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The Heirs episode 14

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  • Stephanie Deo

    yes..finally…luv u dramafire

  • adiah

    Yes !! Thank you !

  • tsinleh10

    thank you! :)

  • NyLehte ENion

    Xi xie

  • Carolyn

    I am loving this site!!!! … I am Loving The Heirs!!!!!

  • Bodott

    wow… you are awesome dramafire

  • Hannie

    Yaaaaa really!!!! ily LeeMinHo! KimTan-EunSang fit each other. But i also love YoungDo aaaaaa~


    thank u dramafire u are the best wen it comes to uploading video..arghhhh FIGHTING

  • rainbow eyes

    yesssss eps 14!!

  • CrownHeiress

    I like Lee Bo Na. Min Hyuk and Lee Bo Na are so cute together…

  • nj

    i love it…

  • vivi

    love this site…i hope u can upload another drama n movie from america n england…thanx a lot..

  • Ronika Hotang

    Ohhh,,So sweet..

  • Reshiel Rubio

    im so love you dramafire…..

  • YukoAzusa

    Yeay!!! I love you Dramafire!!! <3 <3 <3

  • milethsky

    thank you

  • geell

    i feel bad for choi young do….:(

  • geell

    park shin hye & kim woo bin should make a new drama. They look good together.

    • Genie Juny

      I agree with u…their chemistry so drama ,tree of heaven..PSH n LEE WAN

  • Shi Hye

    Thank you for the fast subbing and great video quality (:

  • Mantawi Julie

    OMG! Can’t wait the next episode!…<3

  • keith

    rachel is so cute

  • keith

    youngDo is ugly

    • Tala Safwan

      ya true

    • Kc

      Very much agree he’s so ugly.. Eeww

      • Andrea

        At least he’s working with Lee Min Ho. And how bout you guys?
        Stop being mean as if you are perfect.

  • yurie

    Omg, it’s so touching – the ladt part oucchhhh

  • Pretty please

    Please upload the episode 1 of PRETTY MAN. pretty please……

    • Milyanda Potter

      you can try wacth bel ami drama pretty man

      • m0nciar

        thats the new series i saw today, havent watch it but on my way to so~

  • Indi

    I love Lee Min Ho to bits but I find his character here a boring. There’s no chemistry between him and Park Shin Hye. Honestly, I’m wishing it’d be Young Do and Eun Sang in the end. Team Young Do all the way! I really hate it when Young Do is hurt, especially the part when he was rejected. My God, I really wanted to kill Eun Sang that time.

    • Samyy12

      I’m actually starting to like kim tan’s character and they do have a hell of a chemistry!!!

      • Asmaa Hamed

        totally disagree. but again it just personal opinions.

    • A person

      Totally disagree.
      How would you feel if a person is forcing you to like him/her?
      But then again, it’s just my opinion.

    • Lola

      I’m Team Young Do too!!!

    • sugarpeaches

      What is wrong with all of you???? Young Do is a creep and a stalker, who forces himself on Eun Sang all the time. Geez, I’m worried about girls who think that is cool or romantic. Guess you all read Twilight too often, smh. Kim Tan isn’t perfect, but at least he’s not a psychopath!

      • Ima Domingo

        Finally, someone speaks sense

    • Minshin

      In my opinion, Naah. There is chemistry between Min ho and Shin Hye. and lee min ho’s character is not boring. He’s still strong whenever he has problems or something and he’s fighting for his love. =)

  • carolyn lopera

    wow….super tan…i realy like it this episod 14…super romantic…i realy like it this heirs…thank you drama fire…..

  • Jade

    I love Tan’s mom she is so funny!…

  • Kpopfan

    Kim Tan is so annoying I love LMH but Kim Tan is too clingy


    • Tala Safwan

      kim tan and lee min hoo are the same

      • Aaron

        He’s saying that he likes Lee Min-ho, but he hates his character in this drama.
        . .Get it?

    • sugarpeaches

      Lol, how is he more clingy than crazy stalker Young Do???? Who keeps pursuing a girl endlessly even though she told him a thousand times NO I DON’T LIKE YOU!

  • ZELF


  • hanna

    15 ep plssssssssssss :) ))

  • Laineeee <3

    OMG I can’t belive we have to wait till Thursday to watch the next one. I. Going absolutely nuts!! I need to watch the next one!!

  • lalala

    i really think drama fire is the best site to watch dramas now:DDDD

  • farah

    Finally slapped her..thankkkkk you. I had been wanting to do that the entire time.there were so many times that i wanted to hug Young Do! :3 I love his character! lol and i liked the ending, it was really cute, how Kim Tan kissed her forehead.
    Awwwwww so freaking awesome!!~~ I can’t get enough of this!

  • Lani

    Aww the ending was so cute

  • Emma Rogel Gallego

    I cannot wait to watch the next episode now that they reveal their true identity.

  • Giraffe™

    ep 15 pleaseeee!!!

  • genie

    Sometimes I thought that Tan’s efforts to protect Eun Sang towards Young Do is a little too much. Sometimes I even consider it as a just cliche. Dude, please like something such as punching and taking so much risks towards family, appears anywhere & anytime whenever the other boy met or just make a call & smashed the doors, etc etc just to meet a girl would really happen these day.

    • Ima Domingo

      This is the reason why people make stuff like these. Movies, books, songs, shows, they’re all breaks from reality. Things that may not happen in real life but things that some people would have wanted things to turn out. It’s entertainment. It’s a romantic fiction. If you find it annoying, I guess you’re not for stuff like these :)

  • nur amirah

    How to download the videos ?? Do u have any link or smtg

  • sey punzalan

    Kim Tan-Cha Eung much<3
    Chan young-Lee bo cute<3
    Thanks dramafire:-)

  • gagigzRR

    ep 14 only ?? -_-

  • asda

    the heirs is starting to like young do..but i really love kim tan behaviour when kim tan with his brother..he looks like a cute :3

    • Pretty girl

      I totally agree with u….. KT is a cute lil brother ^_^

  • sam

    love it but hate how long it loads sometimes

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    So interesting im so excited and im craving for the next episode! Really thanks to dramafire^^.

  • Sarah

    aww, sometimes i forget how much i hate young do :)

  • Angelli Sanico


  • Angelli Sanico

    nah how sweet of you kim tan! i got jealous to eun sang….yoo rachel made a mistake.

  • echa

    Love it

  • Kc

    I like Kim Tan.. He really fit for Eun Sang.. Young Do is so annoying, childish!

  • tanya

    YD is pretty hot :p

  • funny

    well at the last it seems that the party already belongs to eun sang & TAN.

  • Andrea

    This drama makes me feel alive every night. Thanks for this. Midnight Summer Dreams :)

  • Deenky

    young do should just kiss eun sang… :(
    Team Young Do <3

  • marie bernhard

    This is nt only a kiss for Eun Sang from Tan. This is an overwhelming coming-out from Eun Sang and Tan shows the hole world that he loves this girl and her strengh to stand up for herself. I can watch the end of this ep over and over again. So often I wished for myself to have such a strengh stand up for what I want in life. Lee Min Ho is such an good actor!..

  • asdfghj

    I sometimes hate Cha Eun Sang. Why is she a cry baby? I don’t find it crying with such very very small things. UGH! It’s annoying. really. And Choi Young Do, he’s stupid and a coward. He takes advantage with the weaknesses of other people. He wants other people being miserable just like him. -.-

  • Rhalina

    The one slap wasn’t enough….wish it was a punch….been wanting to do that, to that smart mouth…but it was really nice, really cute how Tan took the apron off, tied that around her wrist and kissed on her forehead….awwwwww so cute….ah and if i was there i wouldn’t mind give Young Do a hug too……

  • Anom

    Is it just me that died from laughing when the two girls were arguing and Tan just appeared from the background and snatched an invitation letter LOL

  • Jung_Stal

    I so love Lee Bona and Chan Young<3 <3 <3 neomo-kyeowo!!!

  • The X Daft

    The ending was so cute

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