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The Heirs episode 18

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  1. hi there, i got difficulties to download episod onwards… Mind to give a hand?

  2. what movie was it at the last part? I cant understand the language without translator :D thank you

  3. Rewatching this drama like:

    I forgot what happened.

  4. oh my God.. I feel really sorry for Young Do.. He only play that bad boy role to cover his flaws.. he is actually a nice guy I understand it now.. he just want to be loved by someone.. his expression with Eun Sang’ mom really broke my heart.. how he longed for motherly love and care all this time.. :'( Hope he find a nice girl and new love..

  5. I really love Young Do it’s sad too because he’s a really great guy but he choose to be her friend in respect for Tan.

  6. Did anyone else totally cry during the time when Young Do ran into Eun Sangs mom? It was so heartbreaking when she cooked for him, it was like his real mother (knowing he never really got that in his childhood). When he teared up and said thank you it was so sad an adorable.

  7. I’m crying so much!!
    when Young Do tell’s Eun Sang’s mother that he likes her. I feel soooo bad for him!!! He changed because of her! he cares so much for her! OMG I CAN’T TAKE THIS!! I almost hope they end up together, tho i have a feeling that it’s not so….

  8. OK please don’t hate.. I’m a huge fan of K-dramas and only half way through this episode…But good lord I am so tired of seeing these two mope around and be angsty. I’m also tired of Eun-Sang doing NOTHING for Tan. It seems so one-sided. A love story should be the two of them trying , but it only seems like Tan has ever put effort into their relationship.. not hating on the character, but the writing could be better.
    Don’t get me wrong I think this is an excellent show…but I had to fast forward through so many long, sad scenes of them walking alone to sad music -.-
    ANYWAY. Hopefully this picks up. Don’t mind me !

  9. I wouldnt be surprised if Rachel and Tan were siblings ……..well if Minho doesnt look like her out of this drama….in this drama they look alike and it wouldve been natural if they were siblings…….their eyes look SOO MUCH ALIKE

  10. I’m so happy that Won is finally acknowledging Tan’s existence and helping him, giving him advice and everything even though it started off as a deal. I almost cried when Tan’s mom asked Young Do to find Tan for her because she was leaving..Young Do prevented another tragedy from happening > <

  11. disregard of lee min ho’s good-looks, he’s acting skill in this episode is awesome .. two thumbs up.. :)

  12. Waaahhhh…i cant hold my tears anymore!!!

  13. All the scenes where I wanted to hug YD:
    *When he was eating with Eun Sang’s MOM
    *When he was alone, thinking of his mom in the small resturant
    *When he told Eun Sang he wasn’t going to love her anymore (So proud of him, yaaay!)
    *When he was reminded of his Mom leaving :'(
    I just feel so bad for him, I wish he could have a girl who loved him as much as he loved Eun Sang!

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