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The Heirs episode 13

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  • Eiji

    first! :D
    thanks dramafire..

  • tsinleh10

    thank You!! ;)

  • Bodott


  • no name

    thanks brat

  • 123123

    thanks a lot dramafire!!

  • cheryl

    canno watch it… error!!! ><

  • ananlea

    Thank you dramafire. So lucky to find your site

  • Jeny

    Dramafire,can we watch the “pretty man” too??

    • love dramas

      yeah u can its by the name Bel Ami,,m watching it u can also watch :) pretty man fighting!!

  • Stephanie Deo

    love drama firre sooooooo much ;)

  • lalala

    i love dramafire!!! whoo!!!!! thank you for uploading these dramas!

  • gj4e.08

    Great episode! Each episodes is getting more exciting!
    I wish this drama will took longer than the usual dramas. 50 episodes! haha

    i like jang geun suk and park shin hye back then, but
    i LOVE this two!
    lee min ho and park shin hye forever!

    • Tala Safwan

      ya that is really true

  • alexia

    Luv it.@♡♡♥♡♡♡♥♡♡♥

  • Sri Gustini Sky

    dramafire is the best

  • Hannie

    EOTTEOHGE!!!!! I’m beginning to like KimTan-EunSang, but YoungDo-EunSang also interesting. AAAAAAA~ Love to see KimTan-His Brother relationship :) )

  • vians

    hi guys plz help me like my video I really need help! thanks before :D

  • MyInnerBattles

    holy mother of god hahahaha out of all the dramas i’ve watched (and it’s a lot lol) THIS IS MY FAV LOVE TRIANGLE. i loooovvveee tan and eun sang together, when he said “wifey” ughhh i can’t even… xD i wasn’t a fan of lee minho, but i like park shin hye that’s why i watched this, but now i hope those 2 will do more and more dramas together, i love their chemistry! and although young do is such a meanie, my heart breaks for him everytime he tries to get close to eun sang. and the tension between him and tan is also awesome to watch. i hope this drama never ends lol THANK YOU SO MUCH DRAMAFIRE!!!!!

  • Sofeiya Henry

    oh my freaking god. i literally just died when this episode ended, im soooo gonna wait for the next episode. urghh its torturing.

  • Alanoudalii

    YD<3ES Please!!

  • Genie Juny

    Thank you drama fire
    I enjoy watching this drama

  • Muna Almasri 모나

    i feel bad for young do :(

  • farah

    WOW, Eps. 12 & this one here (13) were the greatest…just , WOW at that last scene and the development of the storylines with his brother & his Mom, Eun Sang & Eun Sang’s Mom….The last part though!!! OMG. Kim tan really wants her all by himself lol! Kicking the door so hard, he broke it. xD

  • Guest

    I love the actress that plays Tan’s mom, she does such a good job at being a mom, she reminds me of my mom, minus that fact we’re not Korean, but a mom is a mom. <3

  • Nana

    Is downloading the full episode available since the connection isnt good at all :(

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    Haha seriously i was planning to give-up on this kdrama cause honestly theres no chemestry between minho and shinye, and theres so many dull part like singing bla bla bla. Theres alot involve character to and its like a mess. But when i watch this episode13 it was SUPERB!!! Hehehe this episode was so interesting, so hilarious. So its ended up watching again :) ))
    And I think i love young-do than kim tan.

  • Anon


  • Angelli Sanico

    melodramatic!!!!!!!!!!! so full of drama!!!!!!!!!!! characters are always crying!

  • Angelli Sanico

    but i love it anyway!

  • Angelli Sanico

    i pity young do :(

  • Angelli Sanico

    what the ………….. hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh i can’t breath while watching this episode!!!!!!!!! sucks!

  • Angelli Sanico

    rejection sucks!

  • Angelli Sanico

    gosh the story got tougher!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to c another episode

  • chopao

    i really feel bad for young do :(

  • chopao

    chan young is so cuuttteeee! had a huge crush on him :”>

  • Minshin

    i hope this is not their last drama together. minho and shinhye has a chemistry together. kyaah! i hope they’ll become a real couple T^T

  • Lilly

    love kim woo bin <3

  • spark

    oh! anyone please say me in which i could watch without waiting for so long ??? It’s driving me so crazy!plz….plz…

  • spark

    plzz ….plzz guys just say me in which i could see faster?? i’m going crazy

  • spark

    its making me long for more …, thank u drama fire



  • tanya

    omg I started tearing up at 52:10
    I just really wish Young Do would fall in love with a really nice girl who loves him back, I hate seeing him being a one-sided lover:( And the music they play for Young Do and Eun Sang is so beautiful I love it!

  • Ima Domingo

    I freaking love this show.

  • queen

    I really Love this Korean drama, To be honest Im not really a fan of Lee Min Ho but When I watch This Oh My God I just Realize that Lee is soo Hot and Thank Youu so Much Dramafire! :) )

  • tsanf

    Faaaaak, why does my computer takes too long to load? I mean, my network connection works properly but the thing is, my laptop took too long to be stable. And I am damn pissed off.

    • ninja jinja

      Your computer is fake

  • Jeanie Kim


  • song yi

    is there any way that i can download this episode?

  • sarah

    out of all the episodes so far……..this is the best ;)

  • Valery Wolfheart

    Dunno about you guys, but I wouldn’t like a guy to be checking on me all the time like Tan does e____e what a possessive guy !

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