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The Heirs episode 12

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  • Hannie

    Finally :””””” *sobbing. Thanks dramafire. Ok. Let’s watch!

  • Rohini

    Thank you dramfire….

  • sey punzalan

    Thanks drama fire

  • tsinleh10

    thank You!! :)

  • Kayna

    Finallyyyyyyyyy!!!! OMGGGGG

  • Stephanie Deo

    oh finally my waiting is worth

  • Hannie

    Eotteoghae !!!!!!!

  • iwts

    Thank youuu!! Please upload the new episode please

  • Stephanie Deo

    omg…this episode full of emotional

  • littlestar

    drama fire is jjang! thanks a bunch :)

  • kimhyunmin

    poor kim tan!

  • Trụ Trì

    OMG where is the preview of the next episode…..:((

  • sey punzalan

    Haist until next thursday:-(

  • trouble maker

    omg… this ep is so nice. everytime “Heirs” end the show by making ppl excited for the next ep. like this ep, i am so excited for ep 13. i want to kow what will cha eun sang do when she see kim tan in his crying state. omg… i am so sad needa wait until next thurs. haizz….

  • Evenli Eve


  • Rowena Raymundo Tolentino

    Thank you dramafire

  • Hannie

    “I was just lonely because you left, i’m just glad because you’re back..” -YoungDo.
    Aaaaaaaaaa ^•^

    • Samyy12

      I loved it when he said it He’s so cutee and when he was looking for her in the internet ^^

      • Hannie

        Yes, he’s sooo cute! I also love everytime YD-ES fought, they just too cute ^•^

  • momo

    fave episode so far!!! Thanks so much Dramafire :)

  • minoz

    I wonder whats going to happen to Kim Tan’s mother … where did the preview go anyway?

  • JoannaJaneJaja

    For me…Choi Young Do and Park Shin hye is mor like a couple for me….IDK buti just love watching them together…..ohmg

    • Muna Almasri 무나

      i want her to be with Young Do SO BAD

      • Looney Tunes

        PEople always want the female lead with the asshole. Highly unoriginal and totally predictable.

        • Muna Almasri 무나

          maybe but its my 1st time i’m always with the nice guy time but this time i wish that she could be with Young Do ” I Don’t Know Why “

    • lmhfan

      That’s what most korean dramas are like. They lay more emphasis on the female lead and the second male lead characters being together. We get to see the main leads not being together more than being together. But there are still some that do well in that aspect.

  • Emma Rogel Gallego

    its great and I’m excited to watch the next episode.

  • Samyy12

    Kim Tan’s mum broke my heart. This episode was Daebakk and I especially loved how Kim Tan stand up for his mother

    • Hannie

      Me too, i feel bad for KT’s Mom.. And also, wondering what will Rachel do to ES…….

  • kintan

    Dun u just love d way YD talks to and look at ES. Melts~~~~~~

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    @34:56 when tan and young do look each other eyes i though the background music is ` Love is the moment` lol

    • Muna Almasri 무나

      LOL i was waiting for the song ‘ c’mon where is it LOL

  • DramaLover

    ep 13 !!!!!!

  • farah

    okay 12 eps and not much has happened, and am i the only one getting tired of the staring contests/stalking? creepy much?..Anyway probably the best episode so far. At least things are happening. I do respect Tan more now for manning up a bit, but I wonder if he really thought it through. I mean, how is he going to stop his mother and Eun Sang from being hurt by this? His father is very likely going to lash out at not only Tan but hit him where he knows it really hurts and that would be those that Tan cares about.

    probably….my fav character is Tan’s mom…

    • kimhyunmin

      hahaha!she is really funny beside that she is a lot of exposure too,sad to know some other cast,they didn’t shine because of short exposure,and maybe that’s the effect of a lot casting,for example Kang Haneul exposure,is very rare to see him

    • Lani

      Haha I always fast forward the awkward stare contests.

  • Guest

    Can someone explain why Young Do is so angry at Tan and where is his mother? Where did she go? Why was that the last time he could have lunch with her? I think I’m missing something.

    • farah

      Because this drama doesn’t explain things thoroughly I will tell you know what I think happened.Young Do’s mom escaped from her family situation because she had a pig of a cheating husband who also beat up on her,she escaped alone without YD because she couldn’t take it.I think the time YD missed his mom was one day that his mom came to meet him at a restaurant and Tan knew but failed to tell him on time or something.It also seems that YD and Tan started fighting during that time so YD either didn’t listen to him or Tan was angry and told him at the last minute,it really isn’t clear at that part.My best take on what happened in that scene,some things are so unclear and confusing in this drama.Also I’m not really sure,but I think his mom died after trying to meet him.Not sure,again unclear.

      • Samyy12

        I don’t think she died she just escaped and never contacted him again

  • Vhelle Galosmo

    You make me cry also Lee Min Ho…

    Love it!!!!!!
    Thanks Dramafire..

  • Alanoudalii

    i HATE seeing Kim Tan with Eun sung…

  • Guest

    Crazy what people will do for and over money! You can’t take it with you when you GO! But you will remember everything you’ve ever done when you’re one your way out of this life!

  • Guest

    Word is bond I would have packed up all my jewelry and anything I could pawn for cash and bounced.

  • Rezideh

    Love it

  • Ejajaja

    Thanks u

  • loly

    he did well when he revealed his real mother, now it’s getting more exiting

  • veronica

    I know the other people aren’t main actors but it would be good to show some progress about them too :( I feel sorry for hyo shin but I really want his character to develop and tans brother

    • Muna Almasri 무나

      i’m curious about tan’s brother i agree

  • Muna Almasri 무나

    i really feel sorry for tan’s mom

  • Laine

    Omgggg do they want to kill me?!?? I need to watch the next one!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Freaking out what happens next?!?! Ahhhhhhhhh! This episode has been THE most intense!!! Freakkkingggg. Outtttt. Neeeeddd. Toooo. Wattchhhh. The. Nextttttt. Episode.

  • Genie Juny

    So sad episode

  • fcb

    thank you dramafire.frankly speaking, you’re the best among other websites!

  • Pearl Poh

    where’s the preview,it’s going to make me more curious

  • Kamila D.

    It’s official… I really hate this couple.
    OMG… I dislike Kim Tan so much. I don’t even have words. And Eun Sang is too weak, too boring, too predictable… “she fights for nothing, she falls for everything”…

    I won’t watch it anymore…

    But I was happy to watch Young Do, he was a very refreshing character.

  • Lee hye


  • Lee hye

    So happy about the engagement. That have been canceled because Kim tan and Rachel never going to be together and happy about that Kim tan and eun sang kiss … I can wait for eps 13 14

  • Mary

    When is episode 13 coming? (:

  • chery

    Kim tan w cha eun sang no chemistry.,

  • Pearl Poh

    this episode make me more curiuos then the other episode

  • Emma Rogel Gallego

    Tan become brave at this episode but I’m afraid for his father’s move that can hurt Eun Shang and his mother. I like this drama more power to all.

  • Tala Safwan

    i would like kim tan and eun sang to be together they are cute

  • Tala Safwan

    when are they going to put episode 13

  • Sri Gustini Sky

    where is the heirs eps 13????
    I’m waiting…..

  • christy

    im surthat the father is going to do the exact same freaking thing to eun sug just like to hyun joo
    such an trouble maker

  • Angelli Sanico

    this is it!!!!!!!!!!!! the revelation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angelli Sanico

    they still love and miss each other

  • Angelli Sanico

    go tan! i’ll support whatever you do

  • Angelli Sanico

    shocks!!!!!! i’m proud of you kim tan! that’s the right thing to do when the things around you go wrong

  • rebelmickey

    i love choi young do for some reason <3

  • wow

    So crinchy I swear couldn’t watch the last bits

  • SPAR

    Iloved the episodes …., do any one know fast streaming webistes …. please help me … im frustuating

  • spark

    I loved it ….,anyone plzzz say me any fastly streaming websites…, plzzzzzz…. help me.., i’m gonna die…,

  • ThePinkBlooded .

    Whenever YD mentions being lonely I feel like bursting into tears :(((
    Wish it could’ve ben YD and ES

  • Pepper Potts

    I’ll let you get me Young Do!!!

  • rachel

    was is cha run sang portrayed as such a weak character it kills me!

  • ThePinkBlooded .

    It’s a good love triangle, I just wish it wasn’t so typical. I would have liked it to be a bit like Boys Over Flowers, fall in love with the good one first but end up with the bad one- I think that’s adorable! :D Besides YD is smokin!

  • Ima Domingo

    Why does everybody want Eun Sang with Young Do? I don’t get it. He’s an asshole. Kim Tan shows his affections better. Why choose to be with somebody who can’t even express their feelings properly? And I don’t get why people hate Eun Sang for being so passive. It’s her character. She’s like that because she lost all her will to dream and be happy because her life is so hard. They’re a breath of fresh air for each other. Just putting it out there. Btw Rachel is pitiful but then again she’s a bitch. Oh and Lee Bona is so funny =)) I love her.

  • francis

    he just got b*tch slapped twice .. and they were real… and i applaud their acting… and if you notice. their eyes are all red… they might have shot that b*tch slap scene quite a few times…

    although the staring contest is a bit absurd, and in real life i contemplate and i ask my self. can i be able to stare at a wall while talking to someone, or can i look at the floor parallel with the one im hugging at the same time..

    the answer is HELL NO.

    i love this episode though..

  • selena_na

    I feel like she is a little bit rough on young do.
    I feel bad for him. why cant she just sort of be nice like how he’s trying.

  • sarah

    i love lee min ho but this show really sucks, there is seriously no chemistry between kim tan n eun sang !!!

  • Ivy Joy de Ocampo

    I cried a lot watching this and the last episodes. Is it bad to cry while watching? LOL.

  • lanzcAt


  • lanzcAt

    just wanna ask if there is another movie of lee min ho and park jyun hye?

  • lanzcAt

    i just love this crazy high school love story….harharhar!

  • Jung_Stal

    Was this the air kiss LMH was talking about?
    how he said their lips were not supposed to touch but he lost control?

  • Jung_Stal

    I love Lee Bo Na she makes everything funny! xD !

  • anonymous

    I feel so bad for YoungDo. He’s a bad guy and a bully, but I feel so sorry for him when his heart is hurting… his acting.

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