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The Heirs episode 1

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  • Mai Vo

    Yippeeeeeeeee! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

  • Lerato


  • Alicia Fisher

    Here’s to hoping a bad start means they can only go up….

    • peggy

      I was thinking the same, too. I thought that maybe this dream cast wasn’t so dreamy after all…. :( I’m still watching this drama for 3 more episodes…. Fighting!!

      • poggy

        Edi ikaw sana nag cast!

        • BbyJunssi


          • phantomJayce

            yeah right! XD

        • 081906


  • Marjorie Buckingham

    squeee ;D Does this mean a new episode will be avail every Wed? :) Thank you!!! :)

  • Alifiana Ivy

    yippieeee yippieeeeee finally….

  • ZamBella

    Finally , I’ve waited for like 3 months <3

    • sambilla

      BAt mo kasi hinintay?

  • nhesa


    • January Mejares

      hesess excited ..

      • cheche

        Hesess? Are you a snake like you know hisses or you like kisses

  • farah

    omg i am loving this episodes now that i have watched the first one omg i cant wait to watch the other episodes hopefully they put it soon cuz i cant wait anymore had beeen waiting for ages……….Hearing those Americans talk sound so freaking weird, but seeing Lee Min Ho trying to speak english is kinda cute and funny. Hahaha. I can’t wait for the next episode! ^^

    • Katleen Casabuena Lamano

      The day I heard that Shin Hye and Min Ho will be together in one drama .. Oh My I feel very excited ! I love them both <3 ;) :)

  • justine planas

    i love the first episode and cant wait watch the other ones ahhh love lee min ho and park shin hye, they make a good couple:)

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    Finally :((( Tear Much!!!

    • Ooran

      tear much??? pasabugin ko mukha mo eh… <3


    Seriously from the first ep I love this drama <3

    • January Mejares

      i agree so nice ..

  • Guest

    Here i go…

  • Dr.Cupcake

    YAY!! Finally here :)

  • whirlwind

    dramaholics dont have the episode 1 and 2 anymore and even change its title to Lee Min Ho..I hope that will not happen here..

  • sasti sugianti

    why all comment in here i can’t watch it

    • chochoo

      Of course its here not there

  • ping

    ı love the story and minho!

  • January Mejares

    connection’s sloww ..

    • februery


  • Sreynuch Soeun

    I love it so much….

  • Angelli Sanico

    i already love this drama

  • Angelli Sanico

    where are the other episodes?

    • angellu sinipa

      Hanapin kasi utak men!

  • Angelli Sanico

    i’m excited to see the next episodes …………. weeeeeeeeeee

  • mymykeziah

    internet connection is slow but i will surely love this kd. it was recommended by my cousin. :))

  • carol

    Finally, recommended by my ate camille hoho can’t wait for it. :*

  • Velinash

    God, the American cast are so terrible at acting. It’s sad, but I know several people in High School that can act better than these guys. :’c

    • chuchu

      Edi ikaw sana nag direktor

      • tinginlangxD

        hahaha sige ipush mu yan. basagin ang mga pabilib xD

      • BbyJunssi


    • Guest

      ang arte mo! sana nga ikaw na nag Direct, kaw kya umacting! try mo mo mag korean language, tignan ntin kung magaya mo accent nila

      • guest

        god can you guys fck off? everyone is entitled to their own opinion. we don’t need you telling us that we should have been the director or how hard it is to speak korean. obviously nobody’s perfect, same as how no drama is perfect. everyone has diff opinions so get ur lame a(s)(s) outta here ps i understand filipino perfectly so next time if you’re trying to state your opinion on the internet at least learn how to speak english honey :)

  • kris dane

    너무 멋 있습니다

  • ian

    how to download this videos

  • Evelyn

    Lucky actors, go to lovely location for filming and surf. I would love to stay in that lovely house overlooking the ocean.

    • pickachu

      They are actors. They are handsome you are ugly your not even famous.

  • Evelyn

    Why are the writers make the girl look so hopeless, silly and needs a boy to come to her rescue always in Kdrama? What century are we living? There is suppose to be no more slavery, gender and race bias!

    • mynamesoundsexy

      I agree…

      • muchumuchu

        Yeah right only your name sounds sexy!!! you are fat like peggy

    • chuchu

      There was not slavery moron!! she was literally weak…

      • Rhalina

        yeah moron…

    • shinhye

      Don’t watch!

    • anonymous

      bad english

      • Laine xD


  • Ovi Viyathma

    Watching from the beginning once again <3

  • Bellatrix

    Wow, this episode makes Americans look so stupid… Haha like seriously what is up with the whole stereotypical, beach-going Californian teenage drug addict?

    • trixbella

      Yah! americans look stupid but you are stupid too! be the director

      • Guest

        really? is that all you got? “be the director”? fkn morons

    • Rhalina


    • peace

      Ikr that was actually what I was thinking. Quite stereotypical and I guess over exaggerated too…but I’m not too sure, considering I have no idea what california is actually like.

  • minho

    omg love minho so much!! fighting oppa!

  • hamda

    plz can any one tell me (whenever you call me) songs name plz plz

  • Amber97

    Videos won’t play on my ipad… Please…

    • hdhd

      Fake ipad mo

      • Amber97

        mukha mo fake!!

  • AF

    I have watched so many drama’s on this website and I love it ,, except the heirs I cant get it to work ,, not even in other sites

  • PandaPanda

    Loving the drama, but the American actors are so stereotypical and they suck…

    • Majesty Love

      Thats a ljk harsh guys…they may suck but so what!!???

  • gianna28

    park shin hye is so preety and kiyomi haha.. she looks like teenager.. i love yooo dramafire i like his drama……mahal kita lee min ho.

    • chuchu

      tanga lang. pretty yun. mahiya ka naman..

      • Chelz

        Grabee. Nobody’s perfect naman .:)

  • nad.leb

    Dramafire is the only website that has the heirs with eng subs so if the page ddnt work just keep reloading n it shld work..its a drama worth watching :D n yeah even american actors do nt stand a chance against our Korean actors <3

  • Chelz

    I sooo love this Korean Drama. One of my favorites though. Lee Min Ho,I Love youuuu soo much. The Heirs is <3

  • Riala Cayabyab

    i just want to ask on how to download this episode?thankyou

    • NPCeeD

      try downloading a download manager

  • patrioticpatricia

    i’m only here for the comments. sassy Filipinos. i’m proud of y’all guys

    • woobins

      sassy? more like lame and annoying tbh

  • BbyJunssi


  • BbyJunssi

    Turtle Net-3-

  • chamayvez

    Even if Park Min-young was the one I like to be working with Lee Min-ho.
    I still want to see this. Those who hate this then go see other dramas.
    Hindi naman kayo kawalan eh.

  • Jin Chan

    Not bad for the first episode, I cannot really judge it right away without completing the drama. Hoping for better episodes, I just decided to watch it bcoz of Lee Min Ho

  • Miyuki_beybi

    Pano ito idownload?

  • Rawan Hany

    it’s really an amazing episode

  • janella faye

    how to download this?..tnx in advance

  • unicatyn_PH

    i hope there will be The Heirs Season 2 please… or another for MinShin love the couple ;)

  • Vhey Marie Dalde

    nice drama, love it!

  • marie bernhard

    Lee Min Ho as the rich youngster is seeing a live life drama in front of his eyes and is fascinated from the first moment on, what the poor girl will do with this situation. This is properly the ground the hole drama and also love will be growing on…I love this look in Lee Min Ho s eyes when he is looking at the poor girl and her drama of life. What ll happen next?…I ve to watch it!

  • tiarrajj18

    i just love this ,,, everything abt it , i wish i could someone hot like lee minh ho

  • Rhalina

    watching the 1st episode, looks interesting….but if i have a sister like that sister ran away with the money….honestly i will definitely throw a good fist on her face before i forgive her….

  • carol


    this drama is infuriating in so many ways, but I have 0 problems with the way they’re protraying americans. It’s cracking me up.

  • Luong

    This is episode is so over the top, I am not sure if i’ll like it :(

  • Rita

    Here we go again yay :D

  • Janett Souvenir Chan

    Nice !!

  • kava

    how funny! this was filmed in my home town of Huntington Beach! Although iI don’t know where that ghetto part came from? lol that is funny if that is how koreans see us americans. You can tell this guy don’t surf by how he is paddling out. This show has good reviews, i will keep watching

  • AliaHeart

    seriously is my net slow or is it that this video is broken??

  • heir……


  • Mj Andrey :-)

    I love U Min Ho :-*… U are such a kind,very handsome,& a great actor… keep it up!!! God bless U :-)

  • Laine xD


  • Laine xD

    Yeah right !

  • claire

    i couldn’t agree more.. I’m a filipino but i really find it stupid for someone to make Big reactions on something so small.. nakakahiya because some filipinos thinks highly of themselves and talk as if their someone so high and might.. “kaya siguro guys, wala na masyadong nag rerespeto sa atin” because of this attitude..
    I don’t usually comment because I prefer to watch the drama and enjoy my time.. but some things are just too degrading.. wag naman kayong epal at mag enjoy nalang.. keep your thoughts to yourself unless it is really worth sharing… give respect to the director, the casts and the people watching the show..

  • iman atiqah

    omg i like lee minho so much…

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