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The Heirs episode 7

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  • Kayna

    So fast! Thanks Dramafire!

  • Joemary ace

    Thank u dramafire…awesome…

  • amanda

    thank you dramafire.. you’re the best

  • farah

    so fast..thaaaank you ♥

  • JT

    hey, just wondering for the 5 sources of those videos are having different resolution/ quality or they are just the same?

    • kimhyunmin

      no they are the same,some videos can watch thru iphone or you can upload the videos,this site is really good!I hope they will not gone same with dramaholics,kekeke

  • Fllysh

    Thanks dramafire. You really did a great job

  • dimmed

    thank you dramafire! when will ep 8 be uploaded?

    • MJ

      episode 8 is yet to be aired tonight in SK

  • Nellis

    can remove the ads in the video? thks :D

    • Allyson

      Try the first one. There are no ads, well except from the start :)

  • Layla

    Thanks you Dramafire!!

  • Aramiss

    Why I can’t watch

  • Chin Su Lee

    dramafire, you really did a good job :) THANKS :*

  • Nariyah Devy

    Cried I can’t watch :(,can you please help me
    Thank you

  • Mellanie

    Oh gosh that was daebak

  • Leak thai

    Which source is for iPhone ? I can’t watch it :(

  • rusha maharjan

    i am loving this drama…love the way Lee min ho protects her girl….cant wait to watch next episode…

  • Sui

    Can’t wait to watch the next episode aaarrrhh!!!

  • Mary Krystel Arabaca

    Hi Dramafire! :)
    after the episode 8 which will be released any hour now…
    you will already release the ep. with subs ? just asking…

    Sorry for the grammar. I hope you understand what I mean. Thank you

  • Angelli Sanico

    gosh!this is what i’m waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHOI YOUNG DO VS. KIM TAN ,,,,,,, which side do you rely?

  • Angelli Sanico

    EPISODE 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE RELEASE IT NOW! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT’S NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angelli Sanico

    i wish i could be eun sang………… i got jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Angelli Sanico

    eun sang!!!!!!!!!!! you’re so blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how i wish i could be YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angelli Sanico


  • Angelli Sanico

    haizt!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to see episode 8 …. please release it now!!!!!!!!!!!!! huhuhuhu

  • trieakzytrish

    Its worth the wait!!!!! ahhhh cant wait for the next episode!!!!!!!

  • pri

    like dis episode…actually every episode of heirs….thnku dramafever . …!!!! ^_^
    lee min ho make me falll all over again…he being so nice and charming …anyone would fall fr him :P :)

  • anonymous

    ty dramafire

  • So ra

    OMG now its getting serious!!!!!!

    • So ra

      can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  • Orpha Mae Galve

    super nice drama…episode
    9 please..heheh…love it!

  • mj

    Thanks!!!!! To dramafire…I enjoy every episode of this drama…thank you so much!!!waiting for the next episode..

  • farah

    I don’t get Young-Do. What’s up with that guy? He switches between hot and cold so much that I don’t know why he is paying attention to Eun-Sang.Surely based on his discovery of her part-time job delivering fried chicken, he knows she’s not rich. Yet he made the effort to get her number. Then he got angry and threatens to out her to the other students. After that he invited her over while he eats, to do what exactly I can’t even begin to guess!!

    • Kabuki Niwa Hitoyuki

      He’s lonely.

      • farah

        idk why he’s doing that..does he really like her or he want kim tan to be angry!!
        and if he’s lonely does he have to do all of that to her?I think that every time Young Do bully ES, Tan will get closer to her and YD will just make his impression worse. So if he does like her,I think he doesn’t have a chance.

        • JustBored

          Meh, we all recognize that kind of character, its called T-S-U-N-D-E-R-E ;P

          • Prolly

            Umm, more like a sadist!! ^

        • AliaHeart<3

          hmmm sorry fr a late reply but … bullies are like this they harass, flirt, hurt, what more u wanna know ..hmm ahh i know young doo is trying to get closer to eun sang he is using her so tan would get jealous and puts up a fight with young doo and young doo would hurt tan and steal all his fame .. i dnt knw but i think thats the story

    • kate

      i don’t know what exactly he wants from her anyway we will ind everything soon!!..but
      why is he so freaking creepy!? i can’t stand him blatantly staring at her! >.<

      • farah

        lol,I agree!!! I just can’t imagine him in a romantic scene,he’s too creepy!!!

    • PandaPanda

      I want to beat up Choi Young Do all the time. His demeanor is extremely repulsive. I don’t understand his motives, either. Who’d want to get with a guy like that? =_=

    • pia

      simple… because Tan was interested in her.. it’s guy thing I suppose..

  • zetty

    i can’t see it yet huhu

  • Novie Ophie

    thank you so much….luv u….

  • kate

    I love this drama, and I’m glad Tan hugged his brother he needed that… “get out of my house tomorrow” “what?” “you can’t? Then like me.”
    Sorry, but Kim Woo Bin is just scary looking . I can’t look at him. I cant!

    • farah

      hahaahah LOL I think the exact same thing! IT’S THE EYEBROWS, I SWEAR.

  • Wojaaaaa

    Omo! Uri Soojungieeeeeeeeee is very pretty. :”> I can’t take my eyes off of her whenever she is included in a scene. <3 Saranghaeeeee. :'))

  • fatimah al solechan

    Oh may god ,why this eps can’t work on android*sad*

  • tina

    it’s so funny that whenever a romantic thing happens the son “Love is the moment” comes.

  • Eliza

    “I got dumped..I’ll seek revenge now” hhahhahahahahha young do!!!

  • Saltanat

    I like Young Do, he is cool and good looking, I like his character even more than Kim Tan

  • Hazeth

    I get so kilig every time I see Kim Tan. OMG!

  • Hazeth

    Yeah please remove the ads in the video so annoying.

  • Hazeth

    Young Do is hot too !!!

  • Hazeth

    I’m still confuse of Young Do’s personality or agenda though he is cute.

  • Jin Chan

    That moment when they go to school early and Kim Tan was looking at her back while they are walking passionate and sweet! Awww!

  • Denise Cariño

    I love CES and CYD making face expressions! so cute!

  • SHA


  • i love dramafire

    dramafire for the winn!!!!

  • areeba

    i like lee min ho

  • marie bernhard

    Tans older halfbrother really does nt care for Tan, he s like an iceberg towards him, I hate him. But when I try to understand, than I only can see two brothers fighting for love and attention, like little boys, how pittyfull. Tan is so strong to speak about his feelings to Cha Eun, it s so sweet! And it s interesting to see Tan that he begins to care for someone, that he is putting his attitude “I m too lazy for everything“byside and begins to enveloping his personality..

  • SunshineLollipops

    Is it just me or is there like sooooo much multiple advertisements in this drama. Like for instance that N green and black soda can drink thats practically everywhere O_O…. and don’t get me started on the samsung galaxy’s lmao. ….Strange i now feel like having that N drink….

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