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The Heirs episode 13

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  • Eiji

    first! :D
    thanks dramafire..

  • tsinleh10

    thank You!! ;)

  • Bodott


  • no name

    thanks brat

  • 123123

    thanks a lot dramafire!!

  • cheryl

    canno watch it… error!!! ><

  • ananlea

    Thank you dramafire. So lucky to find your site

  • Jeny

    Dramafire,can we watch the “pretty man” too??

    • love dramas

      yeah u can its by the name Bel Ami,,m watching it u can also watch :) pretty man fighting!!

  • Stephanie Deo

    love drama firre sooooooo much ;)

  • lalala

    i love dramafire!!! whoo!!!!! thank you for uploading these dramas!

  • gj4e.08

    Great episode! Each episodes is getting more exciting!
    I wish this drama will took longer than the usual dramas. 50 episodes! haha

    i like jang geun suk and park shin hye back then, but
    i LOVE this two!
    lee min ho and park shin hye forever!

    • Tala Safwan

      ya that is really true

  • alexia

    Luv it.@♡♡♥♡♡♡♥♡♡♥

  • Sri Gustini Sky

    dramafire is the best

  • Hannie

    EOTTEOHGE!!!!! I’m beginning to like KimTan-EunSang, but YoungDo-EunSang also interesting. AAAAAAA~ Love to see KimTan-His Brother relationship :))

  • vians

    hi guys plz help me like my video I really need help! thanks before :D

  • MyInnerBattles

    holy mother of god hahahaha out of all the dramas i’ve watched (and it’s a lot lol) THIS IS MY FAV LOVE TRIANGLE. i loooovvveee tan and eun sang together, when he said “wifey” ughhh i can’t even… xD i wasn’t a fan of lee minho, but i like park shin hye that’s why i watched this, but now i hope those 2 will do more and more dramas together, i love their chemistry! and although young do is such a meanie, my heart breaks for him everytime he tries to get close to eun sang. and the tension between him and tan is also awesome to watch. i hope this drama never ends lol THANK YOU SO MUCH DRAMAFIRE!!!!!

  • Sofeiya Henry

    oh my freaking god. i literally just died when this episode ended, im soooo gonna wait for the next episode. urghh its torturing.

  • Alanoudalii

    YD<3ES Please!!

  • Genie Juny

    Thank you drama fire
    I enjoy watching this drama

  • Muna Almasri 무나

    i feel bad for young do :(

  • farah

    WOW, Eps. 12 & this one here (13) were the greatest…just , WOW at that last scene and the development of the storylines with his brother & his Mom, Eun Sang & Eun Sang’s Mom….The last part though!!! OMG. Kim tan really wants her all by himself lol! Kicking the door so hard, he broke it. xD

  • Guest

    I love the actress that plays Tan’s mom, she does such a good job at being a mom, she reminds me of my mom, minus that fact we’re not Korean, but a mom is a mom. <3

  • Nana

    Is downloading the full episode available since the connection isnt good at all :(

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    Haha seriously i was planning to give-up on this kdrama cause honestly theres no chemestry between minho and shinye, and theres so many dull part like singing bla bla bla. Theres alot involve character to and its like a mess. But when i watch this episode13 it was SUPERB!!! Hehehe this episode was so interesting, so hilarious. So its ended up watching again :)))
    And I think i love young-do than kim tan.

    • Jung_Stal

      I suggest searching up Lee Minho and Park shin Hye Air Kiss ;)

  • Anon


  • Angelli Sanico

    melodramatic!!!!!!!!!!! so full of drama!!!!!!!!!!! characters are always crying!

  • Angelli Sanico

    but i love it anyway!

  • Angelli Sanico

    i pity young do :(

  • Angelli Sanico

    what the ………….. hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh i can’t breath while watching this episode!!!!!!!!! sucks!

  • Angelli Sanico

    rejection sucks!

  • Angelli Sanico

    gosh the story got tougher!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to c another episode

  • chopao

    i really feel bad for young do :(

  • chopao

    chan young is so cuuttteeee! had a huge crush on him :”>

  • Minshin

    i hope this is not their last drama together. minho and shinhye has a chemistry together. kyaah! i hope they’ll become a real couple T^T

  • Lilly

    love kim woo bin <3

  • spark

    oh! anyone please say me in which i could watch without waiting for so long ??? It’s driving me so crazy!plz….plz…

  • spark

    plzz ….plzz guys just say me in which i could see faster?? i’m going crazy

  • spark

    its making me long for more …, thank u drama fire



  • tandelrey

    omg I started tearing up at 52:10
    I just really wish Young Do would fall in love with a really nice girl who loves him back, I hate seeing him being a one-sided lover:( And the music they play for Young Do and Eun Sang is so beautiful I love it!

  • Ima Domingo

    I freaking love this show.

  • queen

    I really Love this Korean drama, To be honest Im not really a fan of Lee Min Ho but When I watch This Oh My God I just Realize that Lee is soo Hot and Thank Youu so Much Dramafire! :))

  • tsanf

    Faaaaak, why does my computer takes too long to load? I mean, my network connection works properly but the thing is, my laptop took too long to be stable. And I am damn pissed off.

    • ninja jinja

      Your computer is fake

  • Jeanie Kim


  • song yi

    is there any way that i can download this episode?

  • sarah

    out of all the episodes so far……..this is the best ;)

  • Valery Wolfheart

    Dunno about you guys, but I wouldn’t like a guy to be checking on me all the time like Tan does e____e what a possessive guy !

  • Rhalina

    I really don’t get why Young Do’s attitude’s is still childish….does he has to continue bullying even if he’s in the age where we expected mature minds….but if he’s like that because of his mother, he needs to grow up he’s not a little kid anymore….rich spoil kids with attitudes really annoys me…

  • champagnepura

    I like Young Do’s wardrobe better than Kim Tan’s…….Lee Min Ho’s stylist should rethink his/her propensity to dress a normal guy in haute clothes. What looks good look on a runway will look weird as street clothes.

  • zineb outarocht

    Lee min ho never doubt to impress me , such a great actor,singer and all! Huge fan of him since his 2009 successful serie ‘boys over flowers’ it was the best, anyway this serie is also amazing,but the passion and love between tan and eun sang need to get more intense :/

  • The X Daft

    Young Do I Won’t Reject You!!!!

  • Dara

    My situation right now is the same as KAng Ha Neul / I dont Want to become a lawyer but my parents force me :(

  • Arooj Rajabi

    Omg that was fucken awesome I cant stop watching it

  • exoFighting

    I mean, being rejected is the worst thing…I feel bad for Young Do…but he needs to accept the sad truth. Cause what he is doing will make her dislike him even more.

  • lazyXD

    I hate rachel..she so rude..!!!

  • Kim HyunJoong

    XD yeah same! MinHyuk (the actor of Chan Young) [and also in CNBLUE] is such a cutie! You should see how cute he is in Heartstrings! Sooo cutteeee~~

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