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The Heirs episode 2

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  • Song ji eun

    So you upload it when Thursday and Friday tnx

  • Rowena Raymundo Tolentino

    Thank you drama fire ☺️

  • Monciar Rosima

    thank you dramafire!!!

  • Alifiana Ivy

    tq tq tq dramafire…

  • tx

    thanks loved it but some of the subtitles were in spanish lol good thing i read spanish

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    Thanks u so much dramafire!. . . Lovee You!. . .

  • ella

    thank u

  • olive

    Thank you for uploading, but can you fix some non-english subtitle?
    I can’t understad it and it makes me curious about the meaning.

  • grace

    when will the next ep be up?

    • -_-

      The 16.10.13


    Some of it towards the end is in a different language…

  • farah

    LOVED IT..looking forward to the next episode :)
    thanks dramafire ♥

  • GuardianStar^^

    >>>I hope this can help from 00:59:03-end<<<

    Tan: Oh no, I can't handle them. Run!

    Tan: What are you looking for?~-

    Eun Sang: Serial killers are usually behind you.

    Tan: Stop watching scary movies!~

    Eun Sang: – Why are they after you? Are you really a drug dealer?

    Tan : I don't want to waste my life like that.

    Tan: Then why are they after you?~- What about you then?

    Eun Sang : Why were they after you?~- Oh.

    Tan : Just watch the movie while we're here.

    Tan :I need to rest.

    Eun Sang : – What the heck is he saying?~

    Tan : – He came to make sure that he wasn't after her.

    Tan : -'In order to trust you,~I need to know who you are.

    Eun Sang : You weren't sleeping?

    Tan : But he met a girl last night. Her name is Cha Eun Sang.

    Eun Sang : How do you know my name?

    Tan :But he wanted to ask Cha Eun Sang.

    Tan : Do…

    Tan :Do I like you?


    Eun Sang: It's really Hollywood.

    Tan: What I said in the theater~has got to be cooler than that.

    Young Do's Dad: -Do you know why I threw you?

    Young Do: – Because I'm more like Mom instead of you?

    Tan : You're cute.~ Eun Sang- At least you know.

    Won : Did you think that you could be here?

    Eun Sang: Are you okay?

    Young Do:I will kill you!

    Eun Sang: You want them to think that we're a couple?~ Tan :Don't even dream about it.

    Chan Young: Cha Eun Sang!~

    Eun Sang: Chan Young!

    Chan Young: was worried about you!~-

    Bo Na: He couldn't have gotten over me. Kim Tan isn't going to sue~Chan Young for beating him up is he?

    Tan: Do you know me? Chan Young: Do you know me too?~-

    Tan: Just stay. You just need to borrow his money.

    Eun Sang: I don't have a reason to stay.~-

    Tan: God, it's annoying.

    Tan's Mom: Oh no! You heard everything?

    Tan: I think I can find her there.

    Rachel: I don't know if this is coincidence or fate.Let's check!

    -cr Dramafever subs-

    • farah

      thaaaaaank you

    • Jadetp

      Thank uuuuu….

    • Little liar

      Thank u :)

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    Damn!!! I Can’t Wait Til Next Wed!!! Hahahaha

  • ^^ LOVE MINOZ ^^

    go LEE MIN HO and PARK SHIN HYE! both of you can be a sweet couple! PERFFECT IDEAL! GO MINSHIN! FIGHTING! be married soon! :)

  • ^^ LOVE MINOZ ^^

    oh my, why must be waiting for too long? :'( what a sad life? can’be patient, so just watche this two episode again and again..

  • holy

    When u will release another episode?

  • Funk Princess

    Grrrrrrrr! Were Is the next episode huhuhuhuhu :(

  • exob1a4

    Where is the next ep? D:

  • January Mejares

    so nice ..

  • January Mejares

    next episode please ..

  • January Mejares

    naq nqanqa nay lanqaw .. zeeeeeeeeee

  • January Mejares

    nice couple ? ya, truly this made as super KILIG >.. OMG :)

  • Angelli Sanico

    wow so sad beginning :(

  • Angelli Sanico

    typical happenings between families today

  • Angelli Sanico

    whether rich or poor :(

  • Angelli Sanico

    more episodes please……. i’m curios about it

  • January Mejares

    nice :)

  • January Mejares

    how can i download this video ? help please ..

    • DontTrustMe

      try using IDM

  • January Mejares

    i love park shin hye the way she cry .. it’s really whole heartedly ..

  • Joanna

    They’re not working. :(

  • Rezideh

    Have audio but can’t received video why….so sad

  • Ovi Viyathma

    Kim Tan <3

  • YoMomma

    It’s shitty that he just stood there while she kept digging through the trash and he had her passport the whole time. I would’ve been pissed.

    I would love to see a headstrong female lead that isn’t a damsel in distress the whole time. She doesn’t take bullshit either.

  • Lara Ikhmayyes

    why there is another subtitle around 60:24 ?
    i couldn’t understand it :3

  • mynamesoundsexy

    Tsk. Tears again. When is she gonna fight? tsk.

  • Iloveit

    Ilovesex you know that. you want too ? contact me

  • SøüñDês Làlwénde

    Like it !

  • cutegirllyssa


  • marcdarwin

    The loading is soooooooooooooooooooo long! tsl

  • Jin Chan

    Hmm im starting to love the drama the way, if in case u dont know yet, park shin hye and lee min ho are couples in real life even though they denied it multiple times

    • unicatyn_PH

      Really? I love them. They look too good to be together if that’s the case. I’m happy for both of them. Hoping they will have another drama together ;)

  • Mc2

    superlike !!!

  • FairyTail

    ang ginagawa ko. dinadownload ko ang INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER. yun.

  • lol

    thank you :)

  • marie bernhard

    Wow! He thinks about to like her after he knows her for two days..Lee Min Ho plays so good that you can see in his mimik the first awake of love, its so cute and also when he is running. I can die for watching when Lee Min Ho is running. I wanted to take his hand and run, you too?..

  • leo

    how can i increase the quality???

  • crazycartoonita

    it’s my third time watching this drama and i never get bored of it, i love it so much!!

  • crazycartoonita

    i think he fall in love with her at 19.48, every time i watch this drama i remember how sweet and wonderful that moment is !!

  • Guest

    what is the name of the song at 63.23?

  • Jung_Stal

    Minshin Couple hwaitting!

  • Little liar

    Love it

  • AliaHeart<3

    on 49:49 it starts lagging the heck is with it?? .. ugh i refreshed it over 10 times it should work by now

  • heir……


  • Leanne Wee Xi

    why did the subs changed into another language at the cinema scene?????????????

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