to watch it on Viki is really fustrating because I dont see all of the subtitles.

    • Meshi Sathsara

      now you can watch “just you” on viki with sub

  • Guest

    please in a good way..taiwanese!!.i really loved that drama.

  • IJustLoveDramas

    Dear DramaFire Team, I would like ,too,, to conglatulate you for all your hard and absolutely GREAT work you have done so far!!! (^.^)/
    I would be very glad if you could upload, as a Christmas gift, the taiwanese movie “Once Again Heartbeat” which star Rainie Yang & Show Luo…!
    That’s my only request till now!
    Thank you & Happy Christmas Holidays~!

  • muhammad mehdi

    salam to dramafire i have a request can you please ad butterly lovers please that is my first favorite drama but can’t find it anywhere and also some wuxia series and also that is good for this site to because there are alot o people that like wuxia series please ad this series and keep up the good work take care

  • muhammad mehdi

    wuxia series pleaseeeee

  • Evelyn

    Thank a lot to the Dramafire Team for all your hard work and keep up the wonderful work. Really enjoyed watching the dramas with the subs. I hope you would consider uploading some Chinese dramas here too. Thanks once again.

  • choi jinri

    Someone recommend me some drama please…. I have no idea what to watch now

  • Ester sihite

    Can you please upload love or bread, thank you.

  • hwanjanim

    love validation please

  • Guest

    Still Love or Bread, please,,,

  • mai vo

    Could you please upload Chinese drama “A Story of La La’s Promotion”, please?

  • jerry

    Summer desire please

  • Guest

    Please upload just you Taiwanese drama, thank you

  • rojocsaiif

    where is the tab for korean drama?

  • Chear

    Hi I want to say thank you so much for subbing HK dramas. I was wondering when u guys will upload more of return of silver tongue? Pls do, I so much enjoyed watching it. Thx so much!!!

  • brisikaa

    Better than dramafever and viki!☺

  • sister

    hi. i really appreciate your hard work and you indeed awesome. im sorry but i could not find any eng subtitle for taiwanese series i,my brother starring of gui gui. please help

  • Ryung

    Eng sub for taiwanese drama “i, my brother” please

  • mickhail adam

    Pls upload the drama “summer’s desire”..pretty pls upload it.. i serched it in youtube but i only watched 2 episodes of it and can’t find the next episode and i’m so hooked to it so pls Upload it for me.. thanks.. i really really like your site.. more power.. tnx again..

  • lily

    hi.. can you please upload taiwan drama “Just You”?? i hope you can please please… thanks :)

  • dodo

    I wish dramafire coould upload the new drama (fall in love with me) =D

  • rose

    Can you please upload Startling A By Each Step (Bu Bu Jing Xin) 

  • lyanatan

    can you upload fall in love with me taiwanese drama please?

  • kgames

    Are you going to start posting “Fall In Love With Me”? I would appreciate it :) <3

  • Eric

    Hi! It seems that Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story wasnt in here.. Can you please upload this one. Thank you

  • Khalilah Adanan

    Hoping Drama Fall in Love with Me will be upload here.. :)

  • lalalala

    Hello dramafire! ;) please add Fall in Love with Me ,pleaseeeee .anyway i really lovee this site!!!!! keep it up :DD

  • syara

    hey dramafire! can you upload drama magicians of love, please? thank you :)

  • Jadypolo

    Please post Fall in Love with me…thank u

  • nanakim

    hi,dramafire team ^^ if you don’t mind can you upload more tvb drama?i really want to watch back god’s of honour,survivor law’s,whatever it takes,triumph in the skies 1 and another drama ^_^

  • Mr aj

    Plz download mermaid got married…tnx dramafire…

  • nia

    hi, can u upload brotherhood of legion plzzzz… thanx >_<

  • Poon

    can you help to download Triumph in the Skies 1 please?

    • Poon

      i mean upload. please please.

  • peachypie

    How about….my wife is back :-)

  • Guest

    Autumns concerto, meteor garden, it started with a kiss and they kissed again are my fav. T-drama! I fell in love with the story and with the casts of course! Thank you dramafire!

  • Wayne

    Hi. Please complete the full sets of Sniper Standoff HK drama.

  • Rowena Sandosham

    I was told of your website by my sister and would like to thank everyone who is involved in the subbing to the loading. Thank you very much!

  • camii

    hi dramafire team! I hope you can also upload the love myself or you/ pleasantly surprised. I heard its a very good drama in Taiwan now. Thank you!

  • Yaes

    Hope “Silence” gets uploaded here in dramafire :( Thanks!

  • guest

    hi can you upload love my self or you’?

  • jona

    Good day to all of you! Thank you very for all the drama and movies that you upload i really injoying watching it, and i love ur website so much! Can u also upload “Just you” of Aaron Yan? Thank you so much for giving us always happinessssssss!

  • nono

    can u upload lavender and para para sakura hong kong movies? plzzz….

  • Yenju

    Hi Dramafire, I wanna thank for your great work. I love ur website so much. Anyway, can i request a taiwan drama? it called “love keeps going”. i watched it before but i wanna watch it again and i can’t find it anywhere.:(

  • Lanie Bartolome

    I love Korean and taiwanese drama but could you also include thai drama, thank you for your hard work.

  • Mary Jane Bayota

    Hi Drama Fire team!! Congratulations on putting up this site!I am a regular visitor here as I am an addicted fan of Korean dramas. Thanks to you I have been enjoying watching dramas on full lenght. Thank you and please keep up the good work of providing good dramas for us!!!

  • Mae Anne

    I hope “Love Myself or You  (SETTV, 2014)” will be uploaded soon. Thanks :)

  • leo

    can you upload Wu Yi Fan (Kris ex-EXO)’s drama ? thanks in advance :3

  • tky

    Would love for you to add Female Prime Minister

  • AlishbaMir

    I can’t find “love buffet” here =

  • justmai

    can you upload summer’s desire taiwanese drama please? thank you!

  • Thinn Swe

    Can You upload “Tian Shi De Xing Fu” (Angel’s Happiness/Happiness of an Angel) Chinese Drama please. (via Yourupload server) Thanks.

  • nia

    Please drama taiwanese ” love myself or you?”

  • CMLR

    Hello! Can you sub My Pig Lady of Ady An and Mike He, please? Thank you! :)

  • Amirotul Wildania

    Hi dramafire…..can you apload new drama taiwan “pleasantly surprised” please…..

  • minny_

    dramafire team, can u sub tiny times 1 and tiny times 2? thank you

  • Judy

    Hey can you post “Boss and me” =]

  • Amirotul Wildania

    Hi……upload drama taiwan ” pleasantly surprised” please……

  • fa10qursiah

    Hi DramaFire. I would like to suggest to sub the drama entitle “You Light Up My Star (Joe Cheng)”, “Say I Love You” & “My Pig Lady” both played by Mike He. Hope you would consider the suggestions. Btw, good job DramaFire. Hope you can upload more Taiwanese & Chinese dramas and movies. Thank you!

  • aaronyan

    hi can you upload love buffet please? thanks!

  • nelly

    love myself or you DF!!!!

  • jocky y

    hi df.., can u upload waking love up and PiLiMIT taiwan dramas,… ???????

  • Christy

    I’m just saying but for those who keeps requesting for the drama Fall In Love With Me , Dramafire have already been uploading it but since it’s a new drama it’s slowly coming out , about every week if you guys didn’t know .. And also you can’t rush Dramafire because they are not the one releasing the drama , they’re just kindly subbing the dramas for us to watch .. So please respect that and quit rushing them , Thank You .

  • Tiffhuang

    Hi! It’s so hard to find eng sub for the Utopia Office with Joseph Chang in it. PLEASE upload it…I’m dying to watch him!!!!

  • Richadiana Kartakusuma

    dear Dramafire. com. Would you please update “love myself or you”
    thank you verymuch

  • ralph

    please upload DEJA VU!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASSEEE!!!!!!

  • tinacohencheng

    love myself or you please!!!!!!! and sweet sweet bodyguard —- nice plot, good acting!

  • Hwon

    Can you upload My Queen? The drama “Witch’s Romance” was based. Thanks in advance.

  • kitchie

    Where is “Hana Kimi” here? Is it uploaded yet? thanks you.

  • kitchie

    How about “Hot Shot” starring wu chun?? please dramafire.. thanks!!

  • kienotouchesthewalls

    can you add phils drama and movies. if possible.

  • Novita Mimi Zu

    Please continue upload Love,Now drama ep 55 – ep 72.
    thank’ s before DramaFire,. :)

  • kienotouchesthewalls

    please upload WHAT WOMEN WANTS,
    its a Chinese movie. thanks DF.
    more power!

  • dhutz

    please upload boss and me please and perfect couple of mallace huo. thanks love you guys

  • dhutz

    sorry wallace huo

  • aiko

    Hi please upload HOT SHOT – a Taiwanese Drama starring Show Lo, Jerry Yan and Wu Chun… and also PI LI MIT or Mysterious Incredible Terminator – also a Taiwanese Drama starring Aaron Yan and Emma Wu. please?

  • Korean Drama Addict

    Gloomy Salad Days please thaank you

  • citra

    Dear dramafire, i request the LOVE AT SECOND SIGHT starring Rainie Yang to be uploaded in here… Thank you so much..

  • Bizzybody

    Any chance of seeing My Pig Lady here, please… can’t watch on viki due to restriction.
    Keep up the good work and thanks very much for all the effort of DramaFire team!

  • anabella

    Hi! First of all, I want to thank you for tour hard work. Then, I want to ask if you can upload the chinese Drama Lan ling wang. Thanks

  • che

    upload black and white vic zhou

  • Liz

    Recently discovered Aaron Yan and I can’t get enough of his dramas, not all of his listing included on the site. This actor reminds me of Lee Min-Ho a lot.I usually follow Korean Dramas but lately Taiwanese Dramas are getting my attention. Overall this is a great site!!!!!

  • liza

    can pls upload it started with a kiss 1 and 2

  • Redoy

    Please upload the series ‘Black and White’

  • hafizzi mohamad

    i really hope there is wuxia drama here!

  • clara edejer

    hi! can i ask you a favor to please include on dramafire the series SUBSTITUTE PRINCESS a.k.a. KING’S FLOWER of the actor Chris Wu?

  • Ghegold

    Pls upload! You light up my star thAnkyou

  • Nerissa Gercayo Gonzales

    Dramafire team please download new drama jerry yan loving never forgetting thanks

  • sun

    Hi, could you please upload taiwanese drama pleasantly surprise??please.. pleaseee.. :D thankyou dramafire!❤

  • Banny Cruz

    Can you please include Boss and Me coz this is a very good drama worth watching.

  • miss mieyLa

    can u please upload shan shan come to eat/boss and me

  • feng

    Hi, I’m just wondering if you upload any Chinese dramas from mainland china? Can you please upload a drama called “古剑奇谭” “Swords of Legend” ? Thank you :)

  • Dramalover

    Can you upload the Chinese drama ‘Rich Man Poor Love’ (2007) pleeeeeeease.

  • Lynn

    please post drama Triumph In The Skies 1. if u can :(

  • Milagrosa

    Is it true that there might be (it started with a kiss-3, it continues)…. I loved watching this drama…. I thought the drama had ended with 1 and 2….I was very excited to see that its a possibilty that Joe Chen and Ariel Lin will be working together again for the Prequal…..PLEASE keep us posted with any new info….. love your sub teams, you guys are way better than viki……. thanks for your hard work…..

  • wei mei

    Hi team, can you upload the drama ‘Silence’ star Zai Zai (Vic Zhou)? Pretty please…..

  • lin747

    Hello^^ Can you guys please sub “My Secret Garden I & II”?? I really love these dramas! Hopefully^^ I can enjoy it soon.

  • ilovetweety26

    Dramafire.. pls upload LOVE iN THE CITY/ROMANCE IN THE CITY.. realy appreciate if you do. Thanks

  • Giyomi

    Please upload and subbed loving never forgetting (jerry yan) Taiwanese

  • Liz

    Please download Love Myself or you, the complete 23 chapters

  • Nawal

    Hey please upload the drama “Love Myself or You” also known as “Pleasantly Surprised” starring Jasper Liu and Puff Guo. Please!! :*

  • ⇨★♔DRAMA★SENSEI♔★⇦

    Dayuumn. I was gonna watch ‘Palace’ here, but i guess you guys don’t have it?? Gah~~ Too bad. Guess i’ll have to watch it elsewhere then lol.

  • Wiiuwii

    Can you upload the billionaire heirs series?

  • jessica

    please upload taiwanese drama “dreams link” thankyou! i

  • Keen

    Hoping you would upload Silence where Vic Zhou acted. ☺Thanks by the way for this awesome site!I pove you DF!

  • lili

    hi dramafire can you please update the videos for Miss Rose? I would really like it to be accessible to more audiences :)

  • MoMo

    Can you please upload “The Magicians of Love” taiwan drama. i really wanted to watch this drama. . Thankyou

  • amber1234

    pls put in Lady Maid Maid

  • it’sjustme

    Hi Drama Fire Team,
    i’m really glad that you guys upload so many dramas i’m looking for xD
    But, i miss “summer’s desire” so much. i can hardly find it anywhere:( could please you upload it? thx:)

  • JL

    Great site for drama.
    it would be a bonus if movies and serial can be grouped by genre too.
    Many thanks folks!!!!.

  • nana

    can you please upload boss and me drama?.. I am looking for that drama everywhere.. threre’s no eng sub on youtube….hope you’ll post it.. I would really appreciate it.. :)

  • zashley95

    go single lady…

  • jolene

    there is no update on hua mulan for eng sub

  • please see here drama fire

    come on ,cousin. pleaseeeeeeeee :) :D

  • mama

    can you plz upload love buffet??:-):-).thank u 4 df

  • mama

    plz plz plz df upload love buffet.plzzzzzz…………….

  • Shin Hye Sun

    love myself or you plz?

  • Miomi

    Could you please post “mo nu 18 hao” here with english subtitles. Here is the story: Jia Jia and Jing Jing are from a magic family. They spend their lives
    looking for their missing younger sister, Liang Liang, who was taken in
    by a nice Zhu family. But, they soon realize that under the loving,
    caring facade, the family is on the verge of breaking apart. So the
    sisters decide to repay the family’s kindness by using their magical
    powers to help the family get back together.

  • zha

    Please upload BOSS & ME (Shan Shan Comes To Eat), thanks… :)

  • rhia

    Please upload “Deja Vu” Taiwanese Drama.. please thanks..

  • hani kim

    Thanks DF would you please aplaod Aim high Taiwanese drama

  • banayadwhiskey

    please upload SKY OF LOVE 2003 film starring Ken Zhou. Thanks! :D

  • assen

    Can you pls update the latest taiwan drama
    thank you……

    I like your site.

  • roronoa

    I dont know how happy when i found your side DramaFire, you are just like Oasis in the middle of desert….I love you dramafire…

  • beth

    Drama fire team your the best among the best !!! I love u all !!

  • beth

    Can you please upload loving neverforgetting pls!!!

  • Intan Yong

    Hi can you upload the mainland chinese drama Loving, never forgetting in English sub please. Thank you in advance.

  • Akari!

    Can you add meteor shower PLZ I would love to see it properly with English sub!

  • yuki_e32

    pls upload tao lady. Its a new drama, also pls put up more taiwanese drama :)

    • yuki_e32

      I love dramafire!!!

  • sarahloveskpop

    Hey Drama fire, thanks so much for all the movies and dramas! Could you please upload Love Buffet please?:-)

  • nightStar

    where is just you?

  • guest

    dramafire……… pls can u upload “Angel N Devil”….. new taiwanese drama,……. pls..pls…..

  • Keisuke Park

    Can you add just you of aaron yan?

  • shaemiey

    hope DF upload Chinese drama :)
    really apreciate it

  • kranoz

    Unforgettable love by Jerry yan please. Thank you!

  • Leighton

    Can you please upload Loving Never Forgetting and Hot Shot please please. Its a Taiwan Drama

  • jeng

    Please upload Just You :) Thanks DF :”)

  • lee jung suk

    df pls upload unforgetable love…by jerry yan plssss

  • Shiraha

    Loving Never Forgetting pleaaase? ^_^

  • Azngurl

    Can you please add, Prince of Lan Ling!?

  • 에마 EMA™

    hallooo.. can you upload pleasantly surprised a.k.a love me or myself? I really love Puff Guo. thanks.

  • liv

    Hi can you please upload Boysitter (2015) ? Many thanks

  • YingC

    Hi dramafire team, could you guys please upload “chocolat” taiwanese drama. I really hope you guys will upload it here, I’m addicted with the drama.. thanks

  • kenneth culaton

    Nice…movie and drama:-)

  • nicho

    i cant find Unforgettable Love of Jerry Yan.. why???? dramafire please reply if theres another tittle for this drama.. thank you..

  • jamella

    Loving never forgetting, Pleasssssse. :(

  • Eli

    Can you please upload boysitter (taiwanese drama)

  • iam mai

    PLEASE DRAMAFIRE.. “UNFORGETTABLE LOVE” please please please…..

  • bubbles

    do you have unforgettable love (loving never forgetting) of jerry yan?

  • danny

    hello df, can you upload ying ye 3+1? taiwan drama

  • tiee

    hi, can i request substitute princess? thank you and sorry for inconvenience..

  • Ayline Lee

    Thanks for your hard work, please, bring the drama Someone like you

  • Adzlyn Bih

    Hi DF

  • Nadine Chloe

    Gud am can you upload “My splendid Life”(Jerry Yan) please.. thank you :)

  • Tarita Jnr Umurua Turaki

    Love DramaFire without a doubt.
    But can you please upload Boysitter please.
    thankyou x
    xiexie x

  • Lanie Bartolome

    Colud you please upload Boysitter taiwanese drama, pretty please.

  • alexs cen


  • alexs cen

    Please upload thy myth aktor huge 50eps ☺

  • alexs cen

    The myth

  • Alexis

    Loving, Never Forgetting please upload..

  • Cherry Lynn Espino

    Love scar plssss

  • susan

    Please upload My Splendid Life where Jerry Yan is the lead. thank you

  • ann

    can you please upload i do?

  • angelica

    Hi! Drama fire can you please up load the rose and the x lies(the lying game)its a Taiwanese drama.please please please!

  • DKD

    can you please upload Empress of China with eng. sub.

  • Addicted

    Could you please upload the drama ‘Love Around’ please? It’d be much appreciated. Thank you!

  • beth

    young charioteers pleaseee

  • izza

    Loving, Never forgetting by Jerry Yan aired here in Philippines. Kindly upload it DF.. Thankyou

  • cookie

    Can you guys sub Prince of Lan Ling ? If so thank you if not its okay .. :)

  • bhebx

    Hi Dramafire . Can you please upload Hana Kimi ? Taiwanese version ? Really like to watch it. Thanks ,

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  • banaboice

    Can u sub “just you” plizzz..jebaaall..thank you DF..♥♥

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