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The Heirs episode 2

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  • Song ji eun

    So you upload it when Thursday and Friday tnx

  • Rowena Raymundo Tolentino

    Thank you drama fire ☺️

  • Monciar Rosima

    thank you dramafire!!!

  • Alifiana Ivy

    tq tq tq dramafire…

  • tx

    thanks loved it but some of the subtitles were in spanish lol good thing i read spanish

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    Thanks u so much dramafire!. . . Lovee You!. . .

  • ella

    thank u

  • olive

    Thank you for uploading, but can you fix some non-english subtitle?
    I can’t understad it and it makes me curious about the meaning.

  • grace

    when will the next ep be up?

    • -_-

      The 16.10.13


    Some of it towards the end is in a different language…

  • farah

    LOVED IT..looking forward to the next episode :)
    thanks dramafire ♥

  • GuardianStar^^

    >>>I hope this can help from 00:59:03-end<<<

    Tan: Oh no, I can't handle them. Run!

    Tan: What are you looking for?~-

    Eun Sang: Serial killers are usually behind you.

    Tan: Stop watching scary movies!~

    Eun Sang: – Why are they after you? Are you really a drug dealer?

    Tan : I don't want to waste my life like that.

    Tan: Then why are they after you?~- What about you then?

    Eun Sang : Why were they after you?~- Oh.

    Tan : Just watch the movie while we're here.

    Tan :I need to rest.

    Eun Sang : – What the heck is he saying?~

    Tan : – He came to make sure that he wasn't after her.

    Tan : -'In order to trust you,~I need to know who you are.

    Eun Sang : You weren't sleeping?

    Tan : But he met a girl last night. Her name is Cha Eun Sang.

    Eun Sang : How do you know my name?

    Tan :But he wanted to ask Cha Eun Sang.

    Tan : Do…

    Tan :D o I like you?


    Eun Sang: It's really Hollywood.

    Tan: What I said in the theater~has got to be cooler than that.

    Young Do's Dad: -Do you know why I threw you?

    Young Do: – Because I'm more like Mom instead of you?

    Tan : You're cute.~ Eun Sang- At least you know.

    Won : Did you think that you could be here?

    Eun Sang: Are you okay?

    Young Do:I will kill you!

    Eun Sang: You want them to think that we're a couple?~ Tan :D on't even dream about it.

    Chan Young: Cha Eun Sang!~

    Eun Sang: Chan Young!

    Chan Young: was worried about you!~-

    Bo Na: He couldn't have gotten over me. Kim Tan isn't going to sue~Chan Young for beating him up is he?

    Tan: Do you know me? Chan Young: Do you know me too?~-

    Tan: Just stay. You just need to borrow his money.

    Eun Sang: I don't have a reason to stay.~-

    Tan: God, it's annoying.

    Tan's Mom: Oh no! You heard everything?

    Tan: I think I can find her there.

    Rachel: I don't know if this is coincidence or fate.Let's check!

    -cr Dramafever subs-

    • farah

      thaaaaaank you

    • Jadetp

      Thank uuuuu….

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    Damn!!! I Can’t Wait Til Next Wed!!! Hahahaha

  • ^^ LOVE MINOZ ^^

    go LEE MIN HO and PARK SHIN HYE! both of you can be a sweet couple! PERFFECT IDEAL! GO MINSHIN! FIGHTING! be married soon! :)

  • ^^ LOVE MINOZ ^^

    oh my, why must be waiting for too long? :’( what a sad life? can’be patient, so just watche this two episode again and again..

  • holy

    When u will release another episode?

  • Funk Princess

    Grrrrrrrr! Were Is the next episode huhuhuhuhu :(

  • exob1a4

    Where is the next ep? D:

  • January Mejares

    so nice ..

  • January Mejares

    next episode please ..

  • January Mejares

    naq nqanqa nay lanqaw .. zeeeeeeeeee

  • January Mejares

    nice couple ? ya, truly this made as super KILIG >.. OMG :)

  • Angelli Sanico

    wow so sad beginning :(

  • Angelli Sanico

    typical happenings between families today

  • Angelli Sanico

    whether rich or poor :(

  • Angelli Sanico

    more episodes please……. i’m curios about it

  • January Mejares

    nice :)

  • January Mejares

    how can i download this video ? help please ..

  • January Mejares

    i love park shin hye the way she cry .. it’s really whole heartedly ..

  • Joanna

    They’re not working. :(

  • Rezideh

    Have audio but can’t received video why….so sad

  • Ovi Viyathma

    Kim Tan <3

  • YoMomma

    It’s shitty that he just stood there while she kept digging through the trash and he had her passport the whole time. I would’ve been pissed.

    I would love to see a headstrong female lead that isn’t a damsel in distress the whole time. She doesn’t take bullshit either.

  • Lara Ikhmayyes

    why there is another subtitle around 60:24 ?
    i couldn’t understand it :3

  • mynamesoundsexy

    Tsk. Tears again. When is she gonna fight? tsk.

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