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The Greatest Love Episode 4

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  • Serine Ben

    nice comedy i think that the charachter of the leadactor here ressemble to the character of su ji sub in master’s sun

    • hanyan sigya

      yeah. and to think this came first ….

  • silhoutte

    She is a good actress tho very plain…….seems like a good storyline hope it has a happy ending tho!

  • silhoutte

    Just dont understand why they have all this inconsequential side characters like her father who dressed like a pirate and the nephew……time wasting and does nothing to add to the drama! These K writers should wake up to the fact to just stick to the main and second leads and trim out the rest…should learn from the J dramas, short and sweet instead of leading viewers round and round till 50 eps of same issues not resolved!

  • dydy21

    i nearly cried in Ae Jung’s place, seeing the CD and the 4 leaf clover.
    so much hardship being a celeb, that’s for sure T^T

  • kdramalover24

    I believe the drama was great the way it was created. Although I respect your opinion, I don’t think you should be comparing K dramas with J dramas, because both are different and exceptional the way they are.

    • silhoutte

      As long as the dramas are shown world wide there are bound to be comparisons…….and J dramas are relatively short and to the point minus all the inconsequential characters. Never did say the drama was not good however, Im waiting for the Chinese version Happiness of an Angel a remake of this K drama. Thus, comparisons are unavoidable

  • zuna

    The moment Ae Jung disarmed the alarm system was daebak!!

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