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The Heirs episode 20 finale

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  • ClausPH


  • DramaFire

    So this was the final episode. Did you enjoyed this drama overall? What does everyone think?

    • may

      this drama is too good! love it love it love it. wish to have more episode. love Kim Tan Eun Sang Young Do! thanks dramafire. lots of love from malaysia <3

    • Dramafan

      i don’t think the drama is complete. There is many question left in my brain after the show finished. I wish there is a season 2 to show their future like some years later.

      • Manje Roslin

        Yeahh, i wish to.. with same actor and actress.

      • Dramafan

        I just rewatched the last episode, I realised that kim tan wore a greyish colour sweater when he came school during the last part. However, when he meet eun sang, the sweater he was wearing was a different colour. does that mean he met her another day?

    • noozy

      i dont like the ending. How about Kim Won? Choi Young Do? I love both of them.

    • Carrie

      I love this Drama.. The ending did leave questions, but overall it was Great!!!!!!! I wished there was more Heirs episode to see.

    • CrazedBritishHeirsFan

      Loved the ending however I feel really bad for Won. Can’t believe he’s actually going through with the wedding but i guess thats the message in heirs. The one who wears the crown bears the crown. I feel bad for him though, he lost his mum and his love. But the 20 years thing could have shown us what happened in the end. Who knows? Well done to Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye xx


      I salute the the writer of this drama, he or she don’t need to emphasized how the story of each character ended, coz if you followed the whole drama, you can tell where their stories went to. Just like for example Kim Tan’s bro, he choose his ambition to be the heir over his love to that teacher, while Kim Tan choose his love (worth fighting for) over his position being the heir. Overall, its a great drama and ended so well.


    • syana

      yes….it interesting ending…

    • Jasmine

      The ending was really really good..awesome. Can not asking more. I loove Kim Tan and Eun Sang.. Deebak. Thank you drama fire :)

  • lilyc

    Third comment from Malaysia
    Thanks a lot drama fire

  • Wiwin Daranie

    thank a lot dramafire

  • 김 돈 동

    i’m really really Enjoyed every episode,because the Translate of yours..very helpfull to know the story of this drama ^^ Gomawoyeo Dramafire,Sugoehaeseumnida ;D

  • addha

    Amazing. I Love you dramafire…. really enjoyed it ;)))))

  • ashtenmorgan

    I’m so sad. In Gu Family, he didn’t get his wife & in here, Won didn’t get his girlfriend.

    He is such a great actor. I cried when he cried that he lost her. This just prove more to me to be a normal and not rich or some crazy rich person. Just have enough to travel, eat, enjoy what I know.

    –We all know that LMH & Shinhye’s characters would be together, but I’m a bit surprise that the stepmom who supposely got divorce was in their suppose future.

    Hyo Shin (award winner film) was an amazing character in my opinion, and i still wonder what happen to his parents and his relationship with the girl…?

    So many unanswered question in my opinion. But it was better than expected. :)

    • Ovi Viyathma

      Ya agreed =)
      Even I do have the same questions at the end of this drama..
      and I like if CYD & Yoo Racheal would get together and sometimes Hyo Shin & Yoo Racheal =D
      I wish if there will be The Heirs 2 (season 2) something like that to clarify all the questions they’ve left us at the end of the drama.. ^_^
      —-and finally gotta tell I LOVE THIS DRAMA
      *special thanks to Dramafire for providing all episodes*

    • pia

      it will need 100s more episodes for that… let just settle with the currents.. the future is undetermined for everybody.. even for Kim Tan-Eun Sang relationship…life is like rocky road.. Young Do still got his shot with Eun Sang actually hahahahha! :-D
      But still.. the ending is awesome.. with Kim Tan’s ridiculous suit in his imaginative party and that awkward kiss.. goshh..

  • Arz

    I love this drama…thanks dramafire..


    Not everyone sad..

  • kaylee

    THANK UUU dramafire from MALAYSIA!!

  • bara

    Omg this is fock what about tan brother

  • Wani Orton

    Ahh, Thankyou Dramafire. Its ending not too interesting by the way. But i love your video quality. Thanks a lot :D

  • Marissa

    Honestly, the ending is not as great as I thought it would be. I feel like there’s MORE, MORE and MORE to tell but it just ended like that. For example, Young Do’s family, did Hyo Shin and Rachel would end up together, Tan’s mum with Tan’s dad relationship, and Won’s life, so many things are left hanging, so many unanswered questions. It’s like the director and producers only focused on Kim Tan & Eun Sang happy ending while everybody else’s ending, well it’s not that admirable you know especially Won’s life. However, I think it was okay. Just an opinion though. No hate aite. Love, Malaysia.

    • lolivi meiny

      Agree. And since Young Do is my favorite, I still want to know how does his feeling to Cha Eun Sang end. However, The Heirs will always be one of my favorite kdrama. I actually recommend Kim Woo Bin as a main role in another kdrama :) Love, Indonesia.

    • Soundes Oilossë

      That’s what i was going to say it’s not the expected end And chan young and lee bona A lot of a unanswered quetions as u’ve said I really wanna second season :'(

  • Evelyn

    Thanks for all the hard work! It would be nice if there more more episodes for other characters to develop further in their relationship with their parents, work and love life. It is the reality that we all have to sacrifice one thing for another in life. All in all it is a nice drama.

  • L&Pcouple

    I’ll miss LMH and PSH working in the same drama again
    They look so sweet together!
    The heirs forever!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Lani

    So sad it’s over

  • miyo

    i love the ending..thank you drama fire.. :) very good actors…i lobe kim tan,eun sang and young do

  • Shim husna

    I just loved this drama so much ! Thanks for uploading this anyway ^..^

  • Alfianbeckham

    Thanks dramafire,love this drama very much….

  • Stephanie Deo

    finally it end eventhough half of my heart feel great whenkim tan and eun sang being together but at the other side i felt sad cause this drama has end… right know hoping for new drama will become great as the heirs….saranghae the heirs

  • Evenli Eve

    I enjoyed alot…I hope i can see more such romantic dramas of LMH very soon…Gonna miss… :)

  • Tina…Keroppi

    Love Kim Tan.. Thnx Dramafire

    • Malaysian :)

      Love Cha Eun Sang.. ^^ Thank u so much for all the 20 perfect episodes, dramafire ! Love from Malaysia…

  • Aisya Zamri

    One word>>> DAEBAK!! <<<<

  • Lilyc

    Many have said that the ending was not good…..but after the ending, did anyone feel somehow empty inside? Like the feeling that you already know you’re never going to see the characters again? In my opinion, the reason it ended like this is because the screenwriters want us to ponder about it, make up an ending of our own, in our own ways. That was what I have been doing ever since I finished watching the last episode.
    THE HEIRS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • Nour


    • Syril9090

      hey can u pllleeeaasse tel me dramas similar or as good as the heirs i loved it sooooooooooooooooooooo much .didnt want it too end ;[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      • Maya

        Dream high 2 is my fav have u seen it yet?

    • paul

      I Agree with you

  • crissalynann.devera

    it has a sad ending i wish their was a part 2

  • lin

    Thank u Df, lov u

  • randomly29

    So many things are really left hanging.
    I’m sad about Won’s love story. Can we get a spin-off about it? lol. It would have really been nice if they ended up together.
    It’s a nice story tho.

    • geell

      Won is the heir.

      • HKHeir

        I agree geell, Won choose to wear the crown and sit on the throne in that lonely room. He can actually fight for his love with the teacher but he let her go. His ambition is more important than love, so thats his ending part of this story.

        • geell

          Hi!! Thanks.a lot of us loved the heirs. Have you seen the new drama. It’s interesting, right?

        • Jung_Stal

          it wasn’t his ambition,it was because he needed to because if he didn’t Tan would….understood?

    • Elle_Won

      he chose the crown of fame/wealth while LMH chose the crown of love :D

  • Ovi Viyathma

    I really wish if there will be The Heirs 2 =/

    • geell

      I agree.

  • geell

    Happy ending. Yeah, we can say it is. but just like other people said, there are many questions left unanswered.

  • Joemary ace

    Thank you dramafire…but then I hope that there will be an especial episode for the ending….kumawa…you’re the one…

  • geell

    kim woo bin such an amazing actor.he portrayed his role well as choi young do. He has a lot of emotions.

  • geell

    kim woo bin is such a great actor. I ♥ him.. I would miss the drama. Most of all, I would miss choi young do.♡ ♥ ♡

  • geell

    looking forward to kim woo bin’s new drama next year. ^_^

  • MariamJ

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo!!!! why did it end ?????????????

  • saRanghae

    done watching..hahai..i missed you all..

  • A-tea-P

    Poor ending. Typical for dramas. It took them 19 episodes to blah, blah on a love story then concentrated all the best bits in the final episode, a final episode that was supposed to count as another 19. Everything looked rushed, superficial and suspended. They should have just come up with a second series rather than ending it up like this. Plus, they must know (hopefully) that people’s tastes are different and not everyone falls for the main characters love story. As a lot of people have already mentioned in their comments, secondary relationships were more interesting and mysterious. And actors like Kim Woo Bin, Kim Ji-Won, Kim Sung-Ryoung, were absolutely amazing at playing their characters. Overall, as again, many here have noticed, there is no chemistry between Lee Min-Ho&Park Shin-Hye as a couple. To me, they just looked like two forced to be in a relationship. Their poor acting just made me focus and enjoy the others acting and realize the potential of many others. PSH seems like she can only pull out same old, same old faces. She doesn’t bring anything new in her dramas. And for heaven’s sake: someone, please, please, teach her how to kiss!!!!!

    • A-tea-Pi

      That’s only your opinion, sir.
      As you said, “they -MUST- knowpeople’s tastes are different” That means you also MUST know that people’s tastes are different than yours, too.
      Do they have to care about you here babbling about how your own taste is different?
      Majority of people only watch the drama because of PSH, so that’s the deal.
      Take it, or take it.

      I agree that the ending is poor, though. O AO

      • A-tea-P

        Surely, they don’t have to care about my opinion. But they are welcome to take it in consideration. I’m not IMPOSING my ideas, just share them.
        p.s. I am not babbling about… I am typing/writing.

        • YayaB

          I agree that there wasn’t a lot of chemistry between the two, but I think that made it better because it came off as more innocent throughout the series. I would have loved a second season but it’s like when you go to a restaurant for the first time and you have an wonderful meal; then, you return a second time for the same meal and it is nowhere near as good. . . I’m almost happy that they didn’t do a second season because if the second “meal” wasn’t as good I’d be sooo disappointed.

          Personally I like PSH as an actress but . . again I agree: “someone, please, please, teach her how to kiss”. Every time I saw her kiss, I felt kind of awkward, except one scene.

          Anyways, I’m just rambling and overall enjoyed this drama <3

    • iam_sam

      My thoughts exactly, thank you. PSH girl, please learn how to kiss and to act, seriously!

    • cala madus

      Completely agree with you. I was going to write, 10 yrs later and she still kisses him like that! Lol! And yes, her character is boring, not much color and she always has the same expressions. She was cute at the beginning of her career but now I kind of avoid dramas with her as the main character because I just can’t stand her exact same expressions and character types. Really.
      The cutest couple award goes to Bo Na and Chan Young, also Young Do and Myung Soo!

  • Korean_drama_lover

    I’m crying cuz it’s thr last ep!!

  • Korean_drama_lover


  • septemberdream6

    Love this drama ever! For all the casts of The Heirs, “you did a great job guys!” thank you for the sharing us the laughter, romance & family bond, Gonna miss you all!!! Thank you Dramafire! ~ From Philippines…

  • nute

    like like like 100% Kim Tan

  • amiii

    i like kim woobin’s acting the most! he should deserve one award for this drama :D the main characters doesn’t look match from start, in my own opinion. and there’s no surprise bcoz from the first drama, main characters looks like forced to fell with each other, and poor youngdo’s one side love. btw, this drama has a lots of attention~! Choi youngdo is drama’s attraction for me.

  • Heirs

    I can’t believe this drama is finished :( I remember i always wished for my favourite actress and actor (Park shin hye & Lee Minho) To act in a drama together and 2013 it really happens :D I hope this is not the last time they are acting together ^_^
    Love heirs forever!!!! I don’t care if it’s a typical Korean love story drama it’s better than the other ones I watched in my opinion. It almost reminds me of a better version of boys before flowers :p

  • Catherine

    Whats the title of the song in the beginning?? When kim tan and young do talking? Pls anybody

  • boram2229

    kim won finally smile…hahahaha

  • Jo Anna

    I agree entirely with A-tea-P’s opinion. Thanks Drama Fire for all hard work.

  • anonymous

    This last final episode made me feel empty. Please make a Season 2 of Heirs !

  • xxx

    The Heirs ftw! Best ever!

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    The Ending Was A Bit So so :((( anyway Good Drama!.

  • Vhelle Galosmo

    LOVE IT….

  • ParkHannahKim

    I am going to miss this sooooo much……. I like the ending but, there are some questions that I want to clarify……. for me Kim Won didn’t have a notsogreat ending though he become the chairman because the one that he love is not with him……For Young Do, I guess his story ended up great even though Eun Sang is with Kim Tan, cuz he met her mother again and that’s his goal I since from the start…………..I really love the part when they held a party at Tan’s place after ten……I was just wondering why Tan’s 2nd mom is there heheheh…..nevertheless, this was a good story….

  • gizalyn cayari

    so sad its over! Hope Kim Tan’s dream of , after 10 yrs. will come true.. hope to have Heirs sequel..Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang’s married life..Thanks heirs for the lessons in Love,life,humbleness,dignity and it..

  • Reply 1994 answer me 1997

    AMAZING DRAMA. LOL am I the only person that realized at 21:29 that guy next to the old man was on that previously drama that finished like a week ago Unemployed romance

  • Alice

    my god I can’t believe the drama is over … I feel so empty at the moment.. Such a nice drama after all <333

  • Ivette

    This is one of the most wonderful story I have ever seen. Love it. Thanks Dramafire.

  • Noraima Nor

    I watch many times the ending but am not fully satisfied,like the other,theres a lot of question for me too that need an answer & also i feel sorry about hyung he promise to that girl to hang on but what the heck they did’nt end up 2gether,,,,but i did enjoy watching the rest!!!!i like LMH & PSH

  • aweQ

    Kamsamida DF :)..i Love &i enjoy…;)

  • The heirs biggest fan… ^^

    I hope ther will be a season 2… I totally <3 this show….

  • farah

    Love how Kim Tan’s vision of his bedroom doesn’t change much 10 years later lol. I enjoyed the show overall, great actors to portray depth in their characters. It was comical, sweet, sad, and funny. I did cry a lot when I was watching this show, lots of sad scenes but also romantic scenes to make up for it :]
    Won chose the crown of wealth, Tan chose the crown of love, and Tan’s mother chose the crown of fame (when she said her dream was to be Miss Korea) x) Such a good drama, so sad it ended :'(
    I want a sequel centered around won… he deserves much better!!!

    • Mayette Cahulogan

      and to think, she was Miss Korea 1988! :D

  • Erra

    I wasn’t hoping for The Heirs Season 2 because there are only certain things hanging here. But I would love to watch The Heirs Special Edition to see all other casts’ happy ending. You know, not focusing much on Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan…

  • Cutie Pie

    The ending is not what I expected….there’s a lot missing….it didn’t end in the correct way….won didn’t get his girl!!! What happens to lee ho shin??? I’m dissapointed!!!

  • Koneko chaawwn

    Can anyone tell me the name of the drama at the ending pls?

  • Bleh

    i hate long comments to hard to read well you know im not the one who like to read.:p

  • cjay86

    what’s the show at the end??

  • cjay86

    what is the drama they show at the end?

  • yuu®i

    What drama was it on the final 30 sec?

  • yuu®i

    What drama is it on the final 30sec?

  • ryff7

    No matter what…Go for it. – Kim Tan-

  • Whyask Ksayhw

    i want a story from rachels points of view… aside from that im quite satisfied with others.

  • lover Kim Woo Bin

    i hope kim woo bin had to acting in new drama,in 2014

  • Athena

    can we all just agree that the only reason Choi Young Do hasnt been able to see his mother all these years is because of that stupid lady at the restaurant who didnt give him the business card before?

  • too cool to be true guy

    boring ending… so boring! ^.^

  • Cheese

    Now, I’m watching My Love from Another Star and I think it’s more interesting than The Heirs.

  • Mrs.Zhang

    The Heirs is one of the best drama’s I’ve ever seen before.
    After I watch each episode I even couldn’t stop.

    At first I found the final episode kinda sad, cause Tan’s wish was for everyone he knows to be happy, but then why his wish didn’t come true? Why are their so much characters with an open ending or left heart-broken behind? I felt bad watching not every body could have an happy ending.

    But the more I think of, the more I understand: Real life doesn’t always has an happy ending.
    Not every man is such an romanticus to choose love above bussines.
    Tan choose the love of his life, and his brother chose for the family company.
    That’s how real life is.

    The heirs has no moral, you need to make one yourself.
    In my opinion it tries to open our eyes, is money really that important?
    Or are the most important things in life be greatfull to the people around you who cares about you and will love you no matter what.
    Your choice.

    Kim tan and Cha Eun Sang first fell in love when they where 18, and after 10 years then will still be in love.

    I first fell in love with a boy when I was 15, and after a short time he let go of me, he chose another happines. If I could do it all over again, I would not have fallen in love with him, cause be loved is maybe the best feeling in the world, but to love can hurts so much.
    (Pour Young-do, but he found back motherly love)

    Appreciate the things you have, although it’s not much.
    If you have goals to achieve, people you love; Go for it.
    (My high school english books is also called like ‘go for it’, that’s not what I ment.)

    Thanks Dramafire!!!

    With ♥, Me.

  • Angelli Sanico

    i super like this drama …………. finally i finished watching this and this drama, you got many lessons learned from it……….. love of family and loyalty to friends. wealth and position………. decision-making and dealing consequences and much more…………

  • Angelli Sanico

    i never got tired watching this drama over and over again

  • memewski

    huft otoke i fell so memew

  • ainin


  • darryl

    were is the download icon???

  • Clara Inocencio

    Disappointed :l why so Kim Tan and Eun Sang and everybody is like “meh. moving on with the main character.”

  • Hana

    seriously hor like whole story okok not bad.

  • ahjumma e

    what is Eun Sang’s final exam ranking btw…?

  • Anonymous

    This korean drama just taught us to fight in every obstacle there is in life. Be determined. Be strong. There are always friends, even families who are willing to help us. But this drama also taught me to not trust so much because a friend who knows most of your weakness can use it as a weapon to put you down. Despite the obstacles, if you have a dream, go for it. The ending only shows that they still have a lot to go to, they only have to be strong and believe in their selves.

    To conclude my comment, “Don’t let your dreams just be dreams, make it a reality.” Like how Kim Tan did just to get his dream–Cha Eun Sang.

    Overall, this drama isn’t bad after all. I know I’m kinda late, but hey.. It’s never too late. :”>

  • Minshin

    There should be a Season 2 of this drama. The ending lacks.

    But MinShin couple is the best couple I ever watched~! I hope there will be Season 2 or a new drama, that they are the main cast again.

    The heirs fighting~~!!!
    MinHye fighting~~!!!

  • K-fan

    This drama is so good! Love all the actors especially lee min ho! Thank you dramafire! Watched this over and over again! It never gets old! :) thumbs up!

  • Hazeth

    best ending ever! i like how it ends, it makes sense and this drama taught me alot.

  • kiana

    ew who keeps a chicken bone in his breast pocket????

  • rainbow pony

    does anyone know the name of the drama advertised at the end? it looks good…..

  • tanya

    Aww, shame it finished. I really enjoyed this series, especially because Kim Tan is basically a reincarnation of Gu Jun Pyo, except less short-tempered haha. Young Do’s character was extremely refreshing and nice to watch. Also, Hyo Shin’s story was quite upsetting for me because I can relate to his story in many ways so it was nice to see him happy in the end.

    The downside was that Eun Sang was overly depressed at times and it was beginning to irritate me. Not to mention the long staring scenes between the characters was getting annoying as hell, but the music in the back was so damn catchy.

    Other than that, I liked it. I won’t be re-watching this drama but I give it a 6/10 lol.

  • parkshinhye

    its realy realy a good drama ! and the actorss are also grat!

  • Syril

    Can some ppllleeeaasse tell me dramas similar or as good as the heeirs i llooovvveeeed it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.didnt want it to end.pls reply;[[[[[[[[[

  • Syril

    its soooo sa it ended,i want a season 2 sooo badly ;[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    TT^TT ..;:T .T:;…

  • Elle_Won


  • Jerah Recibe

    This is a quite good ending but There are more details that can’t be explain >_< there are more scenes that not yet concluded..

    I want to see what will happen for there future like Tan's Mom and his Father ..
    Won's Girlfriend or his Engagement, Rachel and Hyo shin or what will happen to young do's
    lovelife and relationship with his mom .. I need more explainations for it

  • Mayette Cahulogan

    All the actors/actresses played their parts really well..Most especially Lee Min ho who was really convincing.. I just couldn’t find enough chemistry with him and Shin Hye.. Nonetheless, I’m so glad their hard work paid off.. The outcome was amazing!

  • missGen03

    this is one of the most korean drama i’ve ever watched! the ending was cute but there’s an unsolved issues.. but i just keep in mind that maybe there’s a part 2!! :) hope to see more dramas of park shin hye and lee min ho together..

  • Jason Mendoza


  • nene

    jai attendu tellmen longtemps pour leur baiser et cetait tellement nul … mais bon jai adorai le drama !

  • francis

    i on the other hand would have to disagree with some of the comment stated below regarding the ending. as a film and mass communication student. i have some points that will and may prove that this film was made to be a story made in heaven..

    this drama started strong and gradually the introduction of other characters and hidden intentions and the focus regarding the business side of this film made it a bit boring for me. but the film actually regained its strength near the end. and made it such a wonderful drama. the ending was awesome. and the reason why they made it feel like there was more to happen and felt empty for some others was they gave us the audience an open ending, an opportunity to create and visualize the ending which we all like for the characters..

    when eun sand and tan were walking on the final scene under the snow .they quoted

    “we may fall again, and we may get on our knees,however one thing’s certain”


    this is one of the dramas where you just love every character involved in it, although there were many staring awkward scenes. they were able to pull it through..

    a wonderful drama. that deserves an applause not only for the actors who portrayed the characters very well, but to the writers and the director as well. as fans, let us enjoy this moment wherein we are given the oppurtunity to create a good ending for them. which many dramas are not capable of achieving. kudos to the heirs .

    my honest opinion
    francis from the philippines.

  • Maya

    please dramafire upload i am SAM (aka) i am your teacher

  • Jennie Grace


  • Yvette

    In all fairness.. Lee min ho is much better in acting now in The Heirs, than he is in Boys over flowers.. He has grown a lot with his acting, the emotions that he is giving is really convincing.. Up until now I still cannot move on with this KDrama.. My favorite of all.. I guess the ending is just right, Won chose to wear the crown of fame while Kim Tam chose the crown of love..

  • Rita

    LMH is just amazing, his acting was really good!!! i loved The Heirs but i have too many questions..

  • Lucia Nolet

    Shes still too young to have a bold kissing scene so guys deal with it otherwise enjoy youre disappoinments!!!! Love the story!!!!

  • Cutebeth10

    Thanks God for this beautiful drama that made my days happy every time I watch it :) Because of the heirs I have the reason to be happy being 18 !!! I love all the characters especially Kim Tan :)<3<3<3

  • jasmine

    I like this

  • Aigel

    Kinda overrated. The ending isn’t that great but generally, the storyline and casting is good! :)

    • JooWonLovesMe

      The drama could’ve been shorter. It didn’t need 20 episodes.

      • Aigel

        Yeah. They unnecessarily add few more episodes because of high ratings which indeed destroy the story and results with a crappy ending.

  • JooWonLovesMe

    So sad for Choi Jin Jyuk (Won) and his true love. I didn’t think he would sacrifice his love to save his dad’s company. I didn’t think Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye had that much chemistry as a couple. Park Shin Hye needs to work on her kissing scenes. None of the dramas I’ve seen her in had any good kiss on her side. Kim Woo Bin is so cute, wish he had a new love in the story. But I suppose they gave everyone an ending.

  • Hye-ri

    Some Of The Parts Are Not Saying What Happened In The End….
    But I Think Its A Great Drama!
    Best Collabration Of Park Shin Hye And Min Ho
    I Wished There Another Drama Involving High School Students. :)

  • Rhalina

    Nice drama….good one….tears and laugher….frustrating….but the saddest part was that Won couldn’t be with his girl (teacher)…well it was the life he chose….only wish it showed the part where the chairman and chairwoman signed the divorce papers, that’s if they really did, and let the old man remarried to Tan’s mother….it was also nice to see Young Do found his mother…Thanks Dramafire….

  • Jung_Stal

    You guys want to know why they ended it quickly? it was because of the majority of bad response they’re getting….it’s sad really I WANT HEIRS 2!!!!

  • Jung_Stal

    Is it just me or Chan Young and Bona had a better Kissing scene?

  • Ken Subagan

    This drama is also about mothers…
    And It leaves us we can creat our own ending in it..

  • nbj

    Good movie. Simple and light. I can go on watching more sequels. Too bad for Won. He should have fought for the girl he loves..just like Tan did. But he choose to be The Heir and live miserably.

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