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The Heirs episode 3

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  • farah

    yaaaaaay!! finally ♥

  • Alicia Fisher

    Thank you so much! I’m starting to really like this drama!

  • Mai Vo

    keep up the good works DramaFire! I have enjoyed watching dramas on your websi

  • Novi Huang

    love it so much … ep 3 already.. when ep 4 ???

    • Fatimah zahrah

      not aired yet ! it’s today at 10 PM ( korea’s time )
      let’s hope it will uploaded by tomorrow

  • Kay

    Thanks dramafire

  • carolyn.lopera

    super i like it this dram heirs….thanks for drama fire

  • ZamBella

    Omg, I’m so excited for the next episode !!

  • pri

    i luv dramafire …thnku so much …started liking this drama <3 ^_^

  • Chris Khek


    • loly

      that was surprising wasn’t it ?

  • preshusj Gabot

    thanx dramafire.

  • cherry_star

    Drama fire, i love you this episode was awesome!!!! thanky ou sooooooooo much

  • amina

    this is the best movie

    • kateuuu

      kdrama ******

  • sara

    i love this movie ther is lee min oh
    and i have watch a movie boys over flower ther is ewen lee min oh

  • sara

    now i hute this movie

  • Shin Mia

    There are so many ads appearing, its so annoying. :(

  • Aaron Louise Fombuena

    i thought the next episode is boring like the previous episode, but its go so well and i enjoyed it!.

  • cool

    does anyone know the title of the song in 9:53? thanks… love this drama!

  • syl

    help min i can’t watch from that 3 videos. when i click play button its say error loadinv media: file could not be played :(

  • Angelli Sanico

    i really like this drama

  • Angelli Sanico

    when would the other episodes post here?excited to watch ‘em :)

  • Angelli Sanico

    what a complicated family they had………

  • January Mejares


  • kath

    i really like the song when they were riding the car going to the party i think where tan’s brother is, can someone tell me the title of that song pls. tnx so much. :)

  • Emily

    Why i cant see this movie on my ipad? It says error ?

  • Laizah Banatao Pamittan

    i always love lee min ho’s movie,, best korean actor indeed.

  • Laizah Banatao Pamittan

    dramafire thumbs up..:)

  • Rainyi

    any link to download this? xD

  • Dramamaniac

    Heyy , nice drama and thank you for upload it . Btw , can you upload ugly alert too ?

  • Evelyn

    She is nuts! Might as well make the most of her time in America before going home. Accept his offer to visit all the nice places, eat nice food and stay in a comfortable place to have happy memories.

    • Seven11

      Haha agree with that!

  • Amber97

    Video won’t play on my ipad… Why?

  • Louisa

    It is a modern less exciting version of Boys over flowers. In all they triedish.

  • Tina A

    He treats her like a pet!!! “No! Stay! Don’t run away! I want to take care of you!”

  • Sone16

    I’m really liking this Drama

  • numanumayey

    omg i can’t take the american actors’ horrid acting. wtf is that x_x and hyo shin dude looks like a grown up version of jang junu (jang hyeongseong’s eldest son who’s now 11)

  • Coleen Jung

    Watching this drama for the 2nd time. I really love this (y) Krystal, daebak!

  • K-fan

    Yourupload of episodes 1, 2 & 3 do not show up on the screen. The second option cannot be viewed via iphone…help!

  • Dylan Nugraha

    Miss you

  • heymis

    Im getting addicted in thus movie–^ but I love it badly haha ♥

    • sexy swagger

      kdrama! idiot! -.-

  • Pretty Oppa

    Its my 2nd time to watch this drama, I wanna be a cha eun chang even if its only 1 day….hahahaha Im falling inlove with kim tan,, saranghaeyo!!

  • Jin Chan

    I’m enjoying it now, park shin hye is so simple yet so pretty, and lee min ho is love :)

  • Oh Sehunieee

    그녀는 녀석의 어떤 어리석은 여자! 내가 너무 짜증나 도움 질수!

  • minimie

    Love this website.hope u post more dramas (^_^)

  • Midori

    oml why do the american actors sound soo cheesy e_e

  • unicatyn_PH

    The Heirs Season 2 pls. ;)

  • marie bernhard

    When I were in the place of Park S H and had a nice boy who likes me by my side and to stay in this big villa..I could never say No. But she runs away from him and for this he likes her even more. Why has love to be so complicated and she is stronger because she can run away from this feeling? I hate this play with love!…

  • Aha

    What’s the song at the end of episode 3??

  • Aha

    What’s the song at 59:00

  • The X Daft

    What I don’t seem to understand, is they can afford to rent a beautiful cliff side house, but can’t hire decent American actors?????

    • Jung_Stal

      I agree a 100% !

  • Little liar

    Thank u Dramafire :)

  • soumina

    lee min ho all moroccans loves you

  • Rock-Eagle


  • zuna

    In reality you can’t possibly accept that much from a stranger.
    But since it’s a drama, she should go for it ^^


    love DRAMA FIRE!! <3

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