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The Heirs episode 18

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  • Eiji

    wow so early dramafire you are the besT!!
    sad to know two episodes left. :(

  • Lyn

    Thanks dramafire…

  • kimhyunmin

    pitiful kim tan

  • Mojiko

    Thank you drama fire!!! Appreciate the speedy upload! You’re the best !

  • Hannie

    *sigh. *sobbing.
    EunSang-YoungDo’s moment just heartbreaking :( i feel sad fo YD :”"”
    Stay Strong ES-KimTan!!!!
    Can’t wait to see The Chairman reaction at the birthday party……
    Ohya, i think HyoShin sunbae-Rachel would make a great couple ;) ))
    The Heirs awesome!

    • geell

      i felt bad for Young Do..I got teary eyed..I agree, with your opinion about HYosin & Rachel. The chairman will explode because of anger..The series is indeed fantastic.

      • Hannie

        I don’t know why, but compared to KimTan-EunSang’s sad scenes,
        I cried the most on YoungDo’s sad scenes..
        Yessss! HyoShin-Rachel :)
        Uhhhh 2 episodes left :(

        • geell

          absolutely, I felt sad for young do.. knowing there are two episodes left, feel great sadness..:(

          • Hannie

            Yess, 2 episodes left :( i want to see more of ChoiYoungDo character. Can’t get enough of ChoiYoungDo!!!!

          • Aigoo

            2 Episodes Left . Really Im Crying , Specially For Young Do

    • The_awesomeness_named_sausage

      Aghh!!! YoungDo! Don’t hate on me but I shipped YoungDo & EunSang

  • assiffa

    when’s ep 19 gonna be uploaded?

    • callimiloh

      Nxt thurs

  • Cathy

    Aww YoungDo shows a lot more of his timid side in this episode, he is so much cuter when he’s shy than when he’s acting like a jerk.

    • geell

      yup…love him..♥

  • geell


  • geell


  • geell


  • Doty Micklay

    every teardrop worth to moisten the dry-spot when you turn your back from the love we fight to build,every pain that makes sleepless night when goodbyes unbearable–the loneliness that tear the gut of living….dive head-on unrepairable but thanks to that bottomline crash that when all odds are line-up and balances to the understand love more….the healing path will guide to a love that everlasting happiness.

  • chizala

    OMG finally yong da is with kim tan
    and cha eun sung is making me hate her
    poor kim tan

  • Phoenix-G

    Korean drama series are simply the best. Superior in terms of depth in story, lessons in life and most of all, the emphasis of family values make it worthwhile for young people to watch. Do i also need to mention the brilliant portrayal of the characters by the actors?
    Lee Min Ho, you rock! I adore you, keep on shining!!!

    • Kealapuaone Moreno

      In the most part I agree with you, however the family values of this Chaebol family is askewed! Why should the emotions or feelings of any individual regardless of age be diminished by anyone, especially by a parent! In Kim Tan‘s favor are the “FRIENDS” he has ie Choi Young Do and his Hyung Kim Won.

  • jojoxselech .

    thanks thanks

  • Elsha

    OMG.! I cried so badly when young do went to chase tan to get him see his mother. TT
    I wonder what will tan’s father’s reaction when he sees eun sang. Maybe he will really be hospitalised. :)

  • Jovita

    Maybe someone know, the name of the drama, which was in the end of the episode?

  • Vanessa Mclaughlin

    Can anyone tell me what the name of the next drama is they never put the title in english :(

    • ananlea

      Its called You From Another Star

  • Vanessa Mclaughlin

    Happy KImTan and EunSangs are fighting together they broke my heart in so many episodes.Poor YoungDo my heart just keeps braking for him. he needs someone for himself. Bad boy he maybe but his center always seems to shine through. The Chairman is a monster Cold bad Man!

  • ryff7

    I really loveeee this drama!!! Kim tan is the bestt actor <3 <3 …2 episodes left ;( uhh Waiting for a new drama with Lee Min Ho is an actor..I just love him too muchh hewhew :P

  • Jnx325

    I love the scene with young do and cha eun sang’s mom. Here is a woman whom he met for only the second time, but he was welcomed in her house and was served the most delicious food she herself prepared. Kindness .

    • geell

      he felt appreciated..mixed emotions he felt happiness & great sadness.

  • eany

    young do how can i said i love u rather than kim tan TT.TT

  • ananlea

    Thank you Dramafire

  • Cess

    Omg this drama is so good..hoping for them to make it longer..all the cast are amazing…super

  • Pri

    i just luv d end moment <3….it was magical…as if no one exists around them ….both luking at each oder eyes..awww…i feel sad fr young do …but this tym i am gonna cheer fr park shin hye nd lee min ho ..!!!! :) fighting!!! fighting !!!.^_^

  • Ghlemour Ghel B Æ

    2 more episode will be finish huhu…im gonna mis this kdrama hope there’s seasson2

  • January Mejares

    OMG.. young do is pitiful nakakaiyak talaga ..

  • ashian

    ohh myy!!! the Heirs rock!!! great ups and downs!!! .. how hurtful to hear that it would only lasts for 20 episodes!!!

    #cant wait for the last two episodes.. <3

  • Rossa E

    I love Young Do so much, it hurts

  • disqus_conjmr80rz

    Kim Tan-Cha Eun Sang Hoi Hoi Fighting! ^^

  • Wakeida

    I have never cried so hard and for so long. it makes me wish for a love that could never exist which is painful but also very beautiful. if i had their feelings……..i would hold on to them forever.

  • dQ

    cant wait for the, dramafire uploaded this drama’s ep every Thursday?

  • Namu

    OMG, the moment when Young Do ran to tell Kim Tan that his mom is in front of the school was so heartbreaking ! He didn’t want that to do the same mistake twice and let another person (especially Kim Tan) live this moment. I was already crying at the beginning of the story because of Kim Tan & Cha Eun Sang but that moment was just… !
    Anyway, I was smiling like an idiot too when Tan & Eun Sang hold hands in Myung Soo’s house. Also, when she entered the waiting room with a beautiful red dress. Her style was completely awesome ! I understand what was Tan’s feeling at that time. (Even if I am a girl..!)
    Yoon Chan Young & Lee Bo Na couple is just the best ! So cute and cool at the same time. Lee Bo Na protecting Chan Young & CY being jealous. So cuuuuuuute !
    Seeing all those couples makes me want to have a boyfriend too ! So jealous of all of them…
    Anyway, 2 episodes to go ! Thank you dramafire for your work and the fansubs too ! :)
    I hope that the end will be magic ! (A Happy Ending at least ^^)
    Fighting <3

    Note: If Young Do don't finish with Eun Sang, it's okay: I just can kidnap him, lock him in my closet and rape him every night <")

    • Namu

      I almost forgot ! Hyo Shin and Yoo Rachel was just too cute too ! Who text between themselves like their love is a secret when it’s not ! Rachel face was all red and whe was so shy: she fell in love ! *o*

      ssaranghae ! :3

  • Kristin Goh Ya Yu

    when will episode 19 & 20 be released?

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    Grrrr! Whysotearjerker!…
    Whoa ShinHye is a real Goddess>.< …

  • Tata


  • tala safwan

    i really teared up when kim tan told cha eun sang that he cant let her go and when young do and cha eun sang stopped being friends and when yd stayed with ESs mother and when kim tan told his brother to help him

  • amber

    video won’t play on my Ipad… why?

    • Hye-ri

      Sometimes It Also Wont Work At My Phone Too.
      Maybe It Only Works If You Your Computer.

  • Athena

    God I just want Tan’s mother to slap that bastard

    • Athena

      or poison his food that works too

  • rebelmickey

    i want young do to be happy :(

  • tanya

    feel so bad for YD, wish he had a girl who would make him better just like Eun Sang did. I’m also getting slightly fed up of them walking scenes where they just walk straight past each other, it’s starting to get awkward to watch lol

  • tanya

    All the scenes where I wanted to hug YD:
    *When he was eating with Eun Sang’s MOM
    *When he was alone, thinking of his mom in the small resturant
    *When he told Eun Sang he wasn’t going to love her anymore (So proud of him, yaaay!)
    *When he was reminded of his Mom leaving :’(
    I just feel so bad for him, I wish he could have a girl who loved him as much as he loved Eun Sang!

  • Wendy

    Waaahhhh…i cant hold my tears anymore!!!

  • ria

    disregard of lee min ho’s good-looks, he’s acting skill in this episode is awesome .. two thumbs up.. :)


    I’m so happy that Won is finally acknowledging Tan’s existence and helping him, giving him advice and everything even though it started off as a deal. I almost cried when Tan’s mom asked Young Do to find Tan for her because she was leaving..Young Do prevented another tragedy from happening > <

  • kiki

    I wouldnt be surprised if Rachel and Tan were siblings ……..well if Minho doesnt look like her out of this drama….in this drama they look alike and it wouldve been natural if they were siblings…….their eyes look SOO MUCH ALIKE

  • stephy

    OK please don’t hate.. I’m a huge fan of K-dramas and only half way through this episode…But good lord I am so tired of seeing these two mope around and be angsty. I’m also tired of Eun-Sang doing NOTHING for Tan. It seems so one-sided. A love story should be the two of them trying , but it only seems like Tan has ever put effort into their relationship.. not hating on the character, but the writing could be better.
    Don’t get me wrong I think this is an excellent show…but I had to fast forward through so many long, sad scenes of them walking alone to sad music -.-
    ANYWAY. Hopefully this picks up. Don’t mind me !

  • Sara Payne

    I’m crying so much!!
    when Young Do tell’s Eun Sang’s mother that he likes her. I feel soooo bad for him!!! He changed because of her! he cares so much for her! OMG I CAN’T TAKE THIS!! I almost hope they end up together, tho i have a feeling that it’s not so….

  • Lana

    Did anyone else totally cry during the time when Young Do ran into Eun Sangs mom? It was so heartbreaking when she cooked for him, it was like his real mother (knowing he never really got that in his childhood). When he teared up and said thank you it was so sad an adorable.

  • Vien MaFaye ManuLat

    I really love Young Do it’s sad too because he’s a really great guy but he choose to be her friend in respect for Tan.

  • cattie

    oh my God.. I feel really sorry for Young Do.. He only play that bad boy role to cover his flaws.. he is actually a nice guy I understand it now.. he just want to be loved by someone.. his expression with Eun Sang’ mom really broke my heart.. how he longed for motherly love and care all this time.. :’( Hope he find a nice girl and new love..

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