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The Heirs episode 11

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  • phitie lopez

    thank u….ur d best….

  • Eiji

    thank u.. :)

  • tsinleh10

    thank You! :)

  • Kayna


  • Samyy12

    1-I loved this Episode
    2-I don’t know why but I’m starting to like Yook Do and his relationship with Cha Eun Sang and I love how he bullies her even though he doesn’t intend to
    3-I also love Kim Tan’s personality
    4-I didn’t like Lee Bo Na at first but she’s so cool unlike the others
    5-I pity Yoo Rachel

    • Hannie

      Woohoo HELLO team YD-ES !! :)

      • kintan

        Me too. Love YD-ES!

    • kimhyunmin

      so confusing!haha

      • Samyy12

        hahah I know right :D

    • COol gurl

      Hey if you guys like this watch BOYS OVER FLOWERS its like the same story but with different characters u will love it!!!!!!!! (I think that this is based on that ).

      • Samyy12

        Boys over Flowers is way better than the heirs !!!

        • Ovi Viyathma

          Agreed (Y)

        • Denise Cariño

          I also prefer Boys over Flowers than The heirs because every episode in BOF there is a romantic and exciting scene! Right?! :)

    • Matsushina

      I’m really like your comment, ‘couze i like YD – ES

  • Hannie


  • farah

    It’s here already…can’t wait to watch it :)
    Thank you dramafire♥

  • Elberrific


  • spider89

    i hope sooner Eun Sang will learn how to fight back literally.. you know.. like kicking Young Do’s ass too.. XD BTW, thanks DramaFire! so fast! love you more than LMH now… XOXO =)

  • Stephanie Deo

    dang this story become more interesting …… love it so muchhhh …………

  • Hannie

    Love YD-ES even more~~~~~~

  • fatimah al solechan

    All this video did not work on my tab

  • Korean_drama_lover

    Omg it’s already out!!! Thanks drmafire

  • Korean_drama_lover


  • nitnit

    thanks dramafire…:)

  • kimhyunmin

    love is so complicated!

  • kimhyunmin

    i wish i could be cha eun sang

  • Rowena Raymundo Tolentino
  • Iwts

    Thank you dramafire.!! Please quickly upload the heirs episode 12!

  • ♛ Gesit Ratih ♛

    thanks ^__^

  • sey punzalan

    Love this episode:-)

  • Evenli Eve

    i am in so much love with the drama and lee min ho!!!

  • carolyn.lopera

    i was excited.every thurstday.because im watching heirs..its a good drama fire.for upload…

  • Samyy12

    Thank you Dramafire^^

  • Gwapo

    Thanks! Hahahha, hope Young Do has a chance too!

    • denise cariño

      gwapomka wehh san banda sa mata?

  • Mary Rose

    Next episode please……. :) I love it!

  • tiffany

    awesome!love this drama,especially when the part that Kim Tan is mad at his mom for liking EunSang!

  • yq

    kim tannnnn

  • sey punzalan

    ep12 tomorrow plz..hopefully:-)

  • Cha Eun Nis

    i love u kim tan & cha eun sang ,, thanks drama fire ,,

  • Rossa E

    Young Do, I love you even more

  • Alanoudalii

    I hate seeing her with Jim Tan :

  • akiko

    when is the episode 12 coming up?

  • farah

    Oh my, it’s difficult. I like both Kim Tan and Young Do for Eun Sang! I don’t like the way Young Do expresses his feelings by abusing her and messing with her, but I know he really likes her and she’s changing him. Hopefully Kim Tan and Young Do become close again, they’re already halfway by talking again.Oh, and I really dislike Park Shin Hye’s kisses – Usually always surprised, cold, and with her eyes wide open haha. Still love her though!

    • Guest

      i want her to be with Yook Do more than Kim Tan ‘cuz if she end up with Kim Tan it will be cliche i want a twist i want her to be with Yook Do SO BAD

      • Jung_Stal

        then it will be like BOF’s ending which is more cliche’

  • Brunhilda

    Hey Wina, i dont know if i got the name right. It is me from the infinite concert. I finally got to watch heirs here. Write back if u see this

  • Kitty

    YD doesn’t know how to express his feelings and uses bullying to get Eun Sang attention. So hard to decide which is better for Eun sang… Let’s see how it ends….

  • Brunhilda

    hey Wina, dont know if i got it right. It is me from the infinite concert. I finally got to see heirs here.

  • RacHel

    i love also dis ep..^_^

  • Yari

    At what time is episode 12 going to be download

  • Lynn

    Why is ep 12 not up yet ?

  • Hannie

    I’m going crazy. Where’s ep.12? Dramafire pweaseeeee :”””

  • kiki

    Where is ep 12?

  • Kayna

    Episode 12 pleassssseeee!

  • Savannah


  • Guest

    i want her to be with Yook Do more than Kim Tan

  • Guest

    cuz if she end up with Kim Tan it will be cliche i want a twist i want her to be with Yook Do SO BAD

  • Muna Almasri 무나

    i want her to be with Yook Do more than Kim Tan ‘cuz if she end up with Kim Tan it will be cliche i want a twist i want her to be with Young Do SO BAD

  • Name

    whats the name of the instrumental that plays when Young Do hugs Cha Eun Sang by the pool???

  • veronica

    Impossible love…. finally some tension!! Lee min ho still so handsome ^^ lol he really doesn’t look like he’s going to be 18 soon hahah

  • cheryl

    question ! is this show only aired twice a week in korea? that y its only Thursday Friday upload? any one tell me

    • mims

      Yes its aired two times every week, Wednesday and Thursdays but subs are usually realised on thursday And Fridays

  • Lani

    Lee Bo na is hilarious.

  • monochromekhione

    Young Do FTW!
    YD-ES FTW!

    • monochromekhione

      And ‘take me hand’…

  • crzyguy

    Is this how the society of chabol in Korea? I am glad that I was not born there. If I have the super power of Black magic, I will put a spell on them to become begger over night. that would be fun.

  • velvet

    where can i download this ep ? anyone please ?

  • Angelli Sanico

    geez……… i cant take this any longer!

  • Angelli Sanico

    love love i super love this drama ever!

  • Angelli Sanico

    shocks! so kilig to the bones!

  • Angelli Sanico

    shocks vah aneh!

  • Angelli Sanico

    what an understanding mom eun sang had………. i got jealous

  • aMinyMouse

    I love Hyungsik’s character!! I still ship Eun Sang with Young Do though, cause Kim Tan is being a creep lol

  • Saltanat

    Young Do is the most interesting character in this drama, Kim Tan is just boring, and Eun Sang’s character is so weak and plain, I am watching this show only because of Young Do really

  • Nur Adriana

    Ayy,Starting Of The Video Already Fight.

  • Nadine Cruz

    Kim Tan has the nicest polos haha diamond retric styles polka dots what else?? Ippuda ne!

  • Hazeth

    Best part ever!!!! Hugs!

  • Pepper Potts

    I’m sorry but Young Do is the one…. Kim Tan is so boring!

  • Patricia

    Kim Tan is <3

  • KawaiiSenpai

    Go back to America!

  • 신인나

    I am really gonna die with the feels I feel. ottoke~

  • jane

    y do circumstances sucks!… huhuhu

    it takes me so much time to see dis episode,. but my internet connection suks!
    i hate it,..

  • Preethi

    “you lost your mom’s friend??!!” LOL that’s so funny XD

  • areeba

    boys over flowers is the best drama .i love it

  • blahhhhh

    when kim tan says “you want to die?” I immediately think of boys over flower.

  • dille

    i just love yook do ! <3

  • Nesia Adilaksana

    Hahaha poor kim tan, eun sang never enjoyed his kiss…. (Stupid shock face)

  • crazycartoonita

    kim tan and cha eun sang are too cute together, but i feel sorry for choi young do!!

  • crazycartoonita

    at 24.28 i was dying from laughing when he pulled him in the pool!!

  • crazycartoonita

    i don’t know why but the scene at 33.48 reminds me of elena when she says to damon ” you lost her too (kathrine)”. It was such an intense scene especially the look in Choi young do’s eyes!!

  • yaya

    Bo Na is really smart… I like her hahaha…! at first I thought she just another bimbos like the other girls… Bo Na treated Eun Sang nicely and that’s how she wins her boyfriend’s heart.. Not like that stupid Rachel.. keep being mean and you gonna lose your Kim Tan, girl…

  • shane asis

    i love this, thanks drama fire

  • Arooj Rajabi

    I love yook Do!!

  • kenny496

    Just found out that Young Do is actually a sadist. Takes pleasure in bullying Cha Eun Sang. OMG! Pourquoi?? Well he did say he would like to see how he feels when he bullies her… sigh

  • Kim HyunJoong

    Nahh.. It’s because they have more flowerboys in BOF hehe… Agree?

  • unknown

    Lee bo na is cute when she is jelous <3

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