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The Heirs episode 1

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  • Mai Vo

    Yippeeeeeeeee! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

  • Lerato


  • Alicia Fisher

    Here’s to hoping a bad start means they can only go up….

    • peggy

      I was thinking the same, too. I thought that maybe this dream cast wasn’t so dreamy after all…. :( I’m still watching this drama for 3 more episodes…. Fighting!!

      • poggy

        Edi ikaw sana nag cast!

  • Marjorie Buckingham

    squeee ;D Does this mean a new episode will be avail every Wed? :) Thank you!!! :)

  • Alifiana Ivy

    yippieeee yippieeeeee finally….

  • ZamBella

    Finally , I’ve waited for like 3 months <3

    • sambilla

      BAt mo kasi hinintay?

  • nhesa


    • January Mejares

      hesess excited ..

      • cheche

        Hesess? Are you a snake like you know hisses or you like kisses

  • farah

    omg i am loving this episodes now that i have watched the first one omg i cant wait to watch the other episodes hopefully they put it soon cuz i cant wait anymore had beeen waiting for ages……….Hearing those Americans talk sound so freaking weird, but seeing Lee Min Ho trying to speak english is kinda cute and funny. Hahaha. I can’t wait for the next episode! ^^

    • Katleen Casabuena Lamano

      The day I heard that Shin Hye and Min Ho will be together in one drama .. Oh My I feel very excited ! I love them both <3 ;) :)

  • justine planas

    i love the first episode and cant wait watch the other ones ahhh love lee min ho and park shin hye, they make a good couple:)

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    Finally :( (( Tear Much!!!

    • Ooran

      tear much??? pasabugin ko mukha mo eh… <3


    Seriously from the first ep I love this drama <3

    • January Mejares

      i agree so nice ..

  • Dr.Cupcake

    Here i go…

  • Dr.Cupcake

    YAY!! Finally here :)

  • whirlwind

    dramaholics dont have the episode 1 and 2 anymore and even change its title to Lee Min Ho..I hope that will not happen here..

  • sasti sugianti

    why all comment in here i can’t watch it

    • chochoo

      Of course its here not there

  • ping

    ı love the story and minho!

  • January Mejares

    connection’s sloww ..

    • februery


  • Sreynuch Soeun

    I love it so much….

  • Angelli Sanico

    i already love this drama

  • Angelli Sanico

    where are the other episodes?

    • angellu sinipa

      Hanapin kasi utak men!

  • Angelli Sanico

    i’m excited to see the next episodes …………. weeeeeeeeeee

  • mymykeziah

    internet connection is slow but i will surely love this kd. it was recommended by my cousin. :) )

  • carol

    Finally, recommended by my ate camille hoho can’t wait for it. :*

  • Velinash

    God, the American cast are so terrible at acting. It’s sad, but I know several people in High School that can act better than these guys. :’c

    • chuchu

      Edi ikaw sana nag direktor

  • kris dane

    너무 멋 있습니다

  • ian

    how to download this videos

  • Evelyn

    Lucky actors, go to lovely location for filming and surf. I would love to stay in that lovely house overlooking the ocean.

    • pickachu

      They are actors. They are handsome you are ugly your not even famous.

  • Evelyn

    Why are the writers make the girl look so hopeless, silly and needs a boy to come to her rescue always in Kdrama? What century are we living? There is suppose to be no more slavery, gender and race bias!

    • mynamesoundsexy

      I agree…

      • muchumuchu

        Yeah right only your name sounds sexy!!! you are fat like peggy

    • chuchu

      There was not slavery moron!! she was literally weak…

  • Ovi Viyathma

    Watching from the beginning once again <3

  • Bellatrix

    Wow, this episode makes Americans look so stupid… Haha like seriously what is up with the whole stereotypical, beach-going Californian teenage drug addict?

    • trixbella

      Yah! americans look stupid but you are stupid too! be the director

  • minho

    omg love minho so much!! fighting oppa!

  • hamda

    plz can any one tell me (whenever you call me) songs name plz plz

  • Amber97

    Videos won’t play on my ipad… Please…

    • hdhd

      Fake ipad mo

  • AF

    I have watched so many drama’s on this website and I love it ,, except the heirs I cant get it to work ,, not even in other sites

  • PandaPanda

    Loving the drama, but the American actors are so stereotypical and they suck…

  • gianna28

    park shin hye is so preety and kiyomi haha.. she looks like teenager.. i love yooo dramafire i like his drama……mahal kita lee min ho.

    • chuchu

      tanga lang. pretty yun. mahiya ka naman..

      • Chelz

        Grabee. Nobody’s perfect naman .:)

  • nadine aboudiab

    Dramafire is the only website that has the heirs with eng subs so if the page ddnt work just keep reloading n it shld work..its a drama worth watching :D n yeah even american actors do nt stand a chance against our Korean actors <3

  • Chelz

    I sooo love this Korean Drama. One of my favorites though. Lee Min Ho,I Love youuuu soo much. The Heirs is <3

  • Riala Cayabyab

    i just want to ask on how to download this episode?thankyou

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