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The Heirs episode 19

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  • Shazzy

    That’s so fast!

  • kaylee

    THANK YOU drama fire! :D

  • Jhai

    Thanks Dramafire!! :D

  • Rasha2198

    Amazing <3 I love this drama :')

  • KoreanDramaaddicted

    HELP!!!!!can ANNBODY tell me that Korean drama at the end…..?title??///

    • Marls

      The man from the star….

    • neehar

      my love from another star

  • qwerty

    expected that will be happened,no excitement

  • qwerty

    still its be good if their is a twist on the story,some sort viewer will like it

    • geell

      like choi young do would end up with cha eun sang. i’m dreaming. a lot of us are dreaming.

  • andy29

    episode 19 was boring

  • Manje Roslin

    Sorry im interrupt, but for me if their twist this drama “like Choi Young Do would end up with Cha Eun Sang” thats mean what Kim Tan has do it before to get Cha Eun Sang i think all is wasted.

  • Rofa

    i loved it .. Wow

  • Boobies

    I just love the part when kim tan said “yeobo” to eun sang and there’s go chanyoung annoying faces to lee bo na . Haihh wae they so kyeopta

  • geell

    choi young do…………♡♥♡

  • Jennifer

    I episode left… It’s so heartbreaking T_T

  • lee bo na

    ES thumbs are tooo ugly =]]

  • xxx

    Cutest episode ever! Can’t wait for episode 20. Of course it’s suppose to be “boring”… they’re saving up all the good stuff the last one. THE HEIRS FOREVER!

    • SexyBitch

      Agree! I love the part where in Eun sang and Tan is Arguing about if they will last forever! then Won Smiled! so cute!

  • artya

    good job dramafire..fighting!!
    : )

  • Korean_drama_lover

    Omg 1 ep left!!!! It’s soo sad that it will end

  • raneth

    hahaha selos pod daun brother man d i LOL

  • Insyirah Rosman

    The episode will upload on wednesday or thursday till friday or saturday sun day?

  • <3 the heirs forever! :3

    I totally <3 this show!

  • Ovi Viyathma

    Best evEr <3

  • shihlin

    Nae Heng Bok Hae! Thank you drama fire.

  • Hannie

    I didn’t feel this episode boring at all..
    I cried, was smiling, and laughed watching this episode..
    Looking forward to watch the last episodeeee~

  • Lauren

    my kim tan <3 ^^

  • Lauren

    happy ending ^^

    but i’ve alr missed u my kim tan :(

  • Alanoudalii

    Whenever i see Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin i remember Bom and Dara ;P
    thank you 4 uploading DF :) !

  • ryff7

    the heirs 2 pleaseeee hihi

    • mina yo

      Oooooooh i’d love to see that hope it lasted for a hundred episode

  • choco

    Awesome drama…. just love it.♥♥♥

  • Bleh

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so sweet so ilig so cut so adorable so fabulous so famous so rich

  • farah

    This episode was FULL of some serious LOL moments! I especially enjoyed the little relationship bits between the moms, Kim Tan and Eun Sang, and the jealous boyfriend bit… OMG…priceless!
    So did anyone else do a happy dance when Young Do dropped the old man?

  • sophie152

    poor choi young do…..i’m gonna miss him:(

  • xoxo

    this is the first time i see won smiling :)

  • Kim

    What is the title of the drama comercial at the last part of this episode?!

    • Sue Hwa

      My Love From Another Star

  • Linda Uchi

    i like KiM Tan’s relationship with his mom. i like the friendship side of the story between choi young do and kimtan. its this kind of friendship you make in HS that endures through ones lifetime.

  • jhen

    lee min ho <3

  • Mrs. Reid♥

    Thanks dramafire chi young do and kim tan .

  • Blue_maket123

    Please Have The Heirs Book 2!Its really interesting to know how are they going to Face their adult Lives..The Heirs is Unbelievably Beautiful..It was a simple story
    With a lot of spices that made it more endearing yo Us,Viewers..I wish It never ended..I got to Cry,Laugh,Feel that butterfly in my stomach and a lot more..This by far,has to be my Favorite Korean Drama..not that i watch a lot as I work almost all day,but yeah,I made and gave myself sometime to be able to watch this..Good Job everyone..This is entertainment at its Finest..Im gonna be missing all of YOU..(written after ive watch and rewatched it A hundred times..PLEASE BOOK 2!!!!!

  • madhu

    heirs season 2plsss

  • tanya

    So proud of Young Do beating his Father, I just love him!

  • Cristina Pasilliao Matawaran

    the best dramafire.. thank you.. :)

  • erica mae c miel

    wow i really love this drama and i dont 4get this the best movie ever !!!!!!!!!!! my idol park shin hye and lee min ho i love you all thank’s4 read this

    • Addy

      guys!! u must watch goong!! I think its even better!!
      but ‘the heirs’ is nothing less!!! loved it to the core….!!! it rocked till now!! n ive been letting down bucketloads of tears :’) <3 <3 love lee min ho n park shin hye :')

  • framie

    Won’s smile is just so cute. Have been seeing his smile in Kang Chi, too. Choooo cute. *_*

  • Cara

    Everything that has happened in this drama made me laugh and cry. I’m already anticipating the finale episode of this drama! Thanks for uploading The Heirs with good quality!

  • Korean♚

    That Smile Of Won , Makes Me Feel So Happy ツ The Heirs ♚ ♥♡♥

  • perv !

    I Like To BLOWJOB Kim Tan , Won , Chan Young Do , Myeong Sa , And Chan Young Do ! They Look Like So Yummy ! CANT WAIT TO BLOWJB THEM . HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Lovetolick

      Me too ! And Hyun Shin Also . Love their Tits . I already sen it .

    • denise carino

      BITCH DIE NOW! perverts!

      • Lovetolick

        But Ilove it ! None of your bussiness i see the tits of hyung shin in his film

      • Rhalina


    • fancy

      you truly fit your name.

  • AnageUsayo

    Do you know how big The tits of Lee Min Hoo ? Im interrested


    Do you know how large is the penis of LEE MIN HOO ?

  • Ella

    Pls have a book 2 for this..

  • blahhh

    oh my gosh, lee min ho’s hair should have been like that the entire series ugh he looks so hot like that.

  • Rhalina

    First time seen Won smiled….behind the snob look there’s always a good heart behind it, starting from that cute smile…..and Young Do…ooohhhh i just wana hug you….

  • crazycartoonita

    cha eun sang is so beautiful with the red dress!!

  • crazycartoonita

    i was so happy when choi young do beat his father, he deserved it!!

  • minshin

    cha eun sang and kim tan ehhh

  • Jung_Stal

    Choi Young Do <3
    I loved the past episode!!!!
    Young Do be mine!!!!! xD <3_<3

  • Jung_Stal

    Heirs 2!!!!!

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