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The Heirs episode 9

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  • Mai

    Dramafire your the best… Keep up the good work!!! I love you guys!!!

  • Monkey shy

    The first video is ep 6. Why?

    • Alicia Fisher

      to confuse us… because they think its funny (jk)

    • DramaFire

      It’s fixed. ALL videos on this page are of episode 9 for THE HEIRS.

  • farah

    thaaaaaaaank you dramafire you’re the BEST ♥

  • Drama Lover Min

    thank you for the this. (y)

  • kaoutar

    thank you, i love that the episode are complete & not cutted into parts

  • alex90

    can you please stop the pop-ups, my laptop got virus!!!!

    • Dewey

      Me too! What’s with all the pop-ups all of a sudden?

    • Monciar Rosima

      i believe its because they hired some people to help protect their website from random attacks that may harm them like last time, with that said they need a way to pay for it~

    • ederine

      Support! My phone got virus bcs this pop-ups

    • alex90

      There is no virus and no pop-ups in my laptop, i was just kidding! haha

  • Rainyi

    daebakk!! you are just super fast…thanks alot…i was expecting the hugging part by tan and eunsang… but it will only be showed at ep10…ughh got fooled…

  • kita1

    Deaback! You guys are awesome!

  • Elber Pabillano

    Love it!

  • Vhelle Galosmo

    LOVE IT!!!!

    Thanks a lot DRAMAFIRE…

  • tsinleh10

    thank you!!! ;)

  • Rowena Raymundo Tolentino

    Tank you dramafire

  • Ernaly Loristo

    wow! i really love this ep. lucky eun sang two handsome guys…i envy you! thanks dramafire!

  • Shin Mia

    Taedanhi Kamsahamnida Dramafire. :)

  • lhudjhie lheizhui

    thanks a lot dramafire.. We truly appreciate your hard work..

  • lhudjhie lheizhui

    kim won is realy childish character..!!!

  • lyn

    thank you

  • ashley pauline

    i really love this movie <3

  • Hannie

    Mmmm Choi Young Do, i’m starting to like you now :))

  • Guest

    Can’t wait for episode 10. whew!

  • kkkk


  • kkkk

    is it just me (probs just me) but I LIKE WOO BIN BETER THAN MINHO!!!! Ahhhh

    • Alanoudalii

      I thought i’m the only one !

      • leila

        me too!!!

    • Ann Melo

      So can I join this gang then? Oh sorry Minho! ;) just for now, I’m with these ladies…Fighting woo bin:) lol

    • Kakcik Bladeo

      cant help my self to…. love both…heheheh

    • YuLia Joe

      me too…love young do acting more than it

    • Clara Inocencio

      Nope. I feel the same. if its woo bin, its interesting unlike minho which is “meh okay. moving on!”

    • Saltanat

      I also like Woo Bin more than Lee Min Ho, and I think his character is much more interesting than Kim Tan. Would love to see Woo Bin as a leading actor!

      • anonymous

        I like Lee Min Ho wayyy better than Woo bin

        • Chenyi

          yeah, and i think it’s better if it would have been LMH and Song Hye Kyo. Sigh.

        • Rhalina

          ME TOO….

      • sea

        they did not develop lee min ho’s character much that is the problem i guess,there is no friction between lee min ho and park shin,which do exist between her and woo bin:/

  • Elber Pabillano

    Can’t wait for episode 10….. waahhh!!!! T_T

    • linacullen

      When does it air?

      • Park shin Hye

        tomorrow at 9:55 pm

        • linacullen

          Kumbawo…ehehe..tq! Can’t wait.

        • linacullen

          Kumbawo! Tqvm! Can’t wait. Will it be uploaded immediately after that?

  • January Exsa

    Thanks DramaFire

  • sousou

    i love this drama and i thik that the role of choi youngdo is more interesting then lee min hoo’s

  • Sri Gustini Sky

    I love (the heirs)
    & thank you so much “Dramafire”

  • anhime

    The story is good and nice, but Lee Min Ho makes everything look bland in contrast to his hotness and charisma! OMGEEE. He is so smooth in everything. Swoon. Same with City Hunter, its like his presence is good enough and he is so HOT.

  • Fariha Nusrat Mim

    awwwww :’) thanx alot dramafire :3 :3 <3

  • lovedramas

    she doesnt know how to kiss after all these dramas that she played.i expect that lee min ho show her!!

  • AshMatt

    after watching the 1st episode i thought to myself “ugh no thanks”, i’m just glad that i still decided to give it another shot coz now i can’t wait for the next eps to come! THANKS DRAMAFIRE!!!!! :)

  • sey punzalan

    Thanks dramafire keep it up!
    More power godbless:-)

  • Rainyi

    I kinda expect ep10 is up by now because ep9 is up around the same time ytd..still waiting…thanks for subbing

  • Lynn

    Is Ep 10 coming out ?

  • Dramakpopholic

    Kim Tan’s Mom ….I’m starting to think that woman is freaking cool :P

    • Rhalina

      She’s cool….

  • aqualine

    so sweet……

  • farah

    OMG young do! Get rid of that ugly scarf! You look like Gru from despicable me! LOL i’m dying! X))

    • Guest

      hahahaha,you made me laugh out load ‘Gru from despicable me”
      EXACTLY ! I haven’t noticed it at first now you wrote it I remembered LOL xD

      • kate


    • Rhalina

      i know ugly scarf suits the ugly bully attitude….

  • Emma Rogel Gallego

    thanks to drama fire I can watch full episode of every drama that I like more power .

  • Pearl Poh

    sarangheayo minho oppa ;*

  • Angelli Sanico

    this is what i’m waiting for

  • Angelli Sanico

    choi young do love eun sang love kim tan

  • Angelli Sanico

    choi young do VS kim tan

  • Angelli Sanico

    haaaaaaaaaay………… what a complex love life

  • Lanigitor

    omg can pls stop with the pop ups?

  • Hazel Kaye Yu

    how do i download this episode? pls help me!! >////<

  • Ovi Viyathma

    OMFG!!! luW yw KIM TAN ♥

  • blaike

    mauragon man na palabas ini!!

  • Kai Sovell

    is it bad that i like kim woo bin (choi young do) better that lee min ho (kim tan)? i kinda wanna have eun sung end up with young do…

  • ThePinkBlooded .

    Am I the only one who wanted Young Do and her to get together?! :((

  • Pauline

    It wont load!

  • Tammy

    The kiss is so lame!

  • Lola

    I like Kim Tan’s mom!! o/

  • Guest

    i love min hoo but gosh!! young do is so damn hot! T_T
    his eyes.. his eyebrow…waaaahhhh!!

  • Cymer22

    i love tan but gosh!! young do is so damn hot! T_T
    his eyes.. his eyebrow…waaaahhhh!!

  • Jin Chan

    Eun Sang’s mother is so understanding…

  • 신인나

    nedding translations on the last minute part :(

  • John Dillinger

    This girl is boring. She’s like Bella Swan, no personality but all the boys are in love. *shrugs* She was more interesting before she got back from the states

  • parparak77

    the best drama ever

  • GreenNotebook

    I wish my mom was as understanding as Park Hui Nam.

  • akidon

    Kim Woo Bin’s character is way better than Lee Min Ho’s!!!! LMN is a stalker and just boring and that girl doesnt even like him!!

  • jasmine

    stop complaining guys.this site did better.

  • dille

    but i like young jo. he he

  • Jung_Stal

    This story is like BOF but Jan Di ending up with Ji hoo right?

    • manje roslin

      no. BOF jandi end up with lee minho. he propose her at the last episode.
      #sorry for my broken english

  • Arooj Rajabi

    Omg this is soo good

  • Nurazlina

    Lee Min Ho is better! Park Shin Hye should be with Lee Min ho as in off camera and on camera, bcs his the only one that can make her happy.

  • alex90

    Hey hey Hey

  • alex90

    No lah, actually there is no pop-ups, also my laptop got no virus!

  • Unicorn

    No offence, whnever a song comes up I put the volume all the way down…
    Sorry if you like the songs

  • unnie

    just redownloading because this is one of my fav drama,, but i dont have time to watch it again,, just for remembrance and collection.. There is a lot of K-Drama that i haven’t watch yet.. Sorry young do,, i will watch you again promise :D ,, saranghae oppa <3

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